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A List of Possible Tag Teams

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Hey guys hope all is well, I'm blogging today about some possible tag-teams that could be formed. I've been thinking for a long time about how to fix the tag-team division. I'm also shocked as to why it's fallen to far.

Back in the AE, and especially the 80's, tag-teams were a hot topic. Teams like L.O.D, The Hardy's, The Dudley's, Edge & Christian and many other teams were dominating and pretty much the high spot of the show.

Now a days, thats not the case. It becomes a problem when you really have to strain your brain to remember exactly who the tag-team champions are. I'm a huge fan of David Otunga & MM but they kept the belts on them and dropped the Nexus angle without a word. I mean they never wrote that angle off properly. Cm Punk gets this huge media splurge and all of a sudden he's not wearing the Nexus shirt anymore. Then they change Nexus's music to Justin Gabriel's new theme??? I'm confused.

So this just adds furthur confusion to the Nexus, The Tag-Team Division and the Tag-Team Belts.

My solution is that we need to un-unify the belts and bring back the WWE & World Tag Team Belts. Its enough midcarders and maineventers to make a great tag team out of.

My favorite teams are the teams that are consisted of two maineventers. These are two stars that are just taking a break from the mainevent and forming a team. Examples are Rated RKO(Randy Orton & Edge) & Jeri-Show(Big Show & Chris Jericho).

The Tag Team division pretty much has one team, The Uso's. I love the Uso's but they can't be a credible team without competition.

Ok heres the list friends.

Possible Tag Teams:

1. The Miz & R-Truth
They just teamed up on Raw & they've been aparently doing some work with Cm Punk & John Cena at house shows so lets make it happen. The Miz & R-Truth have alot of chemistry and they both have a bone to pick. The Miz has fallen off since winning the title and R-Truth is preaching a conspiracy. This would be an example of a mainevent tag team.

2. Kofi Kingston & John Morrison
This would be an example of a high flyer team consisted of two future maineventers. They both have an amazing moveset and I could only imagine the heights they could sore to together.

This would be a team that I would like to see start off as a face team and then turn heel in the process. I think a turn would do both of them justice. More so Morrison than Kofi because Kofi can talk on the mic.

3. Drew McCintyre & Wade Barrett with William Regal as Manager
Now I admit that the last thing Wade Barrett needs is another partner. He's been in a stable his whole career. But mayne this can elevate Drew McCintyre a bit who knows.

4. Evan Bourne & Rey Mysterio
These are two guys that teamed up plenty of times and proved nothing but greatness when it comes to match quality. These two would make for exciting television in my book. Rey is winding his career down and maybe having a tag team partner would lighten his load until his last major run.

5. Trent Baretta & Yoshi Tatsu
These are two are literally two of the most underutilized stars the WWE have. They receive zero television time. The fans love them but the bookers don't. They could bring noise to the division.

6. Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler
Two guys that tasted the mainevent. Swagger is juggling his talents on Superstars and Ziggler seems to be on the rise of something special. I think together they can build a long reign as tag team champs. Eventually I would like to see them split and have Swagger go face.

Teams to Bring Back:

1. The Hart Dynasty
This was a pretty solid team. I enjoyed them better as heels but they were cool as a face team only if Bret Hart could manage them. I mean they received an insane pop just because of their music. I definitely think they can mix it up in the ring and would be good to see them again.

They were given a Cryme Tyme type ennding. Tyson Kid faced David Hart Smith on Superstars, which brings me to number 2.

2. Cryme Tyme
I really think the WWE should resign Shad Gaspard asap. These two had al hell of a lot of chemistry and were extrememly over with the fans. I'm black and I hate stereotypes but I must admit that their whole thug/theif gimmick worked to perfection. That only worked to perfection because they were faces. They were being friendly to the crowd. But if they come back as heels, then we have a problem.

3. The Colons (Primo & Carlito)
Carlito needs to be back in the WWE period. He wasn't too into the politics but I feel with his mic skills and match quality, he belongs in the big leagues. They were a very underated team.

Hope you guys enjoyed this. Leave some feeback and please check out my song I pitched to the WWE as Daniel Bryan's theme.

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  1. GreatMuta4life's Avatar
    Good blog Knox. I just about agree with everything you said, especially about bringing Carlito back. And since Primo has gotten so much exposure on Z True Long Island Story, I think that team could really work. I do disagree that Kofi and Morrison should turn heel. It would be great for their characters and I'm sure they would be much more entertaining as bad guys, but there is a serious lack of legitimate babyfaces in WWE right now. Also, I'd like to see Zack Ryder team with Ziggler. Great way to turn Ziggler in a fan favorite, and thus clearing up room for Kofi or Morrison to turn.
  2. Joonny's Avatar
    Bring Caylen (?) Croft back so he can team with Trent Barretta.

    And put Mason ryan with Barrett, McIntyre and Regal.
    That would be a great stable
  3. Renevious's Avatar
    Greetings once again Knox. I liked the blog even though I didn't agree with all of it. But hey, the different opinions is what makes wrestling so interesting. I was personally never a fan of the whole 2 main event guy teams. I liked Jeri-show simply because of the chemistry with the little guy calling the shots, and the giant (who could easily destroy him) just going along with it because he didn't know any better. But to me tag teams is where we get the opportunity to discover low and mid card guys who have the potential to be groomed into the main event. Look at the Hart Foundation and the Rockers. Both were great teams and had great runs that lasted years, but eventually they had to take the two guys with all the potential and make legends out of them. (Side note: that's history talking and not my opinion. I personally HATE Shawn Michaels and have always believed that Jannetty was the one with the most talent. Now I know his personal issues kept him from living up to his potential, but it is what it is. Anyway, I digress.) I do agree with Hennig and Otunga being a great team if only they could establish some sort of identity. Now that the New Nexus is apparently over with (???), it's time for them to make the names for themselves. They already have the belts, so there's nowhere else to climb, but they have to set themselves both apart from the rest of the roster AND together as a unit. The Uso's are good, but the new dance they do before a match is weird and lasts too long. I don't care for the Colons, but being in a team would help both of them out. It's where they belong. I also agree with what you said about Cryme Time. They're retarded to me, but they were so over with the crowd it wasn't even funny. It's the same goofy black stereotype that the white kids can have fun with not at all unlike Men on a Mission with their stupid "Whoomp There It Is" nonsense back in '94. The last thing I'm going to touch on is the Hart Dynasty. I don't feel you on this one. Tyson Kidd is super talented in the ring, but he has no mic skills or personality. Smith just sucks all around. I wanted so bad to like him because of how big of a Davey Boy fan I was back in the day, but I think he's just a lost cause. I recently read on here that he wants to try his hand at MMA, and to that I say God Bless. I hope he's successful, because pro wrestling is not for him. Kidd, on the other hand, just needs to be pointed in the right direction. He's the perfect example of why WWE needs to bring back the Cruiserweight division. He would own in that division. They dabbled in finding him a manager for a little while, but that just died for no reason. I don't know why because they were on the right track. It was just stupid to have his manager to be Armando Estrada. That guy sucks worse than I don't know what. Let someone like Arn Anderson or Dean Malenko be his manager. Both of those guys were amazing technical wrestlers and had completely cold blooded characters. That would be the perfect fit for him, and they're both backstage already. No need to hire anyone new. Anyway, that's plenty enough from me. As always, I appreciate your blogs, and I also appreciate you reading my feedback. Take care and spike your hair, WWWYKI!
  4. steveorton's Avatar
    One again mate an excellent blog, I agree with you about your solution there needs to be tag team belts on both Smackdown and Raw. The teams you said to bring back are spot on. In addition to these teams there will be The Usos and if WWE can get the Kings of Wrestling that would be good. Also I don't like the idea of Barett in a next tag team he needs to be on his own. i would probably put Drew and Rhodes Sinesterly Groesteque, Keep up the good work until next time my friend, I'm jus sayin...
  5. searle's Avatar
    TNA have got loads of good teams, id love to see beer money and motor city machine guns in wwe but i totally agree theres plenty of room for more tag teams and there should be more stables like nexus, dx, nation of domination, to name a few, lol but i got to disagree with putting maineventers together, maybe rhodes and dibiase or swagger and mcintyre together and i dont understand why they split heath slater and justin gabriel up so early, they could av had bit longer as tag team to boost their popularity but i hate it when they call themselves for example otunga and mcgillicutty, i like to see em going bk to the old days of creating proper tag teams, like rockers, LOD or demolition, with proper tag team names, hope im making sense by here
  6. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    Jtg r truth
    Kane and ryder
  7. kingez77's Avatar
    great blog man. i think rey and bourne teaming could really help out bourne. he needs a push and that could be the way to do it. i would love to see miz and r truth be a main event tag team. that'd be awesome.
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