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WWE vs IW best match ups

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this is who i would think using whole rosters would have the best matches. I made these matches based on Gimmic, wrestling ability, position in the company Or just think they could have a good match

Note: Since there are more in WWE's roster could not use every1 on roster page

Impact Wrestling VS. WWE

Diva's vs. Knockouts

Bella Twins vs. Mexican America (Sarita & Rosita)
Katelyn vs. Ms. Tessmocher
Maryse vs. Winter
Jackie vs. Eve
AJ Lee vs. Velvet
Melina vs. Rayne
Kelly Kelly vs. Traci Brooks
Kharma vs. ODB
Gail Kim vs. Angelina Love
Beth Phoenix vs. Tara

Superstars vs. Wrestlers
Santino Marella vs. Eric Young
New Nexus vs. Mexican America(Hernandez & Anarquia)
Curt Hawkins vs. Murphy
Chris Masters vs. Brutus Magnus
Mason Ryan vs. Rob Terry
Rhodes & Dibease vs. Ink Inc
Uso's vs. Motor City Machine Guns
Jack Swagger vs. Douglas Williams
Kofi Kingston vs. Robbie E
Ezekiel Jackson vs. Steiner
Skip Sheffield vs. Devon
Tyson Kidd vs. Austin Aeries
Mark Henry vs. Bully Ray
Yoshi Tatsu vs. Okada
Slater vs. Suicide
Ryder vs. Storm
Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy
The Miz vs. Bobby Roode
Even Bourne vs. Brian Kendrick
Justin Gabriel vs. Amazing Red
Wade Barrett vs. Abyss
Kane vs. Matt Morgan
R-Truth vs. The Pope
Dolph Ziggler vs. Kazarian
John Morrison vs. Daniels
Alex Riley vs. Gunner
Alberto vs. RVD
Sheamus vs. Crimson
Christian vs. Jeff Hardy
Randy Orton vs. Mr. Anderson
Triple H vs. Jeff Jarrett
Daniel Bryan vs. Samoa Joe
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle
CM Punk vs. AJ Styles
The Undertaker vs. Sting

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  1. Steve Austin's Avatar
    Some pretty good match ups in there. R-Truth vs The Pope, Racism? Haha I'd love to see Sheamus vs Crimson/ Samoa Joe, I bet it would be a great match.
  2. knox's Avatar
    the Doplh Ziggler vs Kazarian was the best in my opinion, I would lve to see that bro. Great blog, I agreed with every single match expcept for one.

    John Cena debuted against Kurt Angle, mainevented PPV's against Kurt Angle and has fought plenty of times on both Raw & Smackdown. I think we've seen it enough but I will admit it would be cool to see them go at it again. I mean Cena is now a deveoped star and top guy. It would be cool to see them go one more time and compare it to Cena's debut match against Kurt.

    Personally I want to see Jack Swagger vs Kurt Angle
  3. Dude573's Avatar
    I agree with Knox, Cena vs Angle has been done a few times before; same goes for McIntyre vs Hardy. I would personally really want to see Trent Baretta vs Amazing Red.

    Although some good matches!
  4. blink's Avatar
    I'd rather see Kane whoop up on abyss for biting his gimmick
  5. AOF666's Avatar
    I rather see Karma vs Mickie James
  6. nrb6304's Avatar
    Yeah I won't lie some of these are pretty good, some you TOTALLY missed.
    CM Punk vs. AJ Styles? Seen it
    Daniel Bryan vs. Samoa Joe? same

    Would much rather see:
    Daniel Bryan vs. Kurt Angle
    John Cena vs. AJ Styles
    CM Punk vs. (actually there really isn't anybody in TNA I'd be dying to see face Punk.....)
    Abyss vs. Kane (EASY! How'd you miss that one? JW)
    Wouldn't mind seeing AJ Styles vs. John Morrison either
  7. NigelBarks's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by blink
    I'd rather see Kane whoop up on abyss for biting his gimmick
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