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My Wrestlemania 28

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John Morrison vs Alberto Del Rio vs The Miz
Triple Threat Match for the Number One Condtender for the WWE Championship

Background... 4 Raw's before wrestlemania, this match was scheduled but the growing fued of Triple H and CM Punk, the regining COO calls off the match and declares himself Number 1 contender at Wrestemania

Match: Morrison is teamed up against for most of the match til Del Rio goes for the pin then Miz and Del Rio go at it and Morrison gets hot and lands the Starship Pain on Miz but as he is recovering Del Rio gets the pin on Miz

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Women's Championship
Bra and Panties Match--Kelly Kelly(C) vs Eve

Simple... havent seen bra and panties match in awhile and WWE needs one to add a lil more to wrestlemania

Match: Kelly kelly wins but after helps up eve and she lets eve strip her to bra and paties and they celebrate together

Winner: and still Women's champion Kelly Kelly

Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

Background... Daniel Bryan becomes a victim of Randy Ortons angry managment problems, so after missing a month recovering comes back on smackdown to declare that the money in the bank cash in is gonna have to wait because he wants everyone one to see him beat Randy Orton on the biggest stage of them all

Match: Randy Orton comes out strong but Daniel Bryan counters stonger this match goes outside and Randy Orton RKO's Daniel Bryan threw a table(breaks the table for once), but Byran some how returns to the ring before the 10 count and then as Randy starts picking him apart again Daniel counters into the Chris Beniot's i mean Denail Bryan's crossface

Winner: by Submission Daniel Bryan

Great Khali vs Big Show vs Mark Henry vs Kane vs Sheamus vs Ezekiel Jackson

Background... not much of one all have been fueding on smackdown and had exchanges but this match is booked as Biggest Match in Wrestlemania History

Match: all 6 go at it then people start to get tossed out of the ring, match goes on for a lil bit with total chaos until only Khali and Jackson are in the ring and Jackson does his 3 bodyslams and then Sheamus runs in the ring and breaks Jacksons momentum but Jackson counters into the Torture Rack

Winner: by Submission Ezekiel Jackson

WWE Tag Team championship
TLC match
Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara (C) vs Gabriel/Bourne vs Kingston/Ryder

Background... After becoming the champions at Survivor Series the champions have cleaned up the Tag divison, for Wrestlemania both a team from Raw and a team from Smackdown was made to try to rip the Mexicans duo titles away

Match: this goes old school with alot of high flying actions like the good ol days and as the match prolongs Ryder is the last on standing as he goes up for the title Mysterio runs up the ladder and use the ladder and the rope holding the belts as his base and pulls off a 619 20 feet off the ground and Sin Cara joins him at top

Winners: and still Tag Team Champions Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara .

World Championship Championship
Christian (C) vs Chris Jericho with Guest Ref Edge

Background... after returning at the Royal Rumble and winning it, Chris Jericho was in line for his friends title and at elimation chamber being the first to start and last to be elimated Jericho felt he was poised for the title, the following week on smackdown Y2J cashed in his match early and Jericho had the win but the ref was knocked out and christian capitolized on the help and won the match... following week Jericho talks to teddy long and convinces him for a rematch that night, match goes up and once again the ref gets KO'd but this time christian has the pin and the ref recovers as jericho counters into the walls of jericho but Christian gets a foot free and low bows Jericho and leaves the champ.... following week Jericho gets to the ring and says that at wrestlemania he is going to face Christian for the title but that he wants to choose the ref since he has basiclly won the last 2 matchs agains christian... christian comes out and says that he had the win last week but the wussy ref was knocked out... teddy long comes out and says i understand that you both have claims to winning and he has found someone that keep up with the 2 of you and you both are friends with him.. his name is edge

Match: classic match maybe a match to steel the spot light from the next 3 legandary matches but match goes on and christian lands the kill switch but jericho kicks out... christian pushes edge out of frustaition then edge lands the spear and jericho pins christian but edge refuses to count and jericho gets up and also pushes edge but edge falls down...christian gets up and tries the killswitch again but jericho counters into walls of jericho and as edge gets up and christian is taping but edge goes for the spear on jericho and christian pins jericho

Winner: Christian

WWE Championship, If Punk Wins becomes COO
CM Punk(C) vs Triple H

Background... This match has been months in the making since triple H resigned Punk after months of Punk being Champion and who ever triple H throws at him losing, Triple H decides to put matter in his own hands and delares himself Number 1 contender... following week on Raw Punk address Triple H's claim to the title and says that he has looked into the matter and he doesnt have the power to do that as he can be fired for unfair work pratices... but punk says he wont file a compleint unless Triple H buts his job on the line also at wrestlemania...Triple h comes out accepts the challage and punk laughs and says all this time you only took this job to get a title shot without having to wrestle your way back up the top, but this is gonna end bad because the the Punk Profit is finally gonna change the system

Match: What else do you expect 2 great wrestlers at wrestlemania it will be amazing and Punk lands the GTS but triple h puts his leg on the rope and then H recovers and lands the pedigree but Punks leg is on the rope then CM punk recovers and gets Triple H into Anaconda Vice

Winner: and still Champion and your new COO CM Punk

Aftermath... First raw as COO Punk tells Cena that he is gonna make him responsable for once and do what he should have gotten after money in the bank and fires John Cena...following weeks Punk goes crazy with power putting the WWE into true great choas pushes WWE back into the attiude era but WWE steps in and tells Punk that he duties are no longer need as Vince McMahon is fully recovered from his work exhaustion and will be back as CEO of WWE

Undertakers last match Buried Alive Match--Undertaker vs Kane

Background... Kane claims that without him Taker would be nothing that as his little brother he needs that chance that every little brother gets to beat his big brother

Match: Startes normal and Taker has alot of chances but Kane cant be beaten and kane looks to have Taker in but taker gets out and finds a straight jacket under the ring and puts kane in it, then trys to buried kane but kane gets his arms free and looks to have the match again but the lights go off and you can just See that Kane has just been set on fire (fire proof jacket) as the lights hit back on Taker Chokeslams the Buring Kane into the grave and buries him alive

Winner and extends his match streak to 20 wins and 0 loses The Undertaker

Past vs Present--John Cena vs The Rock

Cant Wait to see the Rock back, we all know how this match is gonna be and we cant wait, i like Cena he isnt as bad as people say (he does kiss the fans ass too much like he always wants to be on the favorite side instead of actally having morals) but the rock he is the best hands the the michael jordan of wrestling

Winner: The Rock

Please give me feed back .

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    You put Kane in two matches and I don't see why Bryan wouldn't following up on his word to main event Mania. I don't want to bash but this card is mostly a dream card (not my dream) and it still is early to predict Mania.
  2. nafeesgreat1's Avatar
    I dont c sincara vs rey as tag teams,,the match that will happen @ WM 28 is Cara Vs Rey imo,& that punk thing isnt gonna happen,already strong rumors that it'll b Y2J vs Punk,,
  3. Ain't No Grave's Avatar
    Trying hard not to bash this card. Can't help it. It is terrible. Are you Vince Russo?!
  4. dres1214's Avatar
    Some of the booking you did, just doesn't make sense. The only one we know for sure will happen is Rock vs Cena. Undertaker will prob face someone who wants to retire or to put someone over. No hate from me on your blog. Just maybe make it more reasonable.
  5. 01crusea's Avatar
    Really? Really? Really?! REALLYYY??!!?!?!
  6. 01crusea's Avatar
    Really? Really? Really?! REALLYYY??!!?!?!
  7. b1ak's Avatar
    Try not including Jericho -- who else would win the RR?, including Bryan's MITB challenge, and don't rely on multiman matches (miz vs morrison vs del rio seems a waste of all three of them)

    Solve the Kane thing as mentioned by 66513

    Perhaps the following changes:

    *Orton vs Undertaker -- orton takes the streak -- who else would?
    *Jackson vs Skip Sheffield, IC belt, just because
    *Cody Rhodes vs Kofi (intra-brand) or Sin Cara, if he's still around-- You forgot Rhodes, you jerk! (that wasn't an insult, a term of endearment)
    *Ziggler (you forgot him too) versus Ryder, just because they're good friends (US title, likely dark match) -- Kofi should replace ryder if Cara is around
    *for Tag titles, Misterio and Bourne vs McIntyre and Shaemus, to give them something to do
    *No bra and panties match, those are lame. Let's see Phoenix vs Layla, I'd love to see that (she'll be healed by then)
    *Christian vs Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight title
    *HHH vs CM Punk without a title involved (though keep the COO thing, I'm not opposed to that)
    *Cena beating the Rock, because the Rock is not "the Rock" anymore, there needs to be a torch passed, like Hogan to the Rock before at 18
    *NO Edge, he's a Hall of Famer eventually, let's not tarnish his role
    *Let's just have Kane vs Mark Henry
    *The Great Khali as host of WM28, that'd be AWESOME
    *Big Show vs Shaq -- we should ALL be rooting for this
    *Del Rio vs Morrison would be a GREAT match, no title needed
    *WWE Title match, thus, likely should be the royal rumble winner The Miz versus ... hmmm ... how about Cena as well?
    ----- A WM27 Rematch, though think along the lines of WM 10. The Miz beats Cena in the opening match (WM27 showed a world title match could open the show), but Cena vs the Rock, ending the show, would see Cena winning over the Rock (WM 10 showed Owen beating Bret, only for Bret to beat Yokozuna at the closing of the night). Sure, the Rock wouldn't have a match with Lex Luger, but all the same the spirit is there.
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