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WM 28 Version 2.0: Where Past Meets Future PART 1 of 2

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Wrestlemania 28: Where Past Meets Future

This is my proposed WM28 card. I wrote one a month or so back, but a lot has changed since then. I think this is a substantially better card.

I think WWE is in a great position now to set themselves up for the future while acknowledging the past.

My first criteria is that I take into account matches WWE has already booked and utilize wrestlers they are clearly interested in pushing, and where feasible, I have continued current storylines. I also stuck with the current RAW and Smackdown rosters.

Secondly, I designed it the way I would want to see it. This isn’t a guess as to how they would do it, nor is it a typical ‘fantasy’ card—it’s somewhere in the middle of that.

Under each match I give a bit on what would lead up to the match and then a paragraph on how I would book it.

Also, keep in mind that in my world, I have HHH becoming a heelish COO of WWE. He is not overt about it like in the McMahon-Helmsley era, but he is clearly a guy who thinks people like CM Punk, Colt Cabana, etc., are not marketable enough for WWE and has a cohort of guys he thinks should be favored. The idea is that HHH is doing a lot of this stuff behind the scenes, very little coming out in front of the crowd and saying “I am a bad guy and I am putting all of the good guys in handicap matches against tons of bad guys.” He is much more subtle than this.

In my WWEorld, HHH would do this slowly and subtly over time, maybe a few months from now.

Matches in order of how they would appear on the card.

Ziggler and Christian (c) vs. Gabriel (c) and Bourne(c) for tag team titles and I.C. title

At the Royal Rumble, Bourne eliminated Christian and Gabriel eliminated Ziggler towards the end. Thereafter, on RAW, Ziggler beat up Bourne for Christian, and as payback, Christian beat up Gabriel on Smackdown for Ziggler. A little cross-brand sweet heel alliance. So a tag match is booked at the February PPV between Ziggler/Christian and Gabriel/Bourne. Gabriel and Bourne are outstanding as a team together and beat their opponents handily. This earned them a title shot against the tag champs, whoever they are, which they also handily win. Justin Gabriel and Evan Bourne are the new WWE tag champions and the beginning of a “renaissance” of tag team wrestling.

After the February PPV, Christian wins the I.C. title from whoever has it. He uses this as leverage to get a rematch at Wrestlemania for the tag titles. Whoever wins the match not only wins (or retains) the tag belts for his team, but also wins the I.C. title. At WM, Christian and Ziggler are very close to winning the tag belts several times, but keep fighting over who will take the pinfall and become I.C. champ. Bourne and Gabriel, who are concentrated on the tag belts and do not fight each other for the pinfall, use their teamsmanship to retain. Justin Gabriel is the new I.C. champion and a double champ on Smackdown.

Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

In my world, Randy Orton becomes world champ again in December when he cheats to beat Christian in what is billed as the last match between these two ever for the world heavyweight title. (In the interim, Christian feuds with Sheamus and Orton with Mark Henry.)

So Sheamus is a monster face and only loses when a heel cheats. At the Rumble, he eliminates Barrett and is later one of the final three (alongside Del Rio and CM Punk.) Cue Barrett who helps Del Rio eliminate Sheamus. Sheamus is FURIOUS that Barrett ruined the Rumble for him (you will especially see why below) and launches a devastating attack upon Barrett in retaliation on Smackdown. But Barrett is saved by his “entourage” of bodyguards Mark Henry, Brutus Clay and the Great Khali. He wants a match against Barrett, but Barrett finagles a deal with HHH (you will understand this more later) for the February PPV so Sheamus will get his hands on Barrett… but only if he gets through the bodyguards in a gauntlet match first.

At the February PPV, Sheamus defeats Clay quickly. Khali gives him some trouble but he eventually beats him. Onto Mark Henry who takes advantage of the tired and worn Sheamus… but Henry eventually succumbs to the Celtic Cross. Sheamus is calling out Barrett… when THE BIG SHOW returns from injury as another one of the bodyguards. The match stipulations never specified who the “bodyguards” were. So Sheamus fights off the Big Show as best he can, despite being completely exhausted and almost beats him, when Barrett nails Sheamus, allowing the Big Show to end the gauntlet.

On Smackdown, Sheamus freaks the heck out. The Big Show, offended that everyone thinks he needed Barrett’s help to defeat a worn and weary Sheamus, says that if Sheamus can beat him, he will deliver Barrett to him at WM28. Sheamus says OK—but he wants it in a cage. Smackdown main event, Sheamus wins. Sheamus versus Barrett set.

All of the bodyguards make appearances, and Barrett pulls out some serious moves, but Sheamus takes the win.

Morrison(c) vs. Kingston for U.S. title in a ladder match

Morrison and Kingston are both in the U.S. title scene on RAW leading into WM28. It is clear, but not overt, that HHH is preventing them from getting to the next level. So after exchanging the belt back and force a few times, they decide the best way to force themselves onto the main event scene is to steal the show at Wrestlemania and make the U.S. belt look as prestigious as any other championship… by facing each other in a face-versus-face ladder match for the U.S. title, referencing Razor Ramon and Shawn Michael’s classic contest for the I.C. belt years before.

They have an epic match until it hits the time limit. With permission from each competitor, they keep wrestling until there is a winner. Morrison retains the belt by a hair. Handshake and massive applause. No cheating, no interference, just an awesome match.

Booker T v. Kane v. Ezekiel Jackson v. Diesel v. Big Show v. Mark Henry v. Rhodes v. Dibiase in a Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight title Scramble Match—No Disqualification—whoever is “interim” Number One Contender at the end of 20 minutes gets a title shot

Like last year’s Rumble, Booker T and Diesel compete in it. On commentary during Smackdown post-Rumble, Booker T talks about how great it was to compete again and how he misses it and wants a chance, but guesses there just is not a spot for him. Soon thereafter, Diesel returns to Smackdown against “green” opponents, picking up some easy wins against newbies—clearly, HHH is helping his old buddy resume his career. This really makes Booker T mad as he feels (and is) in much better shape and condition (and younger) than Nash.

This eventually leads to a confrontation between them where Booker T makes the accusations that Nash is only getting booked because HHH is the new CEO. The next week, Booker T is not on commentary—clearly he was blacklisted by HHH. He starts buying tickets for the front row. He is acknowledged by the faces Kane and Ezekiel Jackson, who are also subsequently (but overtly) blacklisted. They join him in the crowd.
In February, leading into the February PPV, HHH has booked Sheamus in a gauntlet match against Barrett and his bodyguards in exchange for being able to use his bodyguards to remove Booker, Kane and Zeke from the audience. They attempt to remove them and a huge brawl breaks out. Booker, Kane and Zeke are able to take out the Big Show, Mark Henry, Clay and Khali.

The fans go crazy for the three of them holding up BKZ signs and wanting them to be able to compete at WM28. HHH shows concern about BKZ, not wanting “what is happening with CM Punk to repeat itself,” (you’ll see below) so he decides to reinstate them, but comes up with a way to ensure they do not survive as a group. He books them in a scramble match for the #1 contendership to the World Heavyweight title, assuming no group could survive having to compete with each other for a title shot. Rhodes and Dibiase (who both took turns with the I.C. belt in my world) have shown a willingness to help him, so he also puts them in the match.

The match is pretty crazy with so many big guys in it. Each of the 8 is “interim” number one contender at least once, but Booker T, Rhodes and Dibiase perform the best. As the clock nears the end, the 5 big guys are all knocked out outside the ring and Booker T is interim champion. Rhodes and Dibiase gang up on him but also fight with each other. Just as the time-limit buzzer is about to sound, they each cover him and grab a leg. 1. 2. 3 count just as the buzzer sounds. It is completely unclear is the 3 count was before the buzzer and therefore which of the three is Number One Contender… so the referee announces that all three of them are Number One Contender!

Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara

This match is announced well in advance, just like Cena-Rock. No need for a huge build up to this, they are each involved in their own feuds and what not throughout the year with a few moments of face-to-face “I’ll see you at Wrestlemania” spots. They finally do battle and it is awesome as Sin Cara has finally hit his groove. He wins. Handshake.

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