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WM 28 Version 2.0: Where Past Meets Future PART 2 of 2

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HHH/McIntyre/R-Truth/Mason Ryan/Swagger/Hawkins vs. Punk/Ryder/Cabana/Hero/Castagnoli/Morella
12-Man Elimination Tag Team Match

So obviously this feud requires some explanation. Going into Summerslam, CM Punk is the “unrecognized” WWE champion. Cena is the “actual” WWE champion. Punk beats Cena cleanly. It is the only way that makes sense.

Punk is the champ but HHH realizes he cannot control him and is getting pissed, though only showing hints on TV. Punk goes on to feud with The Miz sometime later in the year, and through some HHH shenanigans, where he first shows his true heeldom, The Miz is champ again.

Punk doesn’t need the world title now he is so hot. So he begins a feud similar to Austin/McMahon with HHH. Let’s face it, HHH is an amazing heel and I think the perfect foil for a red hot Punk. Punk allies himself with Ryder and Morella, pointing to them as guys HHH tries to bury despite their massive popularity; along with Cabana, Hero and Castignoli who HHH brought in but has since tried to bury too.

An informal “Establishment” faction of HHH, McIntyre, R-Truth, Mason Ryan and Swagger forms, later joined by Curt Hawkins to screw over Zack Ryder somehow. Punk’s group becomes known as the Voiceless, both because CM Punk is the “Voice of the Voiceless” but because their microphones tend to be broken for some “strange” reason.

All of the above happens slowly over the year leading into a huge twelve-man elimination match at Wrestlemania. On the line is the semi-fourth wall-breaking “push.” If HHH’s team wins, Punk’s crew loses any opportunity for a title shot for the next year. If Punk’s team wins, Punk gets a FAIR WWE title shot, Colt Cabana gets a FAIR U.S. title shot, and both Ryder/Morella and the Kings of Wrestling get FAIR tag title shots.

At WM, it comes down to McIntyre, R-Truth and Swagger vs. Punk and Cabana. All three heels begin fighting with each other, which allows Punk and Cabana to eliminate R-Truth. HHH comes back down to calm McIntyre and Swagger down but they turn on him. This allows Punk and Cabana to eliminate them.

Jericho(c) vs. The Miz for WWE title

The Miz holds the belt from Punk for awhile and eventually turns face, arguing he never needed HHH’s help… because he is AWESOME.

The Miz is an independent face trying to prove himself. AWWWEESSSOMMMEE chants are everywhere.

Jericho returns as a face to face The Miz for the title but thereafter turns heel and kind of joins HHH’s informal group in that HHH favors him over The Miz (who hurt HHH’s ego as we read above) and steals the title from him. They meet at Wrestlemania and HHH pulls some malarkey to keep the WWE title on Jericho. (Setting up Punk/Jericho awesomeness for the belt post-WM.) Though a lot of the guys turned on HHH in the previous match, he saves some skin and some gold here.

Orton(c) vs. Daniel Bryan for World Heavyweight title

As stated before, Orton is now a heel and will do anything to hold onto the title. He is informally allied with HHH who likes having Orton as champ and has made a few comments about how Daniel Bryan would make a terrible face for WWE.

Bryan, as he stated on SD, gets the title shot at WM28 against the current champ. He has avoided the dreaded Punt Kick from Orton a few times leading into the match.

As Bryan is about to pick up the win, HHH tries to pull some malarkey again, but this time The Miz, who was just screwed, comes out and stops him. Some other of HHH’s thugs come out to mess it up, but the Voiceless prevent them from getting in the ring. With a battle outside the ring, Bryan cleanly pins Orton! Thanks in large part to his old mentor and enemy, The Miz!

HHH was foiled again and Daniel Bryan is champion of the world!

Cena vs. the Rock

The feud goes back and forth with guest referee spots and such, but Rock does not wrestle until Wrestlemania. Cena wins in a close bout, handshake. Hulk Hogan makes a surprise return for a big moment after the match, congratulating both of them, reflecting back on WM18 where he faced The Rock, and wonders who will face Cena at WM38.

Alberto Del Rio vs. the Undertaker

Undertaker is gone for most of the year, but Del Rio keeps mentioning how he wants the chance to end the streak, but how Undertaker is gone because he is scared. At the Royal Rumble, instead of winner getting a title shot, winner faces the Undertaker in his last match ever in the main event of Wrestlemania. Heading into the Rumble, everyone is speculating who will win with the smart marks guessing either Del Rio, Punk or Sheamus, any of who would be a good pick, but Del Rio ends up coming up top.

Del Rio pulls out all of the stops, but inevitably, it is not enough. The Undertaker will not fall. As everyone in WWE comes out clapping, Undertaker rebounds and steals the victory from Del Rio. Undertaker shakes his hand and Del Rio joins the applause out of respect. Del Rio got closer than anyone else, even HHH. 20-0 and retired.

Del Rio has won the Royal Rumble twice in a row and almost beat the Undertaker in the main event of Wrestlemania… but has yet to win a world championship.

I think this sets up WWE nicely for a lot of good RAW and Smackdown feuds. I envision the Board taking HHH out of power and that storyline ending. Along with room for a lot of fresh feuds. The draft comes about, Punk’s group splits up, the tag division gets re-invented. Kings of Wrestling turn heel. Punk can feud with Jericho, Del Rio, anyone.

And maybe WWE decides to unify the world titles again… who better to be involved in that feud than Jericho, the first unified champ, and Daniel Bryan, the greatest wrestler in the world?

A lot of opportunities. WWE is in a very good position right now for their future!

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  1. Danny92's Avatar
    I like this a lot better than most people who make ppv cards you have built from top to bottom a few months of tv that would be gripping television, I salute you
  2. amsrock's Avatar
    this is to complicated for the wwe lol
  3. El T Draino 316's Avatar
    ROCK vs CENA - I'll throw it out there, a Summerslam or Survivor Series Rock interference would be crucial in adding to the drama of this decaying storyline.
    HHH vs TAKER (HBK?) Rematch
    The mid card could play out in an infinite amount of ways. I'd love to see Daniel Bryan go one on one with a former champ and win clean.

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