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STATE OF THE 'E: Let Me Entertain You (A Story Of E-Fedding)

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I'm going to do something different this week. I'm not going to talk about what CM Punk is doing or what Haitch has in store for Monday. I'm not going to talk about how CM Punk came back too soon. No, that's a story for another blog at another time. Today I'm going to talk about something different. Something new. Something that many may not want to admit to liking or maybe might have wanted to try but have been afraid.

There's a secret world out there. It's a world where you pick and choose storylines, make your own characters. You can even make your characters co-exist with real Superstars from THE 'E or TNA, ROH, whatever the case may be. This is the world of the e-fed.

E-fed's are simply fantasy shows that you and a lot of your friends put on week in and week out. You get to live your life through creating characters and exploring storylines that maybe the companies wouldn't dare tread. In a world where characters can get killed off or brought back at a whim. E-Fedding is quite the serious business. I myself have recently joined an e-fed, JBW, because I finally wanted to see what it was all about. I have love this brand of Sports Entertainment for an extremely long time and finally wanted to use my love in a different kind of way.

I know I'd never be able to get into a ring and do the things I see my all-time favorites doing but the simple fact is, through this... I can. People may see e-fedding as a joke or as something only nerds do but in reality it's just the same as a Fantasy Draft of any major sport. It's the same as wanting to see Michael Jordan VS. LeBron James in the newest NBA game. Same principals apply. You can create your own characters to interact with Superstars from THE 'E in all of their video games but you can't make the story how YOU want it.

The world of e-fedding or even a Fantasy Federation is a very magical place. In these worlds CM Punk and ___________ can go one on one in the most insane match you could ever think of. Hulk Hogan would finally face "Stone Cold" Steve Austin like so many have dreamed. I know this isn't like my standard blog but there's something about this that's completely entertaining to me. Creating an entrance theme, an entrance video, what they're wearing, how they act, what their moves are, etc, etc. It's fascinating honestly.

For anyone who has wanted to be a Professional Wrestler but couldn't cut it, or for those that may have not been big enough, "buff" enough or anything like that, this is for you. If you have the writing capabilities you would love doing somthing like this. Andtrust me, just because you do something like this doesn't make you a "nerd" per say. Just makes you passionate. I would like for people to go out there and look up some e-fed's. We have a few great ones on this site alone: JBW, EWNCW, AWF, BWA, and HWA... Not to mention there's people who do their OWN versions of WWE, TNA, ROH programming. They're "Fantasy Bookers".

Trust me, get into this world. It may be a tightly knit society but, it's always willing to accept new members. If you're tired of seeing what THE 'E produces every week, show off how you think you can do better. Show what you want the world to see. If you think you have what it takes, stop complaining about what you see and change it for yourself. This site and many others out there cater to things like this. I promise you, you'll have some fun.

As usual, leave some comments, questions, beratings, whatever you feel like. Like I said, I know this isn't my usual type of blog but I felt it was something that needed to be talked about. It's a refreshing concept that's been around a for a couple years and it's growing every day. And it's something fun and different. Think outside the box and let yourself be free every once in a while. See you all again real soon.

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  1. Ryan'sReality's Avatar
    Hey man this sounds really neat, can you give me a link or something to a place where I can sign up or join?

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