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Mark Henry

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Alright alot of you may argue and say that Mark Henry sucks and I use to think the same way because they way he is always used within the WWE. I currently enjoy his current heel push and hope they give this man the strap. A few years ago he had a similar push and they gave him the ECW Belt then they go and turn him face again. This guy has been back and forth as a face and heel so many times that I lost count.

I just saw him this past Tuesday for the SmackDown taping in Philadelphia against a 185lb Bobby Howard and I must say it was the best match on the show. He destroyed this guy and the sick Philly crowd we are loved every minute of it. Now I know beating a jobber isn't anything special but it shows his current heel character as a destroyer in which he also took out Kane and Big Show. Now how can you justify anyone on the SmackDown roster really beating him? Who could stop a beast like Henry who is known as the World's Strongest Man in the WWE and who can actually squat over $800lbs? Have any of you guys seen this man in real life? He is someone who should dominate most anyone in the WWE today.

Now we all know in the world of WWE that the writers and Vince have no clue anymore how to write decent storylines and will most likley ruin Henry chances at actually getting a real belt around him. We all know wrestling is entertainment and not real (besides the injurys and athleticism) but this is why no one takes it serious. It's like when Rey Mysterio was Heavyweight Champ Come on really?

I think Mark Henry deserves a run as World Champ for his years of being a comedy show and not taken seriously since he debuted. I'm just tired of this crap they call entertainment these days. It is always the same few guys always getting the titles.

I just would like to hear feedback from other people out there on their thoughts on Mark Henry as World Champ.

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  1. YoungShaz11's Avatar
    I also agree , at the moment he is the monster heel and a feud with Randy Orton or Sheamus would do him perfectly , as you said WWE needs to start taking Mark Henry seriously if their going to carry on naming him the 'World Strongest Man'.
  2. The Resh's Avatar
    If he wasn't on Smackdown, I would say once Cena is done with the CM Punk thing and Punk moves on it should be with him. Especially if they make him as dominate as they should. Because if they had Mark Henry dominate Cena a few times in a feud, then I think people would take him more seriously. Because although Sheamus or Orton would get him over, but him dominating supercena would sky rocket him and could create a good story line in my opinion
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    After the comedy routines they have put Henry through they better make him a continual threat like he has been in the past month. That's the only way I can take him seriously as a contender to the WHC.

    Side note: Were you serious about Henry's match being the best of the night? It was the shortest and the worst! The divas match was longer than that, and I actually thought that was decent.
  4. nosellshogan's Avatar
    I agree about Mark Henry.They they are building him ow sort of reminds me of how they used to present Vader in his wcw days as just this unstoppable monster.I love this current push of his but in the back of my mind I know the writters are going to botch this eventually although him fueding with sheamus now is a good move.I hope wwe does things right with Henry.
  5. Marx's Avatar
    I disagree. Henry as heel is good and very useful storywise, but that does not mean they have to give him the strap. The hero overcoming the odds and beating the monster heel when it most matters is a better story then the monster heel walking around with the belt.

    I'd like to see Sheamus take on Henry, no strap needed. I'd like to see Sheamus, Orton and Henry in the title hunt -> Henry losing his mind and messing up Orton's rematch, etcetera etcetera.. who then holds the title, I don't care... Henry is in the mix too.

    So concluding: add Henry in the mix, but actually giving him the title (for long) is not necessary in my opinion.
  6. knox's Avatar
    100% right about everything you said. Good blog. Henry atleast should have the opportunity to headline some top PPV's. Of all the dominant big guys of the past & present, Henry has shown he can go in the ring. I mean c'mon they gave The Great Khali the World Title and that guy is one of the worst wrestlers in the history of human beings. I definitely think Henry should get one run as World Champ

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