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Was Cm Punk's return too soon?

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Hey guys, I'm blogging on whether Cm Punk returned soon or not. I love blogging on topics that I'm on the fence about because it leaves a great discussion open. Now personally I feel both ways about the subject.

Reasons why his return was too early:

1. Killed the storyline
I think this made the original promo he cut at Vegas a waste. I think what made this storyline so awesome is because we really didn't know if he was legitimately leaving or not.

I think the control Punk had over the universe was gold. I mean I hated to see him cut those promos because he seemed as if he was really leaving and I for one was not ready for a Cm Punk'less WWE.

2. Triple H
Triple H returned as the new kayfabe controller of Raw & The WWE. I think his return was a great way to overshadowthe whole Cm Punk saga. I feel that Triple H's return was heavily anticipated and it finally happen. The WWE should've let Triple H do his thing as the chairman for a couple months and really shake things up and then bring Punk back.

I for one feel that McMahon being relieved of his duties was a great angle to run with while the Cm Punk buzz died down. I mean your talking about a storyline that is taking power from the most powerful figure in wrestling history. That angle sells itself.

Just like Vince said, "No man is bigger than this company". Neither is Punk. He's making a huge buzz but he's not bigger than the WWE. They should've rode out this McMahon Triple H angle and bring Punk back after Summerslam, maybe at Survivior Series. Survivor Series is that one PPV that has a high profiled return every year.

Reasons why his return was perfect?

1. Two champions
The champions thing with Cena & Punk is gold. Who is the real champ? I love the fact that we don't have to wait as long to see these two put on the Match of the Year for a second time.

2. Ratings, Ratings and...Raitings!Now granted, there hasn't been a huge ratings increase since the Cm Punk saga, but the WWE has received so much World Wide press for this situation. Espn, the late shows, I mean every entity wanted a piece of this.

For the sake of ratings, Cm Punk had to be on WWE television. He made himself a necessity in just 3 weeks. He was always a necessity but some WWE personel didn't feel that way.

Cm Punk or John Cena?...The Rock?
The WWE has landed themselves in an awkward position. These are the possibilities.

1. If Punk beats Cena fair & square
If this is how the WWE books this match, will it kill the Cena & Rock match? Personally as far as draws, I say no. I think the plan is for Cena to beat the Rock anyway and its a good plan. There's no way in hell Vince will allow the Rock to pop up out of no where. Wrestle his first match in 8 years and bury his top guy. Cena losing to Punk but winning against the Rock will just prove the Rock has ring rust.

Now if the WWE are booking the Rock to win at WM28, then its horrible booking.

2. If Cena beats Punk
I think the whole point of this angle is to prove that Cena isn't the top dog anymore. This angle must prove that the underdog can win. This angle must prove that one outlaw can rise against the politics and the system. Having Cena win would not accomplish any of this.

I love Cena but if he wins in his normal Superman fashion than this will prove that Vince learned nothing from whats been going on lately. Fans are sick and tired of the Superman bull crap. The WWE has fallen in this whole Cena era and its not Cena's fault at all. In a TV-14 environment Cena can cut a hell of a face or heel promo and we've all seen that.

My Solution(s):1. Have Punk beat Cena at Summerslam. Then let Punk move onto this feud with Triple H. Give Cena a well deserved break to heel his injuries. I think Cm Punk has proved that he can hold down the fort while Cena's gone. Have Cena return Royal Rumble time to build up the Rock match.

2. Turn Cena & Triple H heel and have them working together against the outlaw Cm Punk. Bring Tyler Black, K.O.W., Daniel Bryan and Colt Cabana on Cm Punk's side to form a ROH alliance against Triple H & John Cena. This will shake things up.

Let Cm Punk mainevent wrestlemania and retain his belt. Also have Daniel Bryan cash in successfully at Wrestlemania to win the World Heavyweight Title. They then battle over who's the real leader of the ROH faction. Then have a huge high profiled Daniel Bryan & Cm Punk feud. This will give two new guys a true opportunity to shine.

Possible Alberto Del Rio(Triple H as his manager) & Cm Punk feud?
this is a feud I want to see. I want to see a heel Triple H dictator alligning himself with Alberto Del Rio. Let him & Punk feud. This will be Punk's true face turn.

Point blank by 2013, the new generation of maineventers should be
1. Daniel Bryan
2. Cm Punk
3. Kofi Kingston
4. Dolph Ziggler

Hope you guys enjoyed this one and appreciate all comments and feedback. Be safe peeps.

Also check out the song I pitched to the WWE for Night of Champions theme or Daniel Bryan's theme. I hope you guys like it.

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  1. KingOrton's Avatar
    Yes... the whole my solution thing!! This guy gets it.
  2. NaterD4's Avatar
    Enjoyed the blog. It was very well thought out and enjoyed how you presented both sides of the argument. I like both of your solutions. I can see #1 happening more so than #2.

    To answer your question, I think a little too soon. Instead of the tournament happening over two weeks, I think they should have had the tournament on Raw over the weeks between MITB and SS with the finals concluding at SS. That way build Triple H up in his new role a little more and try to have him negotiate with Punk to get him back. SS roles along have Mysterio win in the main event and Cena challenge him the next night. Cena wins and Punk come out at the end like he did when Cena beat Mysterio last Monday. Build up the two for a match at Night of Champions to declare who is the true WWE Champion.
  3. qwerty704's Avatar
    is their a like button somewhere on here???
  4. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Was an alright blog before you said that bryan, ziggler & kingston would be the main eventers in 2013. You do know that Punk is already a main eventer right?
  5. knox's Avatar
    Thanks guys. lol appreciate it @qwerty704, @KingOrton

    @NaterD4, thats actually a swell idea i must say. That definitely gives time for Triple H to develope in his new role.

    @Theiconsting, I meant like as far as WWE's top 4 guys. Until this storyline Cm Punk wasn't the top 3 or 4 Golden Boys. That list was Cena, Orton, The Miz & Del Rio (those are the guys that the WWE wanted to run the company through). Now Punk is being pushed as the top guy. Now I believe by 2013, Kofi Kingston & Dolph are the next two guys I'd slide to that list as well as Daniel Bryan with a little character improvement.
  6. Dierdorf's Avatar
    I want to see John Morrison get a BIG push!!
  7. CM_Jericho's Avatar
    I posted a thread saying this the night of his return. I sort of got bashed saying that it was perfect and that It made sense (i was confused by all of it) Glad to see that someone else see things the same way.
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