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Getting the Poison Out: Money in the Bank indeed!!

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Watched most of the MITB PPV last night. Thought I'd throw out a few thoughts.

Smackdown MITB - Didn't see the match as I came home late last night, but I heard it was pretty damn good. Nice to see Daniel Bryan win it. Don't think anyone saw that coming. I'll go ahead and call it the first swerve of the night. And I guess Sheamus looked pretty good in the match as well.

Divas Title match - Eh, nothing to write home about. More or less the same stuff they do on RAW. Although the Bellas flipping out on Twitter afterwards was rather hilarious. Note to the Bellas: If your job is to put on a good show, and you don't really deliver, then attacking the fans letting you know you dropped the ball just makes you look lame. Instead of crying about it, use it as constructive criticism. We fans want to like you, but you don't get automatic praise just for showing up. You have to deliver as much as you possibly can. Just make yourselves better.

Big Show vs. Mark Henry - Going in, I expected the typical big man match. A slow, plodding disaster. But this one wasn't that bad IMO. Those matches can really stink up the house, but this one didn't. And I like Henry as a monster. He should have been that 10 years ago.

Raw MITB - Wasn't thrilled with the match as a whole. There were a few good high spots as always though. I thought the spot where everyone was on a ladder was pretty neat. And although I'm not a fan of Del Rio in any way, the part where he ripped Rey's mask off and threw it into the crowd was a fantastic spot. Normally I hate when WWE ignores a wrestler's pre-WWE career, like how Rey was unmasked in WCW. But tonight, for me personally, I think that "selective ignorance" paid off well with the mask spot. It took 10 years, but it made me happy. Kudos to whomever came up with that idea.

Orton vs. Christian: World Title - I thought the match itself was good. But the ending seemed kind of weird to me. Not bad really, just weird. Christian essentially won the World Title with spit. While I think it was a great heel move, it just didn't sit right with me. That stuff should be reserved for lesser titles, not one of the top titles, IMO. But whatever. I think many of us wanted Christian as champ, I know I did, so I suppose the ends justify the means.

John Cena vs CM Punk: WWE Title - Holy shit!! Cena looked like a million bucks tonight. I'm not even close to fan of the guy. Never have been. Not even when he was a mid-card heel rapper thug guy. But he actually WRESTLED for what seems like the first time in years. Not the standard "Superman" stuff by any means. He does that more often, and he can change a LOT of minds. To me, it was his best match since he debuted on Smackdown against Kurt Angle, and easily the best match of his career. Kudos to him for that. Just shows what he can really do when he's got someone great to work with.

That being said, tonight was all about CM Punk. And he delivered. More so than I think anyone in the company has in a long, long time. From the moment his music hit, the night belonged to him. IMO, he really is the best on the world. A lot of people say they are, but very rarely can anyone really live up to that statement. He can, and did. The reversal of the STF last night was fantastic. I'd never seen that particular reversal before. Great piece of mat wrestling.

Then came the second swerve of the night IMO. Vince comes out, like we all knew he would, tries the "Screwjob" thing. It fails and Punks wins. Many people thought that's how the match would end going into the PPV.

But then the third swerve happened. Del Rio comes out, Punk lays him out, blows a kiss to Vince, and takes off through the crowd. Most of us clearly thought Del Rio would cash in and win.

Let's be honest. NO ONE thought CM Punk would actually leave the building with the WWE Title. I'm sure many of us HOPED it would happen, but I don't think any of us BELIEVED it would happen. But it did.

The main event was brilliantly booked from beginning to end. Great story telling in and out of the ring. We all got swerved, and yet still got what we wanted. This is what WWE is capable of when they really apply themselves.

The Crowd - Loves me a good heel crowd. It was a great night to be a heel in WWE. Heel crowds are always more interesting to watch on TV as far as I'm concerned. And they are always more fun to actually be in. I found my self actually feeling jealous for not being there, which hasn't happened in years. That crowd was determined to have a blast no matter what happened. And it's a good thing Punk won, or else there may have been a few overturned cars set on fire if hadn't.

Overall, the show was alright IMO. Better than Wrestlemania 27 for sure. Highs and lows like any show. But the lows didn't matter. I feel the main event made up for anything that anyone didn't like about the rest of the show.

Good stuff man.

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  1. Blinker's Avatar
    You hit every nail on the head. That is EXACTLY how I felt about the PPV. It had a few low spots but the high spots easily covered for them. The main event from beginning to end was one of the best, if not the best, in the last 10 years or so. The only other matchs I would consider close are the HBK/Taker Mania matches and the HBK/HHH/Benoit at Wrestlemania.

    Good read and glad to hear someone else felt the same way.
  2. ThePrankster's Avatar
    Good read and i agree with you completely not had that feeling after a PPV in a long time
  3. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    I have a thing bout cm punk has he become nny?
  4. bigd51's Avatar
    I didn't watch the PPV, but I saw the ending video. Is it just me, or was that crowd the most exciting crowd I've seen at a WWE PPV in a long, long time? I haven't seen that kind of reaction at a WWE event in forever. Very resemblant to the Attitude Era crowds. Yeah, it was Punk's home town and that's why they were so into it, but even Cena couldn't get that kind of a pop in his hometown of Boston. That just shows you how bland Cena really is... even the hometown crowd thinks his act is weak and stale. Granted, I've seen where people are saying Cena FINALLY put on a good match, and if he did, more props to him. Like Chavo, I too am sick and tired of the same Superman match he does week in and week out. Glad to hear he actually performed instead of letting the other guy do all the work for 95% of the match and then Hulk out, hit his routine chain of moves, and win. Honestly, I still don't know whether Punk is leaving. I mean, he did this before when he was in ROH from what I hear. He started this whole storyline about leaving and then when it came down to the day he was leaving, he ended up staying for another 4 months or so. That could happen here, as well. What I'm hoping will happen is he does leave the company, but he shows up on RAW in some way for one last time and further articulates his "screw you" to Vince and the entire WWE Universe by destroying the belt or getting rid of in a way like Stone Cold did when he threw The Rock's IC Title in a river. Stone Cold even said in that skit "I really don't give a damn about YOU and I don't give a damn about the WWF... ". CM Punk has that same attitude towards Vince and the WWE right now, so why not have him destroy the belt or get rid of it? It would make perfect sense for him to do that. This would finally give them an excuse to come up with a new belt design to replace that hideous, spinner-that-doesn't-even-spin-anymore belt they've had for years now. They need a legitimate looking Heavyweight title... not something that looks like a bedazzled pinwheel. Also, with no Heavyweight Champion OR a Heavyweight Title, while the new belt is being created, they could hold a qualifier series for a few months... like TNA is doing right now... or just hold a King of the Ring-type tournament, and the top two wrestlers would face each other at a PPV to see who becomes the champ. That would give the fans a chance to see many different matchups that actually have a purpose behind them unlike the random, filler matches they throw on RAW each week that have no meaning. Either way, they have many different directions they can go with this and for the first time in over 2 years, I am actually going to watch RAW tonight just to see where they go from here. Very exciting, indeed.

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