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TNA Live Event impressions (Austin TX)

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Ok, so first blog, not going to break down match by match but did want to get out my general impressions on the TNA house show that I was at on July 28th at the Austin Music Center, in Austin TX

First was the meet and greet, Don announced that there were 18 "Limited edition" Jeff Jarrett guitars for sale, and that if you bought one (For 175.00) that you would also get some special photos to have signed, as well as backstage access during intermission.

Once everyone was let into the actual arena, we gathered at the security barricade around the ring and the wrestlers walked by, signing autographs and taking pictures as they went. Everyone was very very gracious and nice. The people that went through were

Shannon Moore
The Pope

As I said, everyone was really nice and gracious, though The Pope stayed out there the longest, talking to people, shaking hands and taking pictures with whoever wanted one, and making sure that everyone who wanted his autograph got it.

then Don announced that Devon would be signing autographs by the merch booth, and Velvet Sky was doing pictures on the other side of the arena. I was in both lines, Velvet was absolutely stunning, and extremely nice, even after being around that many sweaty guys (some of us were out in the texas heat for an hour before the doors opened, so a bit ripe) Devon shook my hand and thanked everyone for coming to see them, was just awesome as he always seems to be in these situations.

The matches were Awesome, very tight work, great fan interaction.

The card was as follows: (w) denotes the winner of the match

Shannon Moore vs Hernandez vs Devon (W)
Sarita & Rosita vs Velvet Sky & Mickie James (W)
BFG Series The Pope (W) vs Samoa Joe
BFG Series/tag team title match Bully Ray and Gunner vs Beer Money (w)
Jeff Jarrett vs Crimson (W)
AJ Styles (W) vs Mr Anderson

During the matches JB announced that the loudest fans would also get backstage passes, they handed out a couple after each match until the intermission (right before JJ and Crimson) the pass let the fan and his group go backstage
I went backstage at intermission, the atmosphere was a bit crowded and the AC didnt reach back there so it was a bit of a sweatbox, the people there signing autographs and tallking to fans/taking pictures were

Jeff Jarrett
AJ Styles
Mr Anderson
Velvet Sky
Beer Money

Again, everyone was really nice, They would sign just about anything you asked them (One guy there actually had Anderson sign his shoe) They were joking around, when we were ushered out, James Storm said that if you had cold beer you could stay. Once we got out there was a line for Mickie james, who was signing anything TNA at the merch stand. she must have given her autograph to everyone in the building, and even though my wife and myself were near the back of the line, when we got there she was still being really nice, and had a smile on her face.

After the event JB announced that for 20 bucks you could get a picture with your group in the ring with Beer Money and AJ. I didn't do that so I don't know how well that went.

All in all it was a very good event, and showed the fan service that seems to set TNA apart from WWE (If you have the money)

Front row tickets were 50 bucks each, and came with the meet and greet, so between those, the guitar, a picture with Velvet Sky (10 bucks) and some merch (brown bag special and a t-shirt) it can get pricey, but I considered it worth the money, as both my wife and myself had a great time.

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  1. TheProfessor's Avatar
    glad to hear you had fun, i went to a TNA live Event in Elmira NY back in february. i to went to the meet and greet, it was a really fun show. got tons of autographs and photos with the wrestlers.

    i think TNA events are much more fun than WWE's. Even if someone doesnt like TNA, they should really go to a live event. its a really great experience.
  2. AOF666's Avatar
    Sounds really cool wish WWE did that back in the day.
  3. nrb6304's Avatar
    My friend drove to Houston last night and said she had a blast. She loved the show and even met up with beer money at the hard rock where she convinced James Storm to give me a call. All and all she said it was amazing
  4. Asherdelampyr's Avatar
    so far it is without a doubt the most fun I have ever had at any live event.
    Can't wait until they come back
  5. KingOrton's Avatar
    Hopefully they come up to Edmonton sometime. Would be nice regardless of my feeling towards the TNA Product and the way they treat their wrestlers (Rumors).
  6. BackYardWrestler's Avatar
    i wish they came to australia like they were going to b4 Bischoff and Hogan took over

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