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My view on the TNA talent, July 29th 2011

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ABYSS: Always gonna be there, accepted in main event scene, interested to see if he leaves Immortal what will happen to him

AJ STYLES: Hope he does well in BFG series. One of the guys that built the company, would be nice if he got a little more recognition in the main events

ALEX SHELLEY: Love MMG, but Sabin's injury might not be a bad thing. Getting involved in X-Division, and can reform Guns when Sabin is healthy

AMAZING RED: Great highspot worker, but doesn't offer much else.

ANARQUIA: Bring back Homicide and let this guy go!!! No real talent from what I've seen in the ring or on the mic

AUSTIN ARIES: Like what I've seen, interesting ego gimmick, but hope he has to wait before getting the belt

BOBBY ROODE: FUTURE WORLD CHAMP!!!! Solid on mic and strong in the ring! Prono on Hogan a few months back was a big step up!

BRIAN KENDRICK: Not sure, at least trying something different with the gimmick, but think there are better x-div wrestlers that would probably cost less!

BULLY RAY: Ok I admit it, I like the bully gimmick, but perhaps a bit too much of a coward? I know bullies are cowards, but he may be going too far that way

CHRIS SABIN: Injury may not be a bad thing. A big comeback and reform Guns could be huge!

CHRIS DANIELS: Big return at Lockdown, kinda got a little lost in the shuffle since, especially as not in BFG series. Pity, he's a great worker

CRIMSON: Pushed too far too fast, reasonable performer but not shown me anything special (yet!)

POPE: Started so well, and then has gone downhill, in ring and on the stick

DEVON: Why is he in BFG series??? Retire and train others

DOUGLAS WILLIAMS: Fantastic wrestler, ok on mic, but needs to find a way to connect better with the fans

ERIC YOUNG: Bored of the crazy TV champ thing, do something new or do something else

GUNNER: Starting to grow on me. Decent look, improving in the ring and solid on the mic! Keep it up kid!!!

HERNANDEZ: Racial stereotyping is boring. Shame, as he has a lot more to offer!

JAMES STORM: I do like him, but may struggle after beer money split. Solid all-rounder, but can't see him breaking in to the top tier


JEFF JARRETT: Leave the wife at home. Series with Angle was good quality, at least in the ring

JESSE NEAL: Improved a lot since debut. Liked the naval uniform after the "death" of Bin Laden

KAZ: I like fourtune, but might be time for him to break away and try something a little different. Good all rounder with a cool finisher

KURT ANGLE: Best in the business. end of story

MAGNUS: Very good on the mic, seems to connect with fans, needs to be a bit more fluid in the ring. Seems to wooden with his wrestling at times

MATT HARDY: Waste of space

MATT MORGAN: Got all the necessary tools, but just can't put them together. Never been champ, and doubt he ever will be

MR ANDERSON: Over rated. Very strong on mic, not much good in ring for me. whole immortal thing is not working for him

MURPHY: Is he still there???

OKADA: Is he still there???

ROB TERRY: WHY is he still there???

RVD: Would be better if he actually cared more, rather than going through the motions. Still better than most

ROBBIE E: Looks like he might be a decent worker, just got an awful gimmick

SAMOA JOE: wtf happened??? Arguably the best in the business a few years ago, now on a losing streak? Just have him go psycho and beat up everyone for a bit!

SCOTT STEINER: Past it 10 years ago, release

SHANNON MOORE: Ink inc have been quite good, teased split then kinda disappeared! Still not sure about him

STING: LOVE the crazy character, does it so well. Can still hold is own in the ring as well

ANGELINA LOVE: For the love of god, put some weight on. Better now she's out of the "trance". Prob best all rounder in TNA

MADISON RAYNE: future Diva. Good look and a reasonable level of talent, better than most of the diva's now

MICKIE JAMES: Solid, but nothing special

MISS TESMACCHER: Stick to Hooters contests

ROSITA: Not done enough on her own to comment

SARITA: Best worker in tna, ok on mic and easy on the eye. Deserves a singles push/title reign

TARA: Still going strong, despite advancing age

VELVET SKY: looks fantastic, solid on mic and starting to improve in ring. Title reign as a thank you would be fair

WINTER: Better wrestler than been allowed to show. Used to wrestle guys and didn't look out of place. Think her entrance music really suits her character as well

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