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Rookie Contests: Does it even matter in the 'E Part 1

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WWE has always been a fan of new talent, but especially a fan of gaining cheap ratings by having talent competitions like Tough Enough which first started in 2001 to WWE NXT which is fairly recent recovering from the fallout of the travesty which was the new ECW.

The fans would vote for who they would want to win in both of these contests. I have been a wrestling fan since the early 2000's when they started this trend for new talent as the old talent were just beginning to phase out into the last generation and I have witnessed the federation as it dipped into the PG era that it is. I've noticed something odd about these contests, in every single one of them... the one who ends up winning the hearts of the fans (and their votes) to win the contest, in all irony, loses everything.

It seems to me that no matter what the people want, it fails in comparison to what Vince wants. This has proven true almost every time that a contest like this occurs.

Volume 1: Tough Enough

Lets take Tough Enough Season 1 in 2001. The winners were: Maven and Nidia, yes they had a decent run playing low card roles without any serious push. Maven eventually became a squash and Nidia a slutty blind redneck? They of course were eventually future endeavored never to be seen again in televised wrestling. On the OTHER hand, the chosen ones that Vince deems fit who are in this case Chris Nowinski and Josh Matthews have been employed by the 'E ever since and still retain jobs today without any threat of being fired.

Season 2 followed by the same accord when Jackie won to start her career along with... whats her name? Linda? never heard of her. Miss Jackie had less of a career than the winners that preceded her, as an escort mostly that barely wrestled for about a year in 2004. She did meet Charlie Haas which I guess is good. They both eventually got future endeavored, Charlie twice even... But on the other hand, Matt Morgan was hired by Vince and had a more decent career before being misused and st st st st stuttering... Even so, winning the contest isn't the only way to get in, in fact, its better to lose apparently

John Morrison is the only Tough Enough winner in the WWE to amount to any sort of accolade... thats a little sad, he won Tough Enough III

SmackDown's Tough Enough in 2004 is the most proving ever of my point in the fact that these rookie contests have nothing to do with the people voting or what they want in general, it is simply a way to get cheap ratings and search for talent while they're at it. The winner, Daniel Puder, has amounted to the least when compared to the other contestants. Daniel Puder won this "million dollar contract" but its not worth much when your whole career consists of you getting eliminated out of a Royal Rumble in less than a minute. I don't assume he made much. Whereas we see Nick Mitchell becoming part of the Spirit Squad, Marty Wright, who didn't even make the freaking contest, become the Boogeyman, Ryan Reeves, come back in NXT and becomes part of the Nexus, and of course, the RUNNER UP Mike Mizanin or in 2011 terms, the Awesome former WWE Champion... i guess it really does suck to win...

Why I even wrote this blog is because who is this guy Andy Levine? He just won the latest season of this series, but is that a blessing or is it a curse. Will he amount to anything? 5 out of the 6 winners will likely disagree with you from their "future endeavors"

If I were in one of these contests, I guess it would be better for me to suck up to Vince rather than the people because IT DOESNT MATTTER WHAT THEY WANT! Vince reigns supreme!

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  1. knox's Avatar
    Thank you so much for this blog. This is an amazing blog that we should discuss. These rookie contest are horrible. They didn't serve much of a purpose. In reality, the most successful rookie contest wasn't even a high profiled contest. Lol, I'm talking about ECW's new talent initiative. The new talent initiative brought in stars like Jack Swagger, Cm Punk, Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston. Now granted, they already had contracts but they made a name for themselves in ECW.

    Now I agree that the whole Tough Enough & NXT thing is for ratings. They have no plans in pushing but one of two of these people. I like Andy Levine but the only reason he won was because he already had a FCW contract. Luke was the top guy on a constistant basis, he should've won.

    Lol and don't get me started on the Raw Diva searches. I mean we pulled alot of stars like Michelle McCool & Layla but I think the diva search is what killed the diva's division. They brought in supermodels with little to no wrestling experience just to draw ratings from pure beauty which was stupid.

    I do feel NXT Season 3 was successful but to pic Kaitlyn as the winner was completely nuts, she's the most green diva I seen in my life, she can't wrestle. Now Naomi, A.J. and Maxine can be the future of the WWE Divas division along with Alicia Fox's sister Christine.

    Pretty much I agree with you 100%, these rookie contests are worth nothing. They cost more than they actually produce. Good blog my friend
  2. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    TE is not chosen by the fans (at least not last season I don't remember about the others) Marty Wright had much potential but didn't make it because he lied about his age. But I do agree with you
  3. cymru96123's Avatar
    WWE really needs to do something different on Tuesday nights. I used to like NXT before redemption/rookie points and the complexness of it. It was better when it was a simple vote, maybe a immunity challenge or two and the winner gets a contract.

    I belive that they should do a FCW/NXT/TE mix. Have mostly FCW guys putting on great matches, have some Raw/Sd guys/girls on the show occasionally to spice things up and every year have a tough enough contest where indie guys do challenges on the show to impress the viewers and win a contract.

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