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Turtle Time: Judgement Day 2000 DVD Review Part 1

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Hi this is my first blog (well a review really) and i thought it'd be a good idea to do a review of old/previous WWF/E PPV's and maybe some other companies as well.

Consider this as a sort of a tester (like a Pilot for a TV episode) and your comments on whether you like/hate/are undecided on this idea or how it can be improved would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, on with the review of Judgement day 2000 DVD (as part of the tagged classics collection it came with Fully Loaded 2000 which i will review next if this review is well received) which was my last purchase so I decided it would be an ideal review. A little fun fact before I start I was 4 when this event happened.

so the PPV kicks of with an opening package on all the things that happen in an hour. I found this very interesting and a real fantastic way to hype the Ironman Match.

We are then greeted by J.R and Jerry Lawler who announce that the Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky is sold out. They are cut off though by the McMahon-Helmsley Faction. Where Vince is rallying the troops (LIKE A BOSS) before being interrupted by his lackey Gerald Brisco.

Gerald Brisco, the lovable scamp that he is, goes to make the faction coffee. of course Brisco was the hardcore champ at the time and the 24/7 rule was in effect, so he was jumped (i didn't find this surprising) by some lower-mid carders before they cut to the first match.

Curtain Jerker: Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian vs. Rikishi & too Cool.
The Heels come out first for a hilarious Jug Band 5 second pose. Too cool and Rikishi come out to a good pop (They were really over in '00) before getting jumped by E&C and Kurt. They quickly recover though and squash the three in the corner. Too cool dominate early and Scotty busts out the Moonwalk before carrying on with the match. Edge gets crotched on the top rope trying to help Christian in the ring and is further punished by getting drop toehold-ed into Christian's peep. Grand Master Sexay wrestling attire falls down triggering everyone laughing at his implied tiny wang. Even his dad laughs. i feel your pain Brian I've been there too . . .

Anyho, Christian jumps Sexay and mocks the dance until Rikishi is tagged in for the first time and attacks all the heels. Kurt attacks Scotty mid-worm and the heels gain the advantage until Rikishi gets a hot tag and cleans house. Rikishi then parks his fat, cellulite ass in the corner Kurt's face is located before no selling a double team and getting speared. Edge tries his version of the worm before getting cut off by the real thing. Rikishi is hit with a ring bell out of the referee's line of sight in the ring, but Sexay counters with the Hip-Hop Drop for the win at 9:46 a hot crowd and enjoyable wrestling here that was a great way to start the show ***1/2

Interview with Shawn next to hype the match and whether he was going to call the match fairly. Shawn has a little dig at the IWC saying "Well Lord knows if its on the internet it's got to be true" . . . ouch.

The whole point of the segment was to question whether Shawn was going to call it fair because last time (at the first Smackdown Main Event) he guest ref'd a match between the two and cost Rocky the match.

European Title, Triple Threat: Eddie Guerrero (w/Chyna) vs. Dean Malenko vs. Perry Saturn.
Dear God why put Perry Freaking Saturn in the middle of these two? Nevertheless this was part of the dissolution of the Radicalz. They showed a clip from Heat (remember that?) hyping the match. Saturn and Malenko double team Eddie to start off before turning there attentions to one another. Eddie reverses another double team via low blow and Hurracanrana's both of them. Dean takes over for a little while sinking a Texas cloverleaf on Eddie briefly before dropping it to attack Saturn. Dean and Eddie battle for a superplex before Saturn brings Eddie back down for a belly-to-belly. Dean gives Eddie a gutbuster from the top rope for his troubles and Perry adds a splash on top of that. Perry goes for the Texas cloverleaf on Dean of all people, Eddie breaks it up swiftly though and suplexes Saturn. Saturn is clotheslined out the ring and Dean does a pretty Crappy splash onto Eddie. Perry comes in and Dean and Eddie take a nice Double German suplex. Perry goes out of the ring and Chyna (who i forgot was there) hits him with the "Flowers of Death". She goes after Dean with the flowers but Dean takes them away (Lucky he didn't have Hay-fever) before getting tripped by Chyna and face planting the flowers. Eddie Oklahoma rolls Dean for the three at 7:57 Decent match and it is revealed there was a lead pipe in the flowers. Crowd wasn't as hot for this one despite being pretty amped up for the rest of the card. Overall i'll give it a **3/4 can't personally see it higher than that.

Brief Recap of Gerald winning the Hardcore title from Crash Holly. I don't think much (or Didn't) of the Hardcore title and I feel the 24/7 rule just devalued the belt.

Cuts to Gerald in (Hopefully) the Men's Toilets. He sees his reflection and craps his pants . . . if only he was a vampire.

Well that's the end of the first of (probably three parts) i hoped you enjoyed the blog/review, please comment on what you thought and i'll start on Part 2 right away.
P.S how can i improve? your opinions would be greatly appreciated

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  1. Mr.Turtle's Avatar
    Hi guys I've just finished Part 2 of the Judgement Day 2000 DVD review check it out:

    hope you enjoy the blog/review please comment i would love to hear your opinions
  2. Steve Austin's Avatar
    I have this same Tagged Classic, both PPV's are great and so is your blog
  3. Mr.Turtle's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Austin
    I have this same Tagged Classic, both PPV's are great and so is your blog
    Thanks i agree it's a really good set that you can get for £7.99 which is an absolute steal considering the quality of both PPV's
  4. Steve Austin's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Turtle
    Thanks i agree it's a really good set that you can get for £7.99 which is an absolute steal considering the quality of both PPV's
    Yes it is, I got the Invasion and King Of The Ring 2001 Tagged Classic for around the same price, The Shane O'mac v Kurt Angle street fight is worth that price alone.
  5. Mr.Turtle's Avatar
    If anyone has a reccomendation for something i might want to review feel free to tell me
  6. Fluffyman101's Avatar
    you should do your favorite ppvs or wrestlemania's or non wrestlemania ppvs but great blog
  7. eboy's Avatar
    hey dude i recently ordered this exact DVD Duo so once i;ve watched it i'll comeback and read this Review
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