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Top 5 Wrestlers since 1995

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Here is the top 5 wrestlers since 1995 in my opinion. To recap the 10 so far it goes in order counting down Edge,Eddie,Guerrero,The Rock,Triple H,and Kurt Angle. So here is the top 5 and who missed it enjoy.

5. Chris Jericho I begin the top 5 with Y2J the Itolla or Rock and rolla (sorry for spelling),and The original Im the best in the world at what i do. As I said Kurt Angle was the total package i have to say the same about Y2J,but Chris is better on the mic in my opinion. He has great feuds and other moments.Great rivalries with the Rock,Christian,Edge,HBK,Triple H,Rey Mysterio and others.Funny guy for example the promo with him and his 1,004 holds,debut,and return even.I hope a return is imminent so maybe he can face CM Punk for the title of The Best in the World.

4.Ric Flair if HBK,Triple H, Hulk Hogan say ur the best then you know your good but i think he lost respect by coming back year for the past 5 years(Bret Farve anyone?). He should of wrestled his last match against Sting at the last WCW taping but thats just me.He still had good matches in his wwe tenure with Triple H and HBK. I can feel the heat already.

3.Shawn Michaels what can i say u dont already know besides hes the show stopper,the main event,mr. Wrestlemania,and Mr. Hall of Fame but i was just torn of putting him ahead of ric flair.Great feuds with everyone lol but 1 match made me do it it was him vs Shelton Benjamin in a gold rush tournament match that made me do it just youtube it if you never seen it.

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin when you save a company and make your competition tap you are one tough son of a gun.Too many moments and rivalries to mention. But without Stone Cold and the next guy there would be no wwe it would be wcw.

1..........Gong!Gong! Its The Undertaker it is his yard after all but best gimmick in history cant find a better guy to play it. But i have to point out What guy is willing to put over Giant Gonzales,the Great Khali,and mark henry like come on man but he has the greatest Wrestlemania and best Match ever with HBK.

Well thas the top 5 here are few who missed the list

Bret hart never really liked him kind of thought him boring

Mick Foley never had a stand out match that wasnt extreme

John Cena 5 moves of doom but he keeps it up like he is now he might switch with edge

Randy Orton give it a few years and maybe hes in the top 10

Hulk Hogan handful of good matches

Sting if he went to wwe he might be in top 5 but he had good moments in tna

Ricky Steamboat number 12 sorry Ricky

the late great Randy Savage and Edge were interchangeable for me but just great

Tell me who else i missed out and dont be afraid to criticize me

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  1. Fluffyman101's Avatar
    go ahead and ask questions and tell me who i messed up on
  2. 123mlewis's Avatar
    I would say triple H deserves in aswell as rock but maybe just as missed out on guys and as the single greatest masked man in wwe history (my opiton) REY desrves a mention but well done
  3. Fluffyman101's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 123mlewis
    I would say triple H deserves in aswell as rock but maybe just as missed out on guys and as the single greatest masked man in wwe history (my opiton) REY desrves a mention but well done
    to put in triple h or the rock i would have to take out y2j and i think he is on the rocks level with mic skills but can put on a better match then triple h and i did forget about rey and thenk you
  4. 123mlewis's Avatar
    yeah I would say rock and Y2J dont deserve as much as say rey or taker as they both left then returned then left again if u catch my drift
  5. Fluffyman101's Avatar
    rey only been in wwe for 9 years now and his work can get boring for me
  6. Ughel1's Avatar
    HBK should be number 1
  7. Sondreg's Avatar
    you dont seem to have a clue. btw its the ayotollah of rock and rolla.
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