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Top Wrestlers Since 1995 10-6

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Probably the most discussed thing is the greatest ever. To me its different because i was born in 1995 and watched wrestling since then now 16 i sit back to think who is the best ever. It is going to be a top 10 list. it will be based on the matches they had and their promos,too.

10. Edge he had a great career.With TLC matches,Wrestlemania 24 against Taker and Hell in the Cell against Taker,too. He was part of the best tag team in the last decade. Awesome promo ability at his prime against John Cena.He also could make you laugh like when he was against Kurt Angle starting the U suck chants. He was greatly underrated during his tenure at wwe.

9. Eddie Guerrero "latino heat" was one of the most entertaining Wrestlers ever with lying, cheating, and stealing.Not only that he was part of the smackdown six tag team rivalry.He has a good match against brock Lesner to win the WWE championship and held until losing it to JBl in a fantastic feud.He stole are hearts and got cheated away from us too soon R.I.P

8.The Rock i think i might get heat for this but he had some really good matches along with maybe the best promo ability and charisma ever.Matches that were great are I think Vengence 2002 in a triple threat match against Taker and Kurt Angle and who could forget Wrestlemania 18 against Hulk Hogan brother the crowd there made a good match great.I also think that when he Faces John Cena it will be great.

7. Triple H I dont care if the man slept to the top he is great.DX,Evolution, and the Cliq he all was a part of. He showed he can be funny in DX playing as a rebel,he can play the A$$hole as the leader in Evolution. He can do it all great feuds more then i can think of. Too many funny moments. He will be a good successer to VKM.

6.Kurt Angle the only gold medalist, the wrestling machine, the randy orton stole my finisher guy.Whatever you say about Kurt Angle he is great. Funny guy better wrestler. Dozens of great matches with Triple H,Stone Cold,The Rock,Eddie Guerrero,shawn michaels,and the Undertaker. Some really funny moments of his career, too like him singing HBk's theme song to name 1.

Well there you go number 10 to six of my top 10 wrestlers comments would be nice thanks peace out......... o btw sorry for spelling errors and stuff like that im using a sony google tv with a small keyboard

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  1. Fluffyman101's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jman
    Tbh honest i'd not have edge i liked him but if ur talkin top ten of all time n u've still got to include austin, hbk, taker, bret, flair, jericho, orton & foley just to name a few n yes i would put rock higher but atleast he's there angle top 5 aswell
    thanks but its 10 to 6 ill do top 5 tomorrow. and a few of those names will be on there but not orton, i just think edge's body of work was great and the rock is 8 because there r so many great wrestlers i think he would be top 5 for mic and charisma
  2. Fluffyman101's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Murphdogg4
    The problem with lists like this is you have no idea who was the best wrestlers of all time. Are you a wrestling historian? Did you watch hours of tapes of guys like Jack Brisco and Ed Strangler Lewis before coming up with this list? You should change the title of this thread to "my favorite wrestlers since i've been watching wrestling'.
    i said its since 95 in the first paragraph but i understand ur comment and i will try to 1 day i know who brisco is and never head of ed strangler lewis was but thanks
  3. Fluffyman101's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by the hybrid boxer
    great blog yo im glad you had kurt in the top ten becuz he is my fav and the best wrestler in da world
    thanks man i just thought hes the total package and he is sometimes the only reason i watch tna
  4. Fluffyman101's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knox
    i think your list is pretty accurate if were talking since 95' but I bet you had a hard time doing this because its so hard to choose the right ones for the list lol.

    Like if this was a WWE list they would list wrestlers that drew instead of the greatest.

    For example, Dean Malenko is definitely top 10 wrestlers of all time but he will get over looked on anyone's list because he wasn't really a star. WCW & WWE wasted his talents. He never got the huge break that Eddie Guererro & Chris Benoit eventually got because he retired too early.

    But as far as wrestlers that drew and were huge stars since 95', your list is definitely accurate. Good job bro
    thanks alot but i like deans work in wcw but didnt have that charisma and mic skills, chris beniot i cant watch his stuff i watched 1 match of his and it was orton at summerslam but he cant never be forgiven for his actions but thank you it means alot
  5. Fluffyman101's Avatar
    top 5 is up
  6. Fluffyman101's Avatar
    it says a moderted blog entry so i dont know what that means help please

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