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STATE OF THE 'E: A Summer To Remember

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One of my first blogs was "A Spring/Summer To Be Leary Of" and I focused on the problems of Spring and what they could do to fix their problems leading into the Summer. They fixed all of that and have been producing some of the best television around.

Now, I said a few weeks ago that I felt a change coming to THE 'E and everyone just wanted to sit there and laugh. I said that I was going to invest fully into this, that I knew they were going to steer us in the right direction. I knew that there was going to be amazing swerves and an awesome Summer coming along. The get it, they messed up last year when they "dropped the ball" with The Nexus. They knew they had to do something great with the summer of 2011. And they're doing it now.

1.) THE CM PUNK ANGLE -- What started as a head scratching segment that people didn't know what was going on, no one knew what to expect, everyone was going crazy over it. They continued to pique our intrest week in and week out for the last month. They've made everything worth while from the "shoot" interview, to him being suspended, to the VKM segment, to him finally winning the Championship and walking out.

Now, we have him coming back with Championship in hand looking at Cena for a match to determine the REAL Champion... even though Cena literally ran away from him. Great mixture of real life/kayfabe here, many things are going on and we are realistically up in the air on this one. The only way this will end badly is if Cena is victorious. But then ask yourself this, even if Cena is victorious, would it make it a horrible angle?

2.) THE RETIREMENT OF VKM/HAITCH BECOMING "THE MAN" -- This may still be a few years off in real time but in the world of television, it's now. Vincent Kennedy McMahon is finally done. Kaput. No longer in charge of WWE TV. The implications of this is definitely far reaching. Haitch is now the shot caller, when he himself was a rebel and against the establishment during his career. Now he is the establishment.

It's literally a case of "The Inmate Running The Asylum". The way this plays out is still TBD but still, the beginning of this angle has been brilliant with two Championship matches in one night, two Champions and everything inbetween JR coming back and Morrison too. I'm glued to the TV now waiting to see how all of it plays out from week to week.

3.) THE RETURN OF "WRESTLING" -- Two weeks ago they gave us a show with literally nothing but wrestling, two hours of a Tournament. A Tournament. They haven't had one of those in forever. And we were treated to a lot of good matches all in one night. And this week we were treated to a few more great matches this past Monday as well.

With CM Punk coming back and Daniel Bryan Danielson winning MitB things are definitely looking up. Not to mention "The Kings Of Wrestling" are bypassing FCW an main rostering it. You already have Bourne, Ziggler, McIntyre, and a slew of others who can actually "wrestle". It seems to be more of a focus again and especially on shows like RAW and SMACKDOWN! as well.

4.) BRINGING BACK THE "SWERVE" -- The last two Monday's there have been significant swerves during RAW. When VKM retired, when Morrison and JR returned and even when Punk cam back. No one. NO ONE expected all of that to happen in the course of a couple weeks. Not to mention all of the swerves leading up to Money In The Bank. Not to mention now we have two WWE Champions. I don't think there's been a time where we've actually had this going on in the WWE.

I for one am very apprecitave that they brought this back. It's proof that you don't need "Crash TV" to make something good. The blood, and "ultra-violence" is not needed you know? This has been compelling for almost 2 months now. And I for one don't see it stopping at any time either.


I'm happy with the current television product THE 'E is putting out there right now. Like I said above, you dont need "Crash TV" to provide interesting TV. They have all of the formula's in place like I hoped they would. They've utilized the internet with CM Punk invading Comic-Con, and also with Ryder on his YouTube, and all of the other SuperStars coming forward to use it as well. Many things are on the horizon and I'm glad I put all of my eggs into one basket this time around. I knew a while ago that it was a good idea to invest with THE 'E this Summer and the majority of you scoffed at me for predicting that they'd do well.

I'm not going to say I told you so but I am going to say that hopefully people are getting the word out and that the resurgence will happen. With the actualality of "Professional Wrestling" coming back into the forefront and with them pushing guys that aren't 'roided up or even just muscle bound taking up the main even scene, it's very refreshing. The new crop may be smaller but in all honesty, that's a good thing. They look more human than cartoon character. They look more relatable. I understand you need the musclebound freak-o as well but at least they're not as dominant anymore.

I'm standing by their side like I've done for the last 20 odd years and I'm wondering how many more will do the same. They're quickly becoming "The Cult Of Personality"

As usual, please leave comments, questions, suggestions, reamings down below and if you have something you want answered or discussed e-mail me at: [email protected]

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  1. Siracul's Avatar
    Great blog mate... as usual
    I have but one reprimand so to speak : You said many have bashed you for thinking positively about the E's creative direction this summer, which is true, but it's not like they are just disagreeing with you for no reason, for the past I dunno how many years the E has given them each and every reason to lose faith in it's Creative team.
    With that being said, great blog & great read, thank you
  2. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    I never said the bashing wasn't unwarranted. I knew ahead of time I was going to get bashed for my thoughts and opinions and thinking good of THE 'E. It's cool though, I have no qualms with others feeling opposite towards me in that regard. And thanks for the nice words!
  3. jonod's Avatar
    nice summing up of the current batch of excitement mate! I cant wait for RAW! so glad CM Punk stuck with.

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