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Electrifying Luckie7

My SummerSlam Card

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Well this is my first blog so please bear through my lack of experience I promise to get better as time goes on.

So this is how my Summerslam card would be:
1.Kofi Kingston vs Alberto Del Rio-Now i know your probably saying why do this match again but it makes some sense because ADR wont be fighting for the WWE Championship at SS so why not take on the man who has a victory over you.(Its either this or Kofi vs Dolph and we have seen this time and time again)

2.Dolph Ziggler vs Evan Bourne(US Championship match)-Idk how they should do it but it needs to be done.Dolph is a good athlete and Evan brings an excitement to the table no matter what.Its also about time that Evan got a shot at a championship in the WWE for godsake the man is a freaking highlight reel.

3.John Morrison vs R-Truth-Just like me we all have enjoyed R-Truth's recent heel turn(my only problem is they have the black guy acting all crazy).Truth turn heel after putting Jomo out of action for a few months which IMO was good for Jomo because in that time he decided to work on his mic skills with a speech coach.The match would be great to see because of the history and plus the two guys know how to put on atleast a 3 and half star match.

4.Kelly Kelly vs ?(Diva Championship)-To be honest im not sure who she is gonna face as long as it isnt one of The Bella twins .It would be great to see her face Eve or even Beth Pheonix just make sure the match is more than 2 minutes and has some interesting moments.

5.Ezekiel Jackson vs Cody Rhodes(Intercontinental Championship)-You have to show the IC champion on the ppv but it gives Ezekiel Jackson(a fellow Guyanese)some more ring time cuz lets be honest he is the greatest technical wrestler out there.As for Cody even though im not a fan of him he is a damn good wrestler with a bizarre but compelling gimmick.This would be a very solid match.

6.Rey Mysterio vs The Miz-Now idk about you but Miz and Mysterio can put on a pretty decent match as we saw on this past Monday.It makes sense that the two remaining competitors in the championship tournament would have a match and Miz kinda solidified it when he attacked Mysterio post match.

7.Christian vs Randy Orton(WHC Match) -Yes we all know this is the best storyline going on SD right now but to be honest i want this to be the last Christian vs Orton match that i wanna see in awhile because they are bound to do the same thing over again.But its great to see Christian as WHC

8.John Cena vs CM Punk(WWE Champ vs WWE Champ)-The match we all want to see just because of two things:a great shoot promo by the best wrestler in the world and a match of the year candidate at MITB.Now many say Cena cant handle himself in a ring but lets face it if he couldnt hang why is his match a 5 star match and you cant say its because Punk carried him because there is more than one competitor.But onto Punk the REAL WWE Champ,the man has it all mic skills,wrestling skills and the WWE Championship in his fridge.I doubt the WWE can screw this match up just because of the momentum Cena has had recently(MITB,Raw)and Punk is also getting more fame now maybe its because he is a Cult of Personality.

Leave your thoughts and comments below and Thank you for reading the blog to the end

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Updated 07-27-2011 at 11:06 AM by Electrifying Luckie7

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  1. jstunna54's Avatar
    @Lucha_Libre YES that was the one thing I was thinking, Zeke can't do shit, with him as IC Champion its kinda meaningless now
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