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Time for a new Era

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Ok its my first blog so no makin fun of me…..I mean it be nice.

The phrase “New era” is being used a lot; the WWE seems to be in a transition or evolution. We all can’t help but look back on what where the better days of the “Attitude era” because it was the WWF/E at its peak. The wrestlers/superstars where amazing in the ring and on the mic, the storylines where brilliant and best of all there were no limits to what they could and could not do, no PG audience to worry about. Fast forward to present day and what is now known as the “PG era”, long gone are the epic matches of years gone by, no more Ric Flair drowned in blood, no more death defying Hardy boys, no more smack talking Rock vs Jericho promo’s and most important of all there are no more innovators. Nobody to take risks, nobody will dare say anything that will evoke a reaction, get people talking (Austin 3:16 anyone?) Now I’m a massive fan of the WWE but I’m in no doubt that the product has gone backwards over the last few years for many reasons…….well CM punk has seen to that, but ill address that further down.

The WWE is a business and the goal of any business is to make money, now I’m in no doubt that the company is making money with cash cows like John Cena but there is that group of people in the crowd that chant “CENA SUCKS” not because they hate the guy, but the product that is John Cena. We grew up on The Rock and his awe inspiring character and his replacement is Cena and let’s face it his character has been the same for what feels like an eternity, it’s like chalk and cheese. People will make reference to pre-PG Cena and how he was a better wrestler and had a better gimmick to the Super-Cena of today. Those people (like myself) are not pleased with this PG product because all they have it compare it to be the attitude era and frankly PG can’t hold a candle to attitude. I’m sure VKM wants to please the fans that have been so loyal over the years and he is no blind to the rumblings over the internet. Everybody has an opinion; everybody is a critic and I’m just putting forward my 2 cents worth but im part of the group that feels the WWE needed to change or risk suffering the consequences. I felt that if the WWE kept on the road that they were on, Super Cena beats the odds again, The Viper strikes again blah blah blah, the fans of old would have slowly abandoned the WWE. Well call it a fluke, call it well played, call it what you like but a guy called CM Punk is slowly but surely ushering in a “New Era”.

Now I’m trying not to get carried away, maybe this is just a story to keep everybody happy (well its working), maybe this is just a flash in the pan (doubt it) but if you look at the way the WWE has changed since Punk delivered that fabulous promo it’s been on the up. The fans that seemed would turn their backs are getting into the product again. He may not be Stone cold but in CM Punk the WWE have the complete package, this is a guy who in his own words is the best in the ring, on the mic even on commentary. He can have the crowd in the palm of his hand, it doesn’t have to have swearing or blood pouring but he has the attitude that none of the other superstars have and that makes him the jewel in the crown. Now everybody watched Money in the bank and the events leading up to it, fact is Cena may be stale but Punk brought him back to life. Gone were the 5 moves of doom and we saw a brilliant match, it was still considered PG but the whole atmosphere of the place felt like One Night Stand x10. So there is a guy is a cracking wrestler, brilliant on the mic and has that badass rebel character – he needs to be the face of this new era in WWE.

I only hope they don’t drop the ball (ala Nexus)

Feedback is encouraged, lemmi know what you guys think. (Y)

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  1. nafeesgreat1's Avatar
    Great blog man.agree with every word u said,the other thing that i hope is they do something to make smackdown interesting as well,Raw now has Punk what do smackdown has??? Randy Borton another Pg era shit like cena,there's christian,yeah he's good,but when we are talking about PUNK we r talking about Greatness,They should create some storyline in smackdown & create another Great gimmick,I mean during the Attitude Era There were 2 absolute legends The Rock & SCSA,with them HHH(The Heel),Foley,Jericho,Kurt Angle etc its a long list,Likes of Cena & Orton may never be number one contenders for the Intercontinental Championship if they were there during the attitude era,m sure many will agree with me here,
  2. Pro_Abdi's Avatar
    Cheers for the feedback, will try to adress Smackdown/storylines. You mention the attitude era and how they had massive stars, but what was just as important was there was a solid midcard and the show was brilliant the whole way through. If you look at the guys that are in the main event now they have been midcarders over the last 10 years.

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