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Return of WCW full time!

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First of all, everything in this blog is the use of my imagination and has no connection with any current or future genuine WWE plans. That being said this is just a small fantasy I have created in the back of my mind, just a ‘what if’ I was in control of WWE kind of thing. That being said let’s continue.

Some people were critical of WWE’s version of ECW, that it was destroying the legacy of ECW, true. It did however help launch careers of many superstars and even helped push talents which got no tv time on the A/B show. Guys like Johnny Nitro, CM Punk, The Miz, Sheamus, Christian, Jack Swagger, Ezekiel Jackson, etc…

I do believe that only if WWE did not call this show ‘ECW’, had it been more effective. In 2006 the ECW show felt like it belonged to stay but that was just it. It should have been renamed something like, maybe they just thought old fans would tune in and came watching as the name ‘ECW’ would play a psychological effect.

What WWE should instead do is make a third brand called ‘WCW Tuesday Night Thunder’. It should be more like a combination of the original WCW, RAW and Smackdown!. They should completely drop superstars: I know it’s the only way people in different brands can compete, but if that’s the idea then whats the purpose of keeping two separate rosters and giving away free future dream matches? NXT should also be dropped, instead WCW would be a 2 hour shows replacing Superstars/NXT.

So what exactly would be the purpose of a 3d brand? Simple, giving guys more air time. Zack Ryder is never given any Raw time, and neither are many many other superstars. This way all 3 rosters won’t be crowded and there will be more than enough time for everyone to showcase their talent and be involved in some storyline. Right now, we only see one segment of a current storyline per week, if we are lucky and it’s a hot storyline then we may see two segments. But fans usually have to wait the next week to see the storyline slowly progess (which makes the hype build even slowly and not ready in time for the big PPV match). In some cases it may take more than two weeks before we see a storyline progress, by this time most fans loose interest and we even began to think ‘when did that happen?’ Imagine if the storyline gradually developed over the course of the show and continue on the next week, rather going week by week.

The best example I can give is imagine if the Austin vs McMahon storyline never happened and it just started to happen in the present. We would only be stuck with seeing them once a week, one segment. Where as back then, they would have a segment in the ring, then backstage, then some promo, a match and maybe another segment in the ring. This creates so much excitement, but we are only stuck with one show and one segment and we loose interest or the storyline doesn’t get much time to develop. Remember the Kane/Kelly Kelly storyline from late 2008? They had like 5-6 segments on the same Raw and everyone was excited and talking about it, that’s how it should be! So much hype but to that the rosters need to be small which is why a two hour WCW show will help.

The WCW championship would be brought back and be exclusive to the show. Raw would have the WWE & US title and SD would have the World Heavyweight Championship & IC title. The cruiserweight title would be brought back to be exclusive to WCW Tuesday Night Thunder. The Tag/Diva’s title would be all shows but that doesn’t matter cause we never seen them defended.

Just like ECW, in the beginning old WCW stars would be brought back to have some invasion type angle and one ppv, just a short lived storyline maybe one or two months. The WCW guys would help the younger guys out and eventually leave. This will help bring in old fans while putting over new talent. Like I said the show will be like the old WCW. It will have variety: cruiserweights, tag team division, major stable and other elements. Some stars will be resigned a temporary contract just for the invasion angle.

WCW tapings would take place before RAW, 7-9 EST, replacing shitty dark matches which can take place before the B show.

This is what the roster will look like when WCW TNT (Tuesday Night Thunder) returns:

Chris Jericho, Kevin Nash, Booker T, X Pac, Scott Hall, The Brooklyn Brawler, Gillberg, Dean Malenko, Chavo Guerrero, Dill Demott, Willaim Regal, Dave Taylor, Rey Mysterio, Goldust, Bret Hart (manager), Edge (manager), Teddy Long (GM), Finlay, Big Show, Stone Cold (occasional appearances), Ric Flair, Yoshi Tatsu, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Skip Sheffiled, Percy Watson, Jinder Mahal, Colt Cabana, Evan Bourne, Sean O’ Haire, Lance Storm, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Kiebler, Kaitlyn, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, AJ, Andy for Tough Enough, Jeremiah, Luke, Martin, Sin Cara, Mason Ryan, Curt Hawkins, DH Smith, The Usos, Ted Dibiase and several new indy guys. Scott Hudson, Mean Gene, Matt Striker will be the commentary/interview/announcer guys

I know the roster seems huge but most of the older names will only be there temporary for an invasion angle, and then just help younger guys before eventually leaving the company or making limited appearances. Gradually all roster will be the same size but 2 hours will fly by fast with commercials, matches, skits, promos and enough time to build hype.

There are so many current guys on the roster who are either never shown on television and don’t get an opportunity to be involved in an angle. We will have tag teams too: The USO’s, Ted & Brett Dibiase, Jeremiah & Luke, Colt Cabana & Evan Bourne. The cruiserweight division, heavy weight division, maybe a few stables but with new concepts.

Booker T comes out and says he was last ‘true’ WCW guy to hold the original WCW title in the real WCW. The invasion angle will have Booker T capture the World Heavyweight Title and bring it to WCW and rename it WCW Championship (has the old design too). SD obviously gets a new World Heavy Title design but preserves its lineage.

It’s just my imagination but it could create lots of excitement and $$$. It will also help the new fans get introduced to older talent. If WCW has only young guys, it will fail, they need to have some originals but like I said they will only be there for a few months and then WCW will be full of the newer guys who would win the new breed feud and have the originals fired.

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  1. Rockstar83's Avatar
    I agree Superstars and NXT suck right now....Superstars more then anything...heck HEAT was better....This whole WCW thing naaa I say no
  2. CrowOfMurders's Avatar
    Good attempt but this seems lik a bad TNA storyline, and you wanna bring back THUNDER?!??! thunder was worse than heat, superstars,and velocity combined, the thunder name alone would guarantee no1 watches.
  3. NigelBarks's Avatar
    if the wwe shouldnt have named ecw as "ECW" thats the same thing for wcw, it wouldnt work now due to cross branding stuff, drafts with championships being moved, all im tryna say is WWE wud eventually fuck it up, theyve ONLY cared about raw, ever since 93, i wont lie, they worked smackdown nice at one point, from brock lesnar defeating the rock @summerslam (beginning) to eddie guerreo losing to JBL (ending) OR some would rather extend it to john cena winning the title at wm 21 and leaving smackdown (extending ending)
  4. NigelBarks's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CrowOfMurders
    Good attempt but this seems lik a bad TNA storyline, and you wanna bring back THUNDER?!??! thunder was worse than heat, superstars,and velocity combined, the thunder name alone would guarantee no1 watches.

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool real shit, and lmao @velocity, who remembers dat shit
  5. TheEelDeal's Avatar
    They haven't got the talent to maintain to separate brands - they are no chance of running a 3rd.

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