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Three Champions in one night?!

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Last night saw not one, but two new WWE Champions crowned and the return of the biggest commodity in professional wrestling, CM Punk, to Monday Night RAW.

It made for a great episode of RAW, and for once Cena being WWE Champion is interesting. Pretty much everything was in place and seemed relevant (if you excuse Michael Cole being put into a match, snore). Rey versus Miz was a great match which saw a dominant performance from the most must-see WWE Champion of all time (a rare occurrence, sadly). They followed this up with Del Rio attempting to cash in his Money in the Bank contract (showing the hunger from Del Rio that seems to have manifested in his character from day one), and also a backstage celebration from Rey which, in a way, threw me off of the scent of a Cena rematch. This was partially due to the lengthy rivalry Punk and Rey have had and the fact I never saw Punk's return happening so soon. Also, Del Rio had been rumoured for a WWE Championship match at SummerSlam which would also be appropriate with Rey as champion.

Rey's victory looked almost believable, which is why Cena's rematch was a good thing. It was a genuine shock to see Cena being put back on top of the mountain so quickly, and he actually performed (twice in three weeks, WOW!). It seems that Cena is starting to lose his 'underdog' image and I quite like it. That's not to say I like seeing Cena as champion, but I like seeing him do more in the ring (it puts an end to him crushing his opponents' momentum).

Then there was the surprise return of CM Punk. The real WWE Champion. As nice as it was to see Cena dejected and almost admit that he was in fact a fraudulent champion (he did not defeat Punk and it has not been more than 30 days since Punk last competed for the Championship), I feel like this came far too soon.

WWE had a major chance to shake up the image of their company and give it a little edge again. This is not to say I want the Attitude era back again (I loved it but it has had its time), but I would have liked to see a few months build up in a WWE storyline for once. Punk could have taken two to three months off and returned to a bigger pop than he got last night, and it would have truly shaken the WWE's core to have two champions after seeing someone else parade around with a replacement title for three months.

Don't get me wrong, I see the downsides to a longer absence from Punk. Three months of a WWE Championship being competed for only to have it mean nothing would piss off most of the WWE's fan base, and there is every chance the story could go sour in that time (not that I think it would). I just think Punk's return, although appropriate once Cena had the gold again, was premature.

It now looks like the Punk/Cena feud is on its way to ending at SummerSlam, although I would love to see WWE prove that prediction wrong.

Thank you for reading. I would love to hear your opinions so please comment.

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  1. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by AOF666
    Punk said he's back but his profile is not on the WWE website, so I think it was another invasion to remind people who is the real champ. Let's be honest, WWE don't want to keep him away to long and it just ruins the story.
    Considering his theme music last night was that which he used at some point back in ROH, there's an outside chance you're right. But he did declare "I'm back!" after they went off air.
  2. evilgenius780's Avatar
    These short title reigns are getting to be too often. I've been a fan for probably about 25 years, last night, was the first time I can honestly say I don't care who the champ is, the title doesn't mean much anymore in my eyes. When you look back at the history of the title, and reigns used to last years, now..they seem to last hours, if we are lucky. Why put the title on Rey at all?

    I agree Punks return was much too soon, much like when Cena got fired, they just don't seem to have the patience to follow through anymore.

    Either way, one positive..JR is back!!
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