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WWE & TNA Underused Talent Episode #2

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So about 3 days ago I posted episode #1 of this blog series.
I've heard some nice comments so I guess I'll keep'em coming
Now allow me to remind everyone : Every episode I talk about 2 Underused Talents (WWE or TNA or Both). So without further adu let's meet our Underused Talents of the day

Drew McIntyre :
The sinister Scottsman, the man that was mentioned in about every comment I had in the last Episode, this guy has got the looks, this guy has got the skills to make it in my humble opinion, he also has the mic skills (Yes some people argue that his accent makes his promos "bad" but I for one am impressed with his promos and if we're gonna talk accents let's talk Booker T, Sheamus & so on).

Anyway, not only did McIntyre have all that, but he had the PERFECT gimmick. The Chosen One, Mr.McMahon's superstar, the man Mr.McMahon signed personally and predicted he'd be world champion. As Drew McIntyre was getting his start on Friday Night SmackDown, WWE tried to do what they do with young stars, push them to the moon for no obvious reason (I remember some time back nobody could stand Sheamus for this same reason). Anyway, as we can all guess, that didn't work out, so WWE, I guess, thought "that guy can't draw".

Robert "Bobby" Roode :
Now this man needs no introduction for TNA fans, but for those that don't watch TNA, look for a guy that has a good physique, great wrestling skills, when he talks on the mic you can't help but listen and you'll find him.

One half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions, and as I guess it's obvious one of my favorite wrestlers to watch in TNA, now some might say "One half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions ? How can that be underused" Allow me to answer, Robert Roode has been in the Beer Money tag team for the past (I think) 3 to 4 years, and before that he was in Team Canada, he had a brief run as a singles wrestler but then his opportunity was taken away for reasons I do not comprehend.

Now don't get me wrong Tag Team wrestling is great and I am one of the biggest fans of tag team wrestling, but being a successful tag team wrestler is not as a big as being a successful singles wrestler.

Robert Roode, like McIntyre, has the gimmick, the looks, the skills and the mic skills, I wouldn't say he as well is a case of booking gone wrong but rather of "Playing It Safe".

Thankfully lately Robert Roode has been getting some TV time and matches on his own, I most certainly hope that they don't break up the Beer Money tag team now, it's not the appropriate time at all, Sabin being out with an injury eliminates the Motor City Machine Guns tag team and Generation Me just left after Destiantion X, so Beer Money is basically TNA's superior tag team till they hire other tag teams and till Sabin returns (Which won't happen before 2012)

In time Robert Roode will get the push he deserves, I think even a blind man can see the potential in this man.

So that's it for today.
Hope you had a good read and as always comments and opinions are very appreciated
Thank you for your time and see ya in Episode #3

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  1. Siracul's Avatar
    Sorry guys the Drew McIntyre part was not posted in its entirety for reasons I do not know
    I guess from now on each episode will only have 1 Underused talent.
  2. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    Sometimes Frank edits the blogs for some reason. I still haven't figured out why though. He edited a couple of mine when I first started but he doesn't now. Either way, thanks for sharing your thoughts and nice concept. You're doing good. Keep it up!
  3. Siracul's Avatar
    Thank you for taking the time to comment, for the praise and for the State of E.
    Will do
  4. Dude573's Avatar
    I think when you look at it more carefully, Drew's gimmick of the chosen one wasn't all that perfect, because he was never really chosen. If you remember back in 2006, John Cena started saying "his time was now", and then he became the wwe champion by beating JBL, at the time it worked because they backed up his gimmick with substance; but with Drew he kept saying how he is the chosen one, yet never got anywhere it became extremely stale and people lost interest.

    It's annoying because they could have done so much to revamp his character, in BCW he was called "THEE DREW MCINTYRE", and people loathed it, there were crowd signs and everything (much like Sheamus's 'fella'). Though now after giving him a new gimmick of "The Great American Nightmare", I think they have scrapped all main event plans for him. Waste of talent in my opinion, push Drew, not Mark Henry.
  5. Siracul's Avatar
    I have to disagree
    Before Nexus took out McMahon (I believe it was either Nexus or Orton not sure)
    Drew had Teddy Long by the balls... Everything Drew wanted happened, that kept going on until McMahon was taken out of the picture and Drew was the Chosen One of a man who I believe was in a coma and couldn't help him.

    As for Mark Henry, I have but one thing to say about him, many have their pushes and fail to make it to the big leagues, Mark, took his push seriously and did it marvelously so he can be a Monster Heel and I say he did a good job.

    Drew will get his time... I hope.
  6. Dude573's Avatar
    Drew brought a note from McMahon to reinstate him, that'snot exactly entertainment or tension in the story line, those type of things meant people lost interest. You can't label someone "The chosen one", but never chose them, if you follow that road, they have to be picked to win sooner rather than later.

    I agree with you, but Mark is 40 years old, why not feud him with this younger talent, to push both a man who worked his ass off all his career, and the younger stars who its hard to take seriously with their constant jobing.
  7. Siracul's Avatar
    I meant before he was fired, he had Teddy Long right where he wanted him, he played him like a violin, doing whatever he wanted on SmackDown! I'd give you an example but I don't really remember, fact is even with what I consider the perfect gimmick Drew didn't have the opportunity to do something so big for me to remember other than the time he injured Matt Hardy.

    That would work if Mark Henry was an established veteran, people looked at Mark Henry as a joke, for what you say to work out Mark Henry has to be established as a respected veteran which wasn't happening, also so far Mark Henry hasn't really buried any of the young talents, just Big Show & Kane i think, so no harm done yet
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