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Braxton defends the PG Era - Blinded By Nostalgia

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One of my favorite shows as a young child was the Power Rangers. I wouldn't miss an episode for anything. You couldn't convince me that any other show on television was better. The Power Rangers was a great show. I was entertained everyday from 430 to 5 waiting to see what would happen next. I watched 2 or 3 episodes on Netflix a few weeks ago and realized just how terrible the show was. The acting left a lot to be desired and the script is essentially the same from one episode to the next. The comedy spots from Bulk and Skull are still mildly amusing. The concept is great (although it is clearly targeted at a younger audience) due to it continuing into its 3rd decade.

How does this relate to the WWE/WWF?

The Attitude Era was outstanding. The main event scene was fantastic. Austin, Rock, HHH, HBK, Taker, Bret Hart, Kane, Mick Foley, Kurt Angle were all outstanding wrestlers and talkers. What made the main event scene so good was that it was unpredictable. You knew that any of them could beat any of the others on any given night. You had guys like Benoit and Jericho (future main eventers) feuding for the IC belt. The tag division was also great. E&C, Hardys, Dudleys, NAO, Rock & Sock... to name a few.

We go on youtube and watch the famous matches like TLC II (or pretty much anything from WM17) or the brutal match between SCSA and HHH at No Way Out 2001, or maybe Angle vs Rock vs HHH at SS2000. Mankind thrown off the cell. Jericho becoming "champion" and having it taken away.

What we don't watch are the awful hardcore championship matches (15 minute battle royal at WM16 ring any bells) and the 24/7 stipulation. Do you go back and watch Steve Blackman highlights? (minus the Shane McMahon spot of course) Hardcore Holly (bleh.) Chyna feuding with Jericho? Was the Godfather good for anything other than his ring entrance? "I did it for The Rock" was such an awful angle that HHH had to take credit just to save it. Mae Young and Mark Henry?

Don't miss the message here. I loved the Attitude Era. I wouldn't miss an episode for anything. You couldn't convince me that any other show on television was better... (familiar?)

The IWC has the Attitude Era on such a high pedestal that they won't let anything else be good. They are blinded by nostalgia. I encourage the IWC to step back and really look at the Attitude Era for what it is that way you can be more open minded and fair towards the PG Era.

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  1. Sage's Avatar
    I've never really had a problem with the pg aspect of it. It was abysmal writing lack of actual wrestling that was killing me.
  2. wrestlingfan316's Avatar
    I don't really think it is really the PG holding it back as much of the lack of talented young wrestlers. I mean the WWE had a lot of the best matches in it's history pre-attitude era. I see three main problems with the WWE these days:

    1.) WWE has older talent that can still put on a good show(Taker,Kane , Mysterio, Christian, HHH, etc) but honestly while these guys can put on a good show their bodies are really taking a beating(Taker, HHH and Mysterio in particular) and there will be a time when they can't do it anymore. The thing problem is there won't be enough equally talented guys to replace them when they're gone if the WWE continues in the direction they’re going in. The problem with most of the younger guys is they severely lack in in-ring talent, have terrible to barely acceptable mic skills, and have little to no character/gimmick. Character/gimmicks aren't necessary if you have great in-ring skills but they are a must if you don’t.

    2.) Another thing wrong with the WWE is the main guys are fighting the same people 2-3 weeks in a row back in the attitude era two stars would feud but there would be a week or two in between when one or both of them would fight a jobber or another main star and they'd keep the feud going with promos, backstage attacks or interferences in their rival's matches. This doesn't seem to happen till the peak of a feud these days.(if it happens at all.) That type of stuff kept feuds going and added some variety to things rather than the same thing over and over again. The creative department seems to be lacking creativity these days although this seems to be a problem across the industry and not just limited to the WWE.

    3.) CENA! He needs a gimmick change. I could see him being an awesome heel but anything other than this "guy who wins with the odds against him" gimmick he has been using for the past 6 years would be nice. You would be a fool to say he doesn't have good in-ring talent but the thing is that these days he doesn't seem to use it, he just uses his "super moves"(or whatever you want to call them) I remember him putting on some awesome matches with Angle and Taker early in his career but in recent years he has moved farther and farther from using that talent. I do admit in the past(including posts in forums and blogs on this site) I said Cena had no in-ring talent but I was blinded by my annoyance with is extremely stale gimmick and the fact that these days he really seems to not work to his full potential these days.

    Does anyone else agree with me?
    Updated 09-08-2011 at 08:56 PM by wrestlingfan316
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