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The Company Champion: Just HOW untouchable is he?

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The WWE IWC has been a buzz lately. With CM Punk appearing at indie shows and Comic Con, people are wondering how long this story will go on for; is CM Punk still under contract, and what can he do before it becomes a legal/discipline problem. Most people seem to think this story is part of HHH's master plan as new onsite/TV authority figure to allow Vince a lighter load. For the most part, Punk doesn't seem to be in any trouble (we know of) and this is just to create a new era in the WWE.

Now, my other example is Randy Orton. By now, everyone is well aware of Orton's infamous radio interview where he admitted to a drug overdose, buried the Rock, and called Kelly Kelly a girl who really gets around. While there were stories released saying that Randy was in the dog house, but since he is such a major star, nothing bad came of the situation. You could point out that he dropped the title to Christian at Money in the Bank, but they are feuding and Randy won it off Christian to start it. While right now nothing is coming out on the story, Randy is currently titleless and will probably be until Sumerslam,if he regains the belt.

Now, I know and have mentioned Randy's AWOL instances, his dishonorable discharge, his bully attitude, his diva behavior, Kofi, Kennedy, and what ever else you want to include. So far, Randy seems to be okay, since he is working the regular schedule he normally works and hasn't been dropped on the card or suspended as of late. In fact, I can only recall him missing work on a significant amount of time when he gets injured, which happens for people double-jointed/hyper-mobile like Randy (his shoulders).

To contrast, the two biggest stars who were last in the dog house I could name are Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin. Shawn, as we all know, had a drug problem for a good length of his career and was fired and rehired frequently, much like, if you read his book, Billy Graham states happened to Captain Lou two, three decades ago. The MSG incident is a major moment where HBK escaped trouble after breaking kayfabe by being the champion and HHH getting buried for at least 6 months, though consequently, Austin's big push happened quicker because of it.

Now for Austin, the biggest thing he did was no show TV after Wrestlemania 18 because, as the story goes, he didn't want to job to Brock Lesnar. Rather than work things out, he went home and was not seen for a year or two, as the door to comeback was not open until then or so we are told. He didn't like what was happening and rather than work it out, he left.

Now, Steve was not the champion at that time and has since patched up his relationship with the WWE since then and HBK seems to be in the clear as well. As for CM Punk and Randy Orton, Punk seems to be unpopular in the locker room and has some rumors about actions, but otherwise seems to be squeaky clean and is just going along with a secret project of HHH. Orton on the other hand is, as aforementioned titleless, but otherwise doing top card matches. I would like to see

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  1. AOF666's Avatar
    Surprised he wasn't suspended. He also mentioned he wrestled Christian with a concussion, even though he said he was cleared to wrestle.

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