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Our Love/Hate Relationship with The Miz

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Recently Miz has come under some "criticism" and why you might ask well lets begin!

Many people including myself were very excited of the future of the Miz after he won money in the bank a year ago. He was a young cocky star whose move-set wasn't the best and relied on striking his opponent but he had an ace in the hole being that he could cut great promos. In 2010 he held the US title twice, unified tag-team titles, Money in the bank and of course the WWE championship. As a champion wrestling wise he didn't improve greatly but showed his heel qualities as champion by cheating frequently like against Randy Orton faking putting him through a table at the TLC PPV.

Then WWE decided to put him in a feud with John Cena which ultimately turned into a feud between the both of them and The Rock. The weeks leading to wrestlemania 27 Miz shined in my opinion the best he has in his career by frequently pissing off the fans and getting the jump on Cena and mocking the Rock but after a while WWE forgot we have eyes and we can clearly see that built like a brick shit house Cena getting beat down by baby face Miz and like CM Punk rightfully stated Cena isn't the underdog any more so him getting his ass kicked every match is a piss take! It just wouldn't happen so I quote Miz saying Really? Really? Really?

However as you know at Extreme Rules the Miz lost his WWE championship to John Cena and began feuding with his rookie Alex Riley who he lost to on many occasions probably to try put Riley over as a big contender in the WWE but seriously just because he was champ I don't get that feeling like "OMG RILEY BEAT THE MIZ" I mean put Miz over as a big heel before you try put Riley over as a big face. But the last week Miz is now in the number 1 contenders match against Rey Mysterio for the WWE championship, do I think he's going to win? Nada! John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk are probably the top contenders for the coming months for the WWE title and in my opinion I doubt Miz will be champion again for some time!

What should they do with him then? Make him the US champ again? I say no! I think Miz has always been a tag team competitor with Morrison, Big Show and even Chris Jericho it just suited him! Who should be his partner I don't know but my first guess I think should be Dolph Ziggler with them both having the same mind-set and both are former world champions, and given time to develop as tag team champs in a division that has mainly guys that they can shine against will give them each a major push to becoming major contenders once again!

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. TheBeardOfZeus's Avatar
    My point to you would be, why not have him feud with big faces/upcoming faces?

    It's what most heels out of the title picture do, why not Miz?
  2. nickthehawk's Avatar
    I see your point but their aren't much people to feud with in that division and the only person I can think of the top of my head is Evan Bourne or mayve Morrison when he returns but I still think he along with another heel could rule the tag team division.
  3. King Scrapper's Avatar
    I completely disagree with having him go back to the tag team division.
  4. Dude573's Avatar
    The Miz will most likely lose to Rey Mysterio , removing him from the WWE title picture, then maybe end up in a midcard feud, or they will keep the Alex riley feud subtly going. I think he should be moved to Smackdown, who lack that major Heel in the show, (I don't see how any of us can actually accept Christian as a heel when he is in the right), and seeming as they are looking to drop the ball with Wade and Cody, not to mention turning Sheamus face, the Miz would be better on SD.
  5. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I agree that Miz basically jobbing to Riley isn't a great idea. He is still fresh as a major heel (if not quite there as a WWE Champion) and not at the point where he can afford a string of losses. Seeing Riley beat him just reminds me that as much as I love The Miz as a title contender, he did win most of his matches as Champion due to interference. Miz simply hasn't cemented his spot as a contender enough to lose to Riley without losing his credibility as one of RAW's biggest heels.

    As far as putting him back in WWE's tag division goes, I just don't see it being a good move at all. WWE's tag division has literally no credibility these days and there is no saving it to put a former WWE Champion in that picture. It would just prove the point that the days of the Tag Team Championship meaning anything are long gone since Miz could only claim to be a part of a legitimate team with JoMo (IMO).

    Miz should be on the rung between main eventers and mid-carders, not dropped back to where he started. At least as a pre-main eventer he could still be a part of the title picture.
  6. nickthehawk's Avatar
    Yeah I agree with some points like the tag picture maybe not working as much as I thought but Miz gets these great moments where I'm like "get him in that title picture" and moments where he's beating on some guy who's 10 times bigger than him and just like what the hell!

    But yeah he will just end up in a couple mid-card feuds or maybe lose to some-one for a main event match but with him being named PWI number 1 that could give him another push in the WWE! And also something that intrigues me further guys is The Rock saying he's coming back before Wrestllemania and (not 100% sure) but maybe at Survivor Series, and no-one else but the Miz seems like a good opponent seeing at they all ready have had a feud brewing! Tell me what you think of that guys? And thank for the feedback

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