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Divas Division: Going through its many phase

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With Gail Kim’s departure and Beth Phoenix’s push into Summerslam, the Diva’s Division has been one of the hot topics of the internet lately. Some say Beth’s push is much deserved, it will bring a real champion to the belt, and the division was getting stale. Others are saying it is only happening due to Punk’s new pull power backstage, that she is the better place holder before Kharma returns and takes the belt, or that Kelly Kelly has outlived her usefulness. A lot of burning questions for the Divas division, which has sucked for quite some time now, or to be more polite, has gone stale for what seems like forever and hasn’t gotten an adequate amount of attention. And I think I have an idea why the division has been dead for a while, well maybe two reasons.

I think the first one is a little obvious and that is simply:
The Women’s Division tends to fluctuate over the years. It has boom periods and it has ice ages. It was big with Wendi Richter in the 80s with all the media attention, Rock n' Wrestling Connection, and the cartoon show. When Wendi left, I personally can't recall another person to fill her place, so the division died soon after. Alundra Blaze made it big very briefly in the mid 90’s with all the Japanese imports like Bull Nakano and then died shortly after they all left, got injured, or were fired for drug issues. It really took off in late 1999 and early 2000s thanks to Trish, Lita, Molly, Victoria, and Jazz. There were great number of women in this period and it helped. I could name Ivory, Jacky, and few others who escape my mind, but didn't have the popularity as the first list or at least the incredible talent that the latter two women had.

As for right now, I'm not sure what to say. There is definitely talent in the roster, it just isn't getting used right or the talent may lack the mic skills or charisma to allow management to give them the ball. Kharma definitely helped bring a lot of attention and I think they are going with the next best thing right now and that's having Beth and Natalya be the unstoppable heels. Though, I think one should have stayed face to give the other someone to help make a great match. I'll address Gail Kim later.

The other reason, in my own personal opinion for the stale and unfair treatment, and this is all opinionated and an outsider's view, (no puns intended) is that there have been Divas who made it big with the WWE and then left, perhaps bailing out as management may see it and leave them hanging. I wish I could think of a nicer way to put this issue, but I am trying to address it from the company's standpoint. However, before I go further I must say I am a big fan of the early 2000's Divas and that they were awesome talent, so I am not trying to intentionally bash people here. Just giving a look how both sides may see the issue. So here it goes, the big girls first:

Trish left still in her prime, in fact, she is not even 40 yet. She has made sporadic appearances with the company between then, like Tough Enough and Wrestlemania and shows she still has it. If you look at her career with the company, she started out very poor and became the total package. She has great mic skills and can wrestle with the best. She only wrestled with the WWE, they made her career. Now to be fair to Trish, she started out a fitness model, so I think wrestling isn't where she wanted her career to end, but it definitely helped put her on the map.

Now here's Lita, she had great in ring ability and charisma, but was never the best on the mic. Though like Bret Hart, she didn't have to be since she was so fantastic in the ring with her lucha dore background and an actual interest in wrestling, it definitely helped make her one of the two top girls. She had her broken neck which she came back from and is a multi-time champion. One would think she would spend her whole career with the WWE, but she left due to fan treatment after the Matt Hardy episode.

After being 'exposed' in an affair with Edge behind Matt's back, she became a heat magnet, both in and out of the ring. She has stated that she couldn't take walking in public without fans heckling her. Now, heels have gotten the raw deal in public before, this is nothing new, ask Sgt. Slaughter. She may be seen as being unprofessional or not waiting it out, but the WWE is just as much to blame for Lita's end. They went with the idea and never really salvaged Lita's image. And in hindsight, only the really hardcore fanboys and girls probably support Matt now, given his media 'career', which has had him go from sensation to complete train wreck. With all we know now and continue to see from Matt, I think Lita deserves an apology for some unfair treatment .

Molly Holly also left in her prime, and still is, since I think she either just turned or isn't 40 yet. While it wasn't attitude problems I heard she wasn't willing to do photo shoots and wear skimpy clothing, to that extent. That's it, she just wanted to wrestle and not be eye candy. Were the other girls doing it? Yes. Did she deserve some harsh treatment if she got it? No, her heel turn as this 'old fashioned know-it-all' was kind of ridiculous. She was a great talent who left early and not keeping her made the division suffer, in my opinion over some modesty and wardrobe issues.

Victoria also left of her own accord. Now, as one of the taller Divas, she was a great psycho heel, had talent, and could put people over or bury them. Eventually, she became something of a jobber, giving Natalya heel cred while putting over the Bella Twins. She had her last match, gave her heart out and tried some other things. Then she went to TNA after what seemed like the end. Going to the competition probably didn't sit well with management.In fact, she is still there. I personally always liked Victoria and am glad she is doing well, but I hope she doesn't want to go back to the "E" because they will probably bury her hard.

And now the most recent Divas to leave Gail Kim and Melina. Gail originally left with a surprise release after two years with the company. She became champion on her first night, added a new element to the division, and then was gone. So she went to TNA and made huge name for herself. She made their division the top card or least the card people wanted to see most. She most likely left over woman’s rights and pay disputes, since that seems to be one of the constant negatives about TNA or Impact as it is now called. She was never really used correctly and has left again, though it isn't official. Some think it is an angle, like Punk's was while others think the "E" may be scrambling to keep the cat in the bag or keep her signed.

Melina, Melina, Melina. Here is a Diva who had the talent to match the ego, if we should believe the backstage gossip. Despite having compliments coming from Gail and even Mick Foley, she always seemed to be the drama queen. Some may see her firing as a long time coming, but with her gone, I would like to see how the quality of the matches goes, from either good to bad.

A little long I know. Let me know what you think.

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  1. cainecollin's Avatar
    Excellent blog. I think you covered all the bases fully especially some of the older talent that most seem to sadly forget about. I can't wait to see where the divas division will go from here, I just hope they give some longer matches (and maybe a couple per card), much like they do on superstars for them, as on superstars they currently show they can do some amazing things when given more then 1-2 minutes.
  2. AOF666's Avatar
    Forgot about Mickie James, she was very popular, she could wrestle, had great rivalries with Beth Phoenix, Melina, and LayCool. Then WWE fired her and nobody knows why. Speculation is either over weight issues which is a joke or she decide to start a country career which Vince had no control over.
  3. xJesseex's Avatar
    Mickie James was fired because Batista simply didn't like her. The two never got along, and Batista had more pull than she ever did. It's just another example of the power of numbers. HHH will only listen to those close to him - look at what a disaster Drew McIntyre turned into, all thanks to Shawn Michaels. Given, Shawn probably has his own pull and way with words, but when your best friend is the boss' daughter, your wish is his command. Either way, Mickie James was an incredible athlete and deserved more than a severance package on her way out of the company.
  4. The Brown One's Avatar
    Great blog. Unfortunately we don't have much talent left:
    *Natalya-she can actually WRESTLE. Shes from a wrestling family, and it shows in her ring-work. I've seen her do the Sharpshooter to perfection, and even a crucifix armbar a few weeks ago. Divas aren't known to do things like that.

    *Beth Phoenix-shes not just a "muscly diva attraction", but can also wrestle. For someone who dominates in their matches, she also gives us longer matches than we see from the likes of Eve, The Bellas etc. She can also talk quite well.

    *AJ-shes young, shes new, but shes already a better wrestler than most of the bimbos in the back. Since when have we seen Shiranuis and Hurricaranas? Exactly.

    All the rest seriously need to improve or the WWE need to stop pushing them because of their looks, and focus on the women who can actually wrestle.
  5. BigJM's Avatar
    Thanks for the posts so far! Not sure what happened, but it should have been "phases". I realize I left out Mickie James, but honestly I think it would have made the article even longer than it already is and I think my point was made with the Divas already mentioned. I would have gone over board and started talking about Maria, Ashley, and Candice Michelle. I just wanted to pick the ones in my opinion, (in this opinion piece) who definitely brought their game as WRESTLERS from the get-go or became the big faces of the division. Do agree? Let me know
  6. Djice407's Avatar
    Michelle McCool was good and entertaining
  7. xJesseex's Avatar
    Michelle McCool was a great athlete, but was horrible on the mic. I don't know if it was her accent, or what, but it was never a treat listening to her talk. Layla on the other hand is better on the mic, than in the ring I believe. She's a talented actress and a great worker. The thing I personally loved about LayCool was the fact that as pretty as they were, they could always back it up in the ring. Like Trish. You look at Kelly Kelly(who is also terrible on the mic) and although she doesn't talk much, when she does its horrible. She can't sell anything, in my opinion. They pushed her way too fast as an in-ring performer, just like they did Eve.
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