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How Long Should Title Reigns Be?

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So it seems with Rey Mysterio having one hour and 30 minutes total of holding the belt, (oops!) I mean title and CM Punk being declared the undisputed champion for all of five minutes at Summerslam, it seems like title reigns are getting shorter and shorter these days, huh? I don't know if this reasoning is from the new generation of viewers who shift focus from topic to topic like web pages. The other reason could be the intense over-exposure from the WWE's efforts to let us know who their current champion is at the moment.

What ever the reason, the two aforementioned or what any one of you can come up with, it's clear that the one area that the WWE needs to work on is getting their title reign 'allowances' longer and more thrilling. We need a champion we can get behind, one that either has the charisma or the talent to show why they were chosen to win the belt or 'champion' the company to public as a representative, an unofficial job that the champion has done for decades.

While it is a good business practice to put the belt on a guy that will benefit you, like Alberto Del Rio holding the belt right now as the WWE starts their tour of Mexico shortly, with a RAW episode planned on being aired from there as well, though not sure when. However, with Del Rio no showing an advertised event appearance last week due to VISA issues, I think this shows the WWE's tendency to jump the gun on matters to capitalize on timing and current events. Is Del Rio champion material? Definitely, they have been stringing him along since the Royal Rumble last year. Now they are ready to put the belt on him and they didn't even check to see if his paperwork was all clear for travelling. I'm not sure how it works state to state and country to country, but if the top guy can't defend the title or even just show up on a regular basis, there is a problem.

Now, personally, I am just a causal fan. I don't have Matt Striker-like encyclopedia knowledge of wrestling or can out think the Fink. I don't even have McMahon's booking ability and promotional skills, but I think a pretty lengthy title run shows the fans why the guy is the WWE champion or the World Heavy Weight champion, which, for me is six months to a full year. Now that is for someone they actually want to carry the title and product. For an intern champion, who's just a place holder until the WWE and the next guy are ready or if they want to give the intern a chance to show us that he is "next guy" material, then six months the longest for the title run. If they want shorter, than two-three months, like The Miz's run. Title runs should be measured in months, not weeks, if you want the title to mean something again.

With Wrestlemania drawing ever closer and the WWE getting ready to actively promote the Rock vs. Cena match, they need to come to a decision quick with the title. In an attempt to match (pun not intended) or beat the Hogan vs. Rock card about ten years earlier, this icon vs. icon event will be for the WWE title. Since John Cena declared it a week or so after the announcement, the WWE needs to confirm this at some point by having Cena win it again. When he will win it is the issue at hand. I see Del Rio holding the belt till Survivor Series, when the Mexico tour is presumably over. Now that fits my 'months' measurement for the title run. Will this happen, we will have to wait and see.

I have not been online for a while, so I apologize if I am repeating the same story. Let me know what you think!!

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  1. Ain't No Grave's Avatar
    I agree but I don't think WWE understand the concept of an decent title reign anymore. Why? Two words: John Cena. Cena won his first world title at Wrestlemania 21 and held the title for 20 out of the following 24 months. Fan reaction when he beat JBL for the strap was pretty good but after a while they started to get bored with his run, this was exposed in earnest when he started feuding with Kurt Angle after Summerslam. I think holding the title for around 5-6 months is more than enough nowadays. Best decent length title reign I can remember was probably The Undertakers in late 2009 to early 2010…that reign length was perfect. Holding the title for a couple of days can work very well in a storyline e.g. Christian's first reign this year but too many of these can seriously hurt what little prestige these WWE titles have now.
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    I think the secret to making the world titles more prestigious is a combination of a long title reign, and something that DUBS brought up in another blog - having the right wrestler hold it. The WWE giving the title to ADR just so that he can be the champion when they go to Mexico is sad. He will likely have a short title reign, of 3 months at the most. But I don't understand why they had Mysterio win the title, only to lose it to Cena the SAME NIGHT. That was just painful to watch, and if they had the plan all along to have Cena hold onto the title, they should have never given it to Mysterio.
  3. shoes4jews's Avatar
    EWN had an article back at the beginning of this year (I think) that highlighted that I think Elimination Chamber was the first PPV that neither Cena nor Orton were involved in a WWE or WHC title match in years. WWE stretches out the same guys too uch n my opinion. You pretty much know when a guy loses their title at a PPV, they will show up on RAW or Smackdown and cry about a rematch that they want at the next PPV. Then the story goes on and on and on! I think the WWE should look at the UFC for how they treat titles. (Not the whole "If Lesner wins one fight, he'll get another fight for the title", but actually earning a spot and when you lose, you drop back down.) It was either Shawn Micheals or Chris Jerico that put it best when he sai that you get to a point that people come to see you for you and not because there is a title on the line. Now Cena has done a lot for the company and I think he's had mre great matches than people credit him, but WWE won't seperate him from the title because that has been his gimmick. Look at the CM Punk fight. He is getting more hype than Cena and it's not for a title.
    Updated 09-07-2011 at 04:26 PM by shoes4jews
  4. HCollins-TNA1's Avatar
    Long enough to build or make a storyline out of it.... if 30 seconds is it 30 is it 1 day 1 day, 30 then 30 days, 1 years 2 years or what ever...
    The thing is it isn't like in the 80s when there was only 3 or 4 PPVs and title reigns was meant to last a year or longer or shorter... It getting into into keeping fans talking...

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