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The current state of world WRESTLING entertainment

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Over the last several weeks alot has changed in wwe.

THE shoot promo!

VKM has been "relieved" of his duties

The wwe champion "doesn't" work for the company

We have two money in the bank winners

A new world heavyweight champion

And a consistent reminder of the mainia 28 main event

Now we all know triple h running theshow is a load of bull! But in my opinion wwe has been very interesting these last few weeks, not back to the glory days but better but what are your opinions of recent events??

Does anyone really believe cm punk is gone? Is this another work? will he show up monday night to claim he is still the wwe champion? if im a betting man then yes because it all fits too nicely, do they really think we would believe vince mcmahon would let the most talked about superstar in recent memory walk out with the companies legacy?

Now as much as i respect randy ortons work im glad there giving christian a chance to run with the strap, i personally loved this feud, i know many have had different views but i dont think you can deny we all watched some amazing matches between the two, so after randys rematch who will be the new number 1 contender??

When will money in the bank be cashed in? ADR is rumoured for summerslam but has that planned changed now? Is daniel bryan going to wait til mainia? i personally hope he does but i hope they dont make a great athlete like bryan be the first MITB winner to lose because that would be seriously dropping the ball.

And finally john cena vs the rock, the man who will never leave us again but never shows up, and the man who is there come rain or shine, loved or hated.
Personally the idea of this match is already boring me, my only interest is the variables, two unique styles, personalities and beliefs. I will probably be hated for typing this but i truly believe that john cena is correct in everything he says. Now i know the rock quietly bowed out to pursue a movie career and thats fine with me, and yes he is one of the best of all time but does he still "love" wwe? the answer is no. Why? Because like anything in life you need to put up or shut up, not just tell people what they want too here and the get the F out and come back whenever you please, as he put it 9 years ago when austin left. John cena may be over rated, have the 5 moves of doom, but he LOVES wwe and what he does and believes in what he says, now april 1st he will booed off of this planet and will more than likely lose which i think would be just as wrong as when shawn michaels lost to mr red and yellow in 2005.

Please tell me if im wrong

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  1. KingOrton's Avatar
    Yes Cena is 100% right with everything he says. Anyone who thinks differently are clearly Rock marks that mark out no matter what Rock says.
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    If Cena wrestles like he did against Punk at MITB, The Rock vs John Cena at Wrestlemania 28 will be an epic match.
  3. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I don't see Cena losing at 'Mania.

    The match is the modern day Rock/Hogan and is a decade from that classic. I think 'Mania could easily be the match of Cena's career if he does perform like he did against Punk. It could get the older audience to finally respect Cena's work enough to say he deserves the win or be a perfect and believable heel turn for Cena.

    Think about it. The match is in Miami, The Rock will be the undoubted crowd favourite, and Cena could easily use his unique crowd reaction to finally 'snap' and claim to have "had enough" of being hated by those who have booed him for the past six years.

    Those who seem to have become bored of this feud are missing the basics. They made the match the night after 'Mania 27 because The Rock was still there, and it was a huge bombshell. It was obvious it would be put on the back burner because no WrestleMania feud takes off until at least Royal Rumble these days. The only downside is that the social networking which could be used to propel this feud is being wasted.
  4. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    Now i know the rock quietly bowed out to pursue a movie career and thats fine with me, and yes he is one of the best of all time but does he still "love" wwe? the answer is no.
    My question is "does anyone love WWE nowadays?". I think if we're here criticizing the shows then the answer is no we don't. We may enjoy the occasional segments, but does anyone enjoy the whole show? every match? every storyline? The WWE nowadays is pretty lame compared to a few years ago and while some things have gotten better as of late I doubt even the "superstars and divas" enjoy the current product as is so why should the Rock be any different? I'm sure almost all of them would jump at the chance to have a career like the Rock's and leave WWE like a bad dream so while I'm not excited about the WM 28 match and wish the Rock won I won't be watching it because I'm sick and tired of seeing John Cena be the best at everything.

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