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The best WWE stars to debut on WWECW (ECW Sci-Fi)

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Hey guys, Knox here. I'm bloggin about the best stars to debut on WWE's watered down version of ECW. Now even though the WWE's concept of ECW was different, I think the WWE found some great new stars with the new talent initiative.

Before we get things started. Guys please view my song. I sent my song to the WWE to be used for Night of Champions or Daniel Bryan's theme music. The lady on the phone said they won't even consider it unless I have 40,000 or more views (pathetic WWE). So just view it as much as possible. Could you imagine how jealous I am of the guy that sings Ted Dibiase Jr's theme song lol. BTW, I will remake this and actually rap about Daniel Bryan. Anyway, heres the link

Ok heres the list.

10. Tyler Reks
One of the most underrated guys in the WWE. He was doing a face island guy gimmick on dark matches and house shows which was awesome. Then he pulled a 360 and pulled the vicious heel gimmick out of the hat. The guy is awesome but never got a chance. In this day & age a WWE crowd will have no reaction for an aggressive heel if he has no mic time. Why do you think you can hear a penny drop when people like Mason Ryan or the heel version of Ezekiel Jackson make their way to the ring?

The guy really needed a fair chance to speak. Because his in ring skill is pretty major. He's aggressive to be such a small guy.

9. Marcus Cor Von
An original NFL talent and a TNA original. He was one of the best guy's to come from the NFL when it comes to in ring skill. Goldberg was a star but he was pretty green as well as one of my favorite's, Steve McMichael.

Cor Von had mic skills as well. He knew how to cut a decent promo and he had an amazing finisher. It was a quicker, more brutal version of the spear that the crowd would soak up. He was literally a modern day version of the Junkyard Dog. The WWE should've utilized him more better.

8. Yoshi Tatsu
I think every wrestling company needs a skilled Japanese wrestler. But it seems most companies are going with having Mexican wrestlers because their demographic as far as viewers are so high. I always thought Japanese and Mexican wrestlers are very skilled.

Not many gimmicks involved, just wrestling. Thats what Yoshi brings to the table. I respect this guy's in ring ability and I wish he had a spot on television. He's definitely someone that can add spark to the tag team division with a partner like Chris Masters or someone.

7. Evan Bourne
So glad he was one of the guys that made it off the ECW roster and received his spot. He deserves it. Can't cut a promo but he's fun to watch.

6. Jack Swagger
My personal favorite from this list. I love the guy. I hate comparing him to Kurt Angle. He has his own style, he just happened to be stuck with the All American gimmick. I enjoy the dude's ring work.

I never understood why people bash his mic skills. I think his mic skills are awesome. He cuts a good promo but I can see how people have a hard time taking him serious. He has a lisp but so does Cody. Cody Rhodes cuts a better promo because he has a more darker character. I do feel Jack cuts a good promo but could definitely work on making himself more believable as the heel.

Other than that, I expect him to be World Champ again if the WWE writers wake up.

5. Elijah Burke
He's the best talker on this list. I hate pulling the race card but I thought he has the ability to be booked as the greatest black WWE star of all time. I love Booker T but I think Elijah Burke had the opportunity to be better than him.

I think Burke was definitely mainevent material. He just wasn't given a good chance. I remember when he fought World Champion Batista on Smackdown and he carried Batista the whole night. It was an amazing match. I thought he was headed for a push but he was then released soon after that. That Batista vs Elijah Burke match is below if anyone's interested in seeing it.

4. Sheamus
I amost forgot Sheamus. This guy is probably the biggest star to come from ECW. I'll never forget I seen him perform on ECW live in like his 2nd week on the show. He got a huge reaction just because of his paleness but the crowd was very impressed with his ring work.

He's one of the only heels that is booked to be a legitimate monster that gets the job down fair & square. I think his face turn will benefit him as well. Love him or hate him, he gets a pretty big reaction from the crowd.

Gotta thank (TheBeardOfZeus) for letting me know that I forgot to mention Sheamus. Thanks man.

3. The Miz
I have all the love in the world for him. He didn't make his debut on ECW but ECW is where he came into his own. I mean this guy worked his butt off to get to where he is today.

He went from Real World, to Tough Enough, To Smackdown's host. He had his share of turmoil in his career to even being thrown out the lockeroom by JBL.

All he talked about on Real World was being a wrestler one day. People think just because your on reality tv, you don't love wrestling. I'm sure there are thousands of indie guys who can do his job better but he made it.

He used the Real World as a stepping stone to making it to his real dream and succeeded. Hell, I want to get signed to Eminem's Shady Records. I damn sure don't want to be a wrestler but I send my music to WWE's production team in hopes that they could use a song of mine as the theme of Wrestlemania or anything for that matter. Thats what the Miz did. He used the Real World to gain exposure to become a wrestler.

Now David Otunga had everything handed to him. He was on VH1's I love New York, then got with Jennifer Hudson, skipped over the indies and signed a WWE contract. The Miz wrestled in the indies, thats all I'm saying.

2. Kofi Kingston
I love the guy but his gimmick is trash. I'm glad he made it off ECW as one of the premire guys ont he roster. I feel that he should've lost the Jamaican gimmick after HBK & HHH exposed him in the ring. You would think creative would scrap the gimmick.

And now the aanouncers announce that he's from West Ghana Africa and he still has the Jamaican gimmick. I think he needs a heel turn. If he turns heel, he should use this theme. Check it out.

1. Cm Punk
One of the greatest in WWE history. Began in ROH, went to TNA and made it to the WWE. He made it off ECW and went on to make history.

I love this Cm Punk gimmick with his shoots but I don't understand why he complained. I mean he was a 3-time World Champ. He acted as if he was a jobber on Superstars because many people his size are being jobbed on Superstars.

Other than that, he's been one of my favorites for a while. I love the man's character.

Thanks guys for reading my blog and please leave feedback.

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  1. TheBeardOfZeus's Avatar
    Missed one big one dude.

  2. knox's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheBeardOfZeus
    Missed one big one dude.

    I sure as hell did, thanks man lol, I knew I was forgetting someone....I'm going to ass him right now
  3. the hybrid boxer's Avatar
    yo gudd blog man. i think eligha was ment to be mis used becuz he went to tna and became great. the pope gimic is rly kool and he has the talent to be world champ. also gudd point miz rly did work his but off and he dersve evry thing he got now. Kurt angle is the best ever and comparing him to swagger is not fair and ur rite swager is his own man, the only i hate aboult swagger is him using the angle lock. overall rly good blog and i definely had mi thing about wwe ecw and actually wasnt as i thought was with all dem talent
  4. TNA 'The very best''s Avatar
    How long was Sheamus on ECW, i dont remember this for some reason??
  5. ratedy2jayz's Avatar
    I think Elijah Burke is a good talker but I dont think he's better than the miz or cm punk.
  6. jaymo's Avatar
    great blog and i added a view for you best of luck
  7. DM Tea's Avatar
    Nice blog dude. Why did Punk complain? CM Punk is a fucking punker, number 1. And number 2, he's a competitor. Punks really don't take kindly to corporate shit-eating. And true wrestlers like him, they all dreamt of being WWE champion one day. So when you've done it what's next? To be top dog and go down as best of all time. At the end of the day dude, he might have kept all of it to himself if it wouldn't have made such a great angle.
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