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night of champions predictions 2010

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Womens title - like everyone else couldnt care less, but id say melina will win the gold.

Daniel Bryan v The Miz US Championship - unlike many others who believe the Miz will lose, i predict a win here for the Miz. Its too early for Bryan as he has no personality, yet. This will be a close match with Bryan taking the Miz all the way. Interference from Riley to get Miz the win.

Kofi v Dolph Ziggler - Dolph Ziggler will win here with an interference by Katlin. Vicki will be more furious with Katlin as an embrace between the two occurs again. This leading to a Katlin and Dolph storyline where they become an item.

Kane v Undertaker - I believe that Kane will win this one as Undertaker is not back to full strength. This fued will go on for some time eventually undertaker will regain the title.

Big Show v CM punk - has to be CM Punk here, whats the point of putting Big Show over here? CM to win and put career back on track!

6 pack challenge - I think Jericho will be the first man to be eliminated from the match. The next will be Edge. Then suprisingly i see Cena being eliminated by orton, who then is eliminated by barret. This leaves barret and sheamus in the ring. The memeber of nexus come to ringside and surround the ring they beat up on sheamus. Cena and orton come back to ring to make the save. Just when they look to be getting the best of things music starts! NXT season 2 rookies come to the ring - husky harris, lucky cannon, migillicuty etc - and they beat up on cena and orton. this leaves sheamus exposed barret and the nxt destroy sheamus. Just as barret puts sheamus on his shoulder the light dim and the music hits again. its HHH who comes out with sledgehammer. charges to the ring to hit barrett but does not hit barrett he hits sheamus and tells barrett to cover him for the win. New World Champion - Wade Barrett nxt celebrate in the ring with HHH revealed as the GM of Raw and he's going make life for sheamus, orton and cena hell!

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  1. nrb6304's Avatar
    hmmm going to have to heavily disagree with your your main event. Mainly cause it's HIGHLY unlikely for the following reasons: 1.) I don't see Triple H as the RAW GM.
    2.) This is WWE, they don't have duel surprises in one night (The Genesis debut and the Triple H return) sorry that just is NOT WWE. 3.) Wade Barrett isn't ready for the World Title. Because WADE BARRETT doesn't sell tickets. NEXUS does. And to have the World title that means that WADE BARRETT puts ass' in the seats. And he, nor Sheamus does.

    Other then that it seems about right
  2. djsoulslayer's Avatar
    I agree with nrb6304 about the mainevent. That would be a little too much for WWE standards. I hope Jericho wins, I would kinda hate to see him go. I think the Miz will lose the US title. I just can't see him holding it (which is what he is doing instead of defending it) for too much longer. I am interested to see how the WWE is going to extend the Kane/Taker feud. If Kane loses, he can invoke his rematch clause. If he wins, it may be just barely and Taker seeks a rematch. I would love for WWE to surprise us somehow...anyhow!!
  3. SgtGohan's Avatar
    no way thats gonna happen in the main event.. its to much big things for one match
  4. cubco's Avatar
    I find it interesting how you have booked the main event.

    I do see the Nexus somehow getting involved to help out Barrett. With Barrett ultimately winning, I think HHH will return, but the Genesis won't debut. Barrett and Jericho will be the final two. Rookie vs Pro. With Rookie winning

    I predict:

    Hart Dynasty

    At Hell in a Cell I would book:

    Chris Jericho vs Wade Barrett (c) - WWE Title
    Undertaker vs Kane (c) - Hell in a Cell World Title match
    John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge and John Morrison vs The Nexus
    HHH vs Sheamus - Hell in a Cell match
    Daniel Bryan vs The Miz (c) - US Title match, Riley banned from match
    Christian vs Alberto Del Rio
    The Hart Dynasy (c) vs Curt Hawkings and Vance Archer - Tag Team Titles
    i think doink the clown wins the heavyweight titile, U MAD?
  6. CDave3's Avatar
    I might take michelle as the womans champ so she can fued with layla..

    Miz will win But i wont be surprised if bryan gets him and Miz cashes in his mitb.

    Going with Dolph Dues to interference from Katlin

    Going with Kane No used of having taker champ when the guy will be retiring soon.

    Going with Punk, why not? They will push him and maybe have punk as Number 1 contender soon.

    Hart dynasty... who ever they verse

    Alberto win If he wrestles.

    The Winner will be Wade or Orton,.. Bonus might be Miz cashing it in on either one...

    Doubt it if the Gm will be reviled tonight, but if it is it might be Micheal cole Or Mike admale.
    Updated 09-19-2010 at 11:02 AM by CDave3
  7. Y2LUUK's Avatar
    Here are my predictions:
    Michelle wins, so that she can feud with Layla (already mentioned, I know, but I had the same feeling)

    Daniel Bryan wins, Miz has held the title for too long (again) and there is no point to have him hold it any longer since he is guaranteed to be a future World Champion.

    Kane wins, they really need to have him win this. Now that it's No Holds Barred there are enough ways for him to defeat Undertaker. Undertaker can defeat him at Hell in a Cell for I care, but Kane really needs to win tonight.

    I think Teddy will make the CM Punk vs Big Show match a Hart Dynasty vs CM Punk & Big Show match,because:
    1) Neither CM Punk nor Big Show holds a title
    2) Hart Dynasty are not announced to wrestle yet
    It might be a cool plot twist, but if this does not happen CM Punk wins it. He really needs a win again. And whoever Hart Dynasty faces, Hart Dynasty will lose.

    Dolph wins it, plain and simple. That Kaitlin girl will definetely have something to do with it.

    Then the 6-pack.
    Orton: No, he has waaaaay too much momentum
    Cena: Has been in World Title Matches for too long and too often, so he won't win
    Edge: I think he will be banned from RAW and move to SmackDown, so he won't win either
    Sheamus: It would be good for him to have a clean win to make him a credible Champ
    Jericho: I'm sorry to feel that he will take a break, therefore not win tonight
    Barrett: Would make Nexus stronger, but I don't think we will have another Main-Eventer at RAW, with Miz coming up soon as well. He can feud with anyone for all I care, but not for the title. Plus, he is not ready to be all the way there.

    So my bet is on Sheamus
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