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The British Empire.

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Wade Barret, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, William Regal, Kofi Kingston and Tyson Kid.
What do these men all have in common? Wwe does not use them correctly, they job, fail, lose, are made heel when they should be face, and made face when they should be heel. Well, I have a solution, I give you the idea to create a stable called "The British Empire", now I'm not talking about some crappy new version of the Nexus or the Corre, I mean a proper proper classic stable, one where all these guys can shine.

I'm a history student currently at Leicester University, so I have basically been shot full with all knowledge of the Empire, and I know it sounds silly, but putting it in wrestling terms can actually work. It would combine patriotic feeling in all American audiences, as we could book them trying to take over the WWE, E.G. Give them the US title (probably to McIntyre), and say they have conquered America.

I'll elaborate:
Wade Barrett I feel should be the leader, he has proven himself time and time again where he carried the Nexus and the Corre, his mic skills are rather impressive, and he is a typical brawler which American Audiences really admire. I would have him ending every promo with a catchy historic line like "The Sun never sets on the empire", it’s kinda like his "the winds of change is coming", but this one has more of a purpose. This fraction would really elevate him back to main event status.

Regal, I think he is retired, so I can't say much for him, but we all know what he can do even if he won't wrestle, he could deliver some amazing promo's on behalf of the fraction .

Sheamus, and Drew could really work well too, I always read about people demanding a Celtic connection, so here it would really work better than anywhere else, it could maybe even fix the tag team division if your optimistic.

As for Kofi and Tyson, if you didn’t know, Ghana and Canada were both in the British Empire too, alongside with India, (Khali and Mahal) and South Africa (Justin Gabriel) perhaps. They would most likely need a one or two diva’s to have a real chance of impact in all divisions, so I would put Gael Kim who is Canadian involved. This array of international affair will keep in different from the British invasion over on TNA, or anything Pro Wrestling has ever seen before. If needed a Chinese and Australian wrestler could be found to really push forward the idea.

I think this fraction would really work out well, because it could kinda lead to a team of American wrestlers taking on the Empire for like control back over the WWE, it would also be interesting to see how HHH could get involved and test him for a management role. Though most of all, it would revive the career of McIntyre, Kim and Kid, and push Wade, who deserves better, as one of the greatest leaders WWE have ever seen.
What are your thoughts? Agree or disagree?

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. KingOrton's Avatar
    Interesting idea, only problem is... How would they be face?!
  2. _Punk_'s Avatar
    I can't see Sheamus wanting to join in with the "British Empire". Considering Ireland isn't British. And I can't see anybody who isn't British wanting to join.
  3. Spear-O-Matic's Avatar
    First, you'd probably be better off calling it the Commonwealth. That is still alive today and is a pretty inclusive group of nations. Going that route means you could have Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre, William Regal, Kofi Kingston, Justin Gabriel, DH Smith/Tyson Kidd, and Big Zeke. Also, that set would allow for the faction to "conquer" Sheamus, as he is Irish and Ireland isn't entirely within the British Commonwealth (only Northern Ireland). Imagine the idea of The Commonwealth beating down and absorbing Sheamus against his will. He remains in the group, but only because he can't take them all at once.
  4. BigJM's Avatar
    Yeah, I have the same thoughts as everyone else who commented. It works in theory, but Sheamus would never work.
  5. nickthehawk's Avatar
    WWE wouldn't go for that as it would just seem like their jacking TNA's British Invasion
  6. Dude573's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by _Punk_
    I can't see Sheamus wanting to join in with the "British Empire". Considering Ireland isn't British. And I can't see anybody who isn't British wanting to join.
    Ireland and Britain fought about 5 wars in which England managed to build them as a colony for the Empire. If you wanted to be strictly historic they could turn this Wade Barrett Sheamus feud into Barrett trying to capture Sheamus, much like the Empire did with Ireland.
  7. Dude573's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nickthehawk
    WWE wouldn't go for that as it would just seem like their jacking TNA's British Invasion
    I thought that when I wrote the blog, but it would have more of an international flare then just Tna's British invasion, I mean we could see Wade wrestle all those guys, and sort of conquer them, much like the Empire in actual history did. I personally think its a fraction that would make more sense then the other projects wwe have done, like the Corre.
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