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Cena Heel Turn: MISTAKE

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Sup y'all. Third blog today. That's what happens when you drink wine and use Sheiky Baby's "medicine."

I think this idea of a Cena heel turn is well-meaning but not a good business idea. What is it going to accomplish? Here are the typical reasons why people go heel:
1) For some reason they're not quite over as a face. they need to get vicious and beat the living hell out of some people to be taken seriously. not a big issue for "super cena."
2) Split with a faction, tag-team, etc. Not relevant.
3) To balance out the heel/face ratio, and here's one of the big issues. JR has said that in every company there is "the man." One guy. That's John Cena. Who is your top babyface when John Cena is a heel? Orton? Nah man, nah. It's good that they're using him to put Christian over as WHC right now but when that program is finished Orton has got to turn heel.
4) To really shake things up and turn shit on its ear a la Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Well, CM Punk is turning things upside down just fine right now, thank you, not to mention the major shit going down with HHH replacing Vince on-screen as boss.
Here's the other thing: what precedent is there to turn John Cena heel? There are comparisons to Hogan, of course. But When Hogan went heel, he was in a different company and a different era. Maybe a few years down the line the Cena turn would make sense. The reason Hogan went heel is because his fans grew up and turned on him. Basically we have to wait for two things before Cena will make an honest to god heel turn. We need someone else to be able to take that top spot. That's gonna be Punk, Orton, or Daniel Bryan. Punk and Orton would both be tweeners and Bryan would be sort of a modernized Bob Backlund. Maybe in a few years Morrison will be ready. Who knows? It's got to be somebody though. One thing you'll notice if you pay attention to WCW is that when Hogan was a heel and half the company was in the nWo, it was hard to come up with a solid top babyface with staying power. Yeah there was DDP and they tried some other guys and whatever. What gets to me is that Flair and the Horsemen were faces which is wrong. Babyface Flair vs heel Hogan? F that, and F babyface Orton vs Heel Cena. The other thing we're waiting for, which is just as important and just as pertinent to the Hogan discussion, is for the Little Jimmys to hit puberty. The yellow and red, super duper hero type thing was not cutting it in the latter half of the 90's and if you just give it time the "Cenation" (dumb name) will probably find itself in decline as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theiconsting
    He might be a good wrestler but he is boring on the mike & just really lame im guessing thats why you are up his ass lol
    Says the goof nWo mark. Saying that Daniel Bryan is a "good" wrestler is like saying that Steve Smith is a "good" drummer. Have you even seen him outside of WWE? If they work his Mania program right and give him at least a half hour for the match he'll be over as FUCK.
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