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Should Punk Defend The Title In Japan?

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I think so. This is kind of a reach, but whatever. I'm high and it's fun to think about this stuff.

If the WWE can make some sort of deal with one of the companies over there it would be a huge deal. I don't know what they'd want to get out of it as far as straight up money from the events and TV and PPV and whatever. What I do know is that they have a lot to gain as far as legitimacy, legacy, all-around shock value/newsworthiness, and there's potential for phenomenal wrestling to be done. There is, in fact, five-star potential.

CM Punk has gotten a huge amount of mainstream media coverage for all of the great things he's been doing on the microphone, and that's great. I love it. But what's the next step? Somehow you've got to get the mainstream media talking about what happens from bell to bell.

Here are a couple of other things I'm drunkenly turning over in my mind as I stumble through this blog:
I really want to see Punk vs Liger for the strap. Or Punk vs Masato Tanaka. Did you know MVP is their IC champion? How about Punk vs Prince Devitt or Kota Ibushi? I'm not the biggest Tanahashi fan but that would be a really big match. It could even be title vs title.
I'd also like to see him challenge John Cena to come face him in Japan, much like he invited Rey at ComicCon to come see him in Chicago. I really just want to see John Cena go to Japan and have some great matches like Hogan did.
Does TNA still have a deal with NJPW?
If so, how about Punk vs KENTA or Marufuji in NOAH?
How about Punk vs. Keiji fucking Mutoh in AJPW (or Kenzo Suzuki for teh lulz!)?

Anyway, let me know what you think about this and if y'all like it maybe I'll do a more serious iteration soon. I'd also like to hear pretty much any comment having anything to do with this subject matter. You wanna talk about Hogan in Japan, IWGP titles in the US, gaijin wrestlers in general, whatever. Let's fuckin talk about it.

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Updated 07-24-2011 at 04:10 AM by DM Tea

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  1. the hybrid boxer's Avatar
    yea tht rly kool as long as they wrestle and not use corney storylines and talk the whole time
  2. DM Tea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by the hybrid boxer
    yea tht rly kool as long as they wrestle and not use corney storylines and talk the whole time
    Aw man, don't even worry about it. Japan does use some American style storylining and shit sometimes but they really are about the wrestling. They VERY rarely have run-ins or Dusty finishes and the matches are stiff and tech. They're even reported on in the normal newspaper. Just go to wikipedia and check out the list of matches that earned five stars from what's-his-face the magazine writer. Check out how many are Japanese. I'm pretty sure at least one is two Americans in Japan.

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