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The Ultimate Solid Wrestlemaina 2012 Card

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Wrestlemania 2012

1. John Cena vs The Rock - 30 minutes+

2. WWE Championship The Miz vs John Morrison ( Royal Rumble Winner ), Standard Match or Ladder Match

3. C.M. Punk ( With Old Spinner WWE Title ) vs The Undertaker, Retirement Match ( Taker wins, retires and wins old WWE Title to take with him. 15 minute post match interview with Taker talking to Punk telling him he's by far the best wrestler in the world and the WWE needs more wrestlers like him, and Triple H comes out and gives C.M.Punk the Old Eagle WWF Title to take home with him and makes him the 1# Contender at the next PPV, making Punk another new Face of the WWE.

4. Randy Orton vs Stone Cold Steve Austin ( Dream Match - No Holds Barred )

5. World Heavyweight Championship#2 Alberto Del Rio vs Daniel Bryan

6. Batista vs Mason Ryan ( Last Man Standing )

7. Evan Borne vs Sin Cara vs Justin G. vs Health Slater vs Tyson Kidd ( Crusierweight Championship ) and get this..... Triple H makes a new rule for Crusierweights - If you hold on the title for 6 months straight you get an automatic World Heavyweight Championship title shot.

8. Just give me an awesome Divas Title Match that last 10 minutes with non-stop action and i'll be straight.

9. 1# Contenders match for World Heavyweight Title Alex Riley vs R Truth vs Kofi Kingston

10. World Heavyweight Championship Match#1 Christian vs Alberto Del Rio ( Rio Wins and Daniel Bryan comes out and issues a stand up challenge to cash in his Money in the Bank Contract later on in the night, with Rio excepting )

11. Tag Team Championship Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes vs Shemus & Drew M.

And your Special Host is Zack Ryder throughout the PPV ensuring Zack is about to get a major Push

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  1. knox's Avatar
    I love your thinking man. Like really every match you listed was awesome. I like the Daniel Bryan thing and the Undertaker statement was awesome.
  2. KingOrton's Avatar
    The CM Punk match was kinda odd, especially the story with it but other than that it was an alright card. Probably unrealistic for the most part but nevertheless. Plus Zack Ryder as host is great. WWWYKI
  3. draftclass's Avatar
    Well the Punk storyline i wanted to tie it up at Wrestlemania with him and Hunter and also tieing up Undertakers farewell at the same time, by Undertaker winning and offically retiring the WWE spinner title which he hasn't won, giving a well thought-out speech to Punk for a great match and giviing him his due, having Hunter come out and give his character a well decent look by not being another Vince and giving Punk the Old WWF Eagle Belt as a token as what he's brought to the WWE and making him a future WWE title contender. I'm sure the Miami crowd would eat that up and fans across the world buzzing the internet off the connections.
  4. Tay Moran's Avatar
    I liked the first two matches and the WHC match, but the rest are not gonna happen
  5. The Brown One's Avatar
    This should have been called a "dream card", because most of it is unlikely. However, I like the way you think These matches would prove for some excellent storylines and WM matches.
  6. AOF666's Avatar
    It's an ok card, but why would Taker want to take that toy belt home?
  7. HeartlessAttack's Avatar
    Definately not-gonna-happen territory, mostly. Of course, you never claimed it was realistic.
    I really don't see Batista returning, judging by recent pictures and comments.
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