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Smackdown's Worst Enemy- The Draft Part 1

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Each year when the draft occurs it's like the are trying to make Smackdown look bad. Smackdown has still been better than Raw in my opinion but this last draft was bad for did seemed like a double edge knife for both brands. But, I will start by showing how the draft has tried to hinder Smackdown. Here is the 2004 Draft below.

Shelton Benjamin
Paul Heyman.

Chuck Palumbo.
Triple H.

Rene Dupree.
Mark Jindrak.
Triple H.
Rob Van Dam.
Theodore Long.
Spike Dudley.

Miss Jackie.
The Dudleyz.
Booker T.

Smackdown lost Triple H since Heyman traded him back for Booker T and The Dudleyz. Mark Jindrak stayed on Velocity for most his time there and was Angle's bodyguard for a few months. Dupree feuded with Cena for the US Title for about 3 months and then formed an awful tag team with Kenzo Suzuki and got the tag belts for a while before going back to singles. Then he was sacrificed by Taker and put off of TV until he got drafted back to Raw. Van Dam stayed in the mid-card division on Smackdown and w
on Money in the Bank after going back to Raw. Teddy Long became the GM and Spike won the Cruiserweight Championship then managed the Dudleyz for a bit. Booker T was the best pick for Smackdown staying with the brand the longest time out of everyone in the draft and the Dudleyz were with Smackdown for a year before going to TNA.

Raw gained Benjamin who had the longest Intercontinental title reign in the decade, Edge started his singles career after he got drafted to Raw, Rhyno and Tajiri became a tag team and also did some singles matches, and Nidia only stayed for a few months.

I hope you enjoyed the first part of the blog, please leave comments.

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  1. Ain't No Grave's Avatar
    I don't get the Money in the bank reference with RVD. He won that in 2006?! Agree with everything else but tbh don't care anyway now because they have done away with the whole brand split thing…and not a moment too soon
  2. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I was just saying how he jumped back to Raw quick and got Money in the Bank. Smackdown picks never stay long enough to get potential going. All of Smackdown's picks except Booker stayed in the midcard division, didn't matter, or left the company.
  3. jstunna54's Avatar
    Semi good blog.. the 2004 draft was alright as Smackdown! got RVD, Booker T, and the Dudleyz in exchange for Edge and Shelton Benjamin (only mentioning the really influential talent) In my opinion the careers boosted on both ends because they had no place on their respective brands.

    Now the 2005 Draft, which I assume is your part 2, is the first draft which I felt that Smackdown got the short end of the stick, but ill let you handle that one in the next blog

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