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The Miz...Explain your hate..

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I simply do not understand why so many people(IWC community) dislike the Miz. Before he was champion, everyone in their mothers were so stoked when he won the MITB and were sooo anticipating for him to cash in the briefcase. He win's the title and everyone turns on a dime and starts thinking that he doesnt deserve the title.

Miz has been in WWE since about 2006. He has come from one of the most stupid piece of shit gimmicks ever with the most stupid TNA style attire and completely transformed him self at the end of 2009 to a more realistic egotistical, spotlight stealing asshole. The Miz currently does not have it all, but he's pretty damn close to it.

His in ring work isnot horrible. It's just a little bit above average. His promo work is highly above average. For all you Punk lovers, no he isnt as good as CM Punk but he definitely is in the top 5 in WWE, possibly top 3. The amount of media exposure he gets outside of the ring is probably more than anyone else in the WWE besides John Cena, and since Miz came from a reality tv background, the exposure he gets is even more beneficial to the company. ESPN, MTV, local news, TMZ all picked up stories about him winning the title because he came from a basic tv background. he didnt start his career as a wrestler.

I think that's where a lot of the hate comes from. The fact that he was a reality tv star but that's not an adequate excuse to dislike the Miz. He still worked his ass off to get in the WWE. he still went on tough enough, didnt win, and then still worked to get in the door. once in the door, no one liked him, doubted him, hazed him, and so he worked his ass off for 5 years to gain respect, win a world title and date Maryse's fine ass.

At TV events, the Miz controls the crowd. you know when he's out. He still gets a phenomenal pop when his music hits. At MITB, the crowd was going crazy when he ran back out to the ring, to the point where they were cheering their asses off to see him get the belt and when Mysterio stopped him, they gave Rey some of the biggest heat of the night.

The Miz is over. Without a doubt. I like him, i respect him and I want to see more of him.

Please comment below.

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  1. DR.X313's Avatar
    the prob with the miz in one word is his finisher, or finishers. he needs something flashy or high risk, he too small for that scf at 6 ft hes smaller than almost everybody in the wwe and hesbeen the smaller guy in every feud hes been in. that scf look real fake when he does it he cant lock hishands when he does it to cena so when he does it to like alex reily it looks dumb. cause its the locking of the hands is thewhole illushion to the move. he needs to do a twist of fate or a diamond dust or a swanton bomb or a tornato ddt something that a guy of his size can do to look sweet and convincing. i've seen the miz way back in 04 in some indy tapes he has talent but to be honest the wwe is just trying to find some one to hype besides cena and they picked the miz way too soon,and giving him the title just made everybody mad. not cause they hate the miz, its cause everybody can see that he was not ready or deserving. now he did good as champ but it just shows that the wwe machine can do the same thing for any star they want to pick. if they had picked chris masters noone would had said a word they would had eccepeted it
  2. spidercentz's Avatar
    I am a big fan of The Miz because I am a big fan of WWE and because I see it for what it really is and (yes) always has been, an entertainment company. The Internet Wrestling (community???) acts as if wrestling is real. I've said it before and I'll say it again: if it's SCRIPTED it's ENTERTAINMENT!
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