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The Miz...Explain your hate..

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I simply do not understand why so many people(IWC community) dislike the Miz. Before he was champion, everyone in their mothers were so stoked when he won the MITB and were sooo anticipating for him to cash in the briefcase. He win's the title and everyone turns on a dime and starts thinking that he doesnt deserve the title.

Miz has been in WWE since about 2006. He has come from one of the most stupid piece of shit gimmicks ever with the most stupid TNA style attire and completely transformed him self at the end of 2009 to a more realistic egotistical, spotlight stealing asshole. The Miz currently does not have it all, but he's pretty damn close to it.

His in ring work isnot horrible. It's just a little bit above average. His promo work is highly above average. For all you Punk lovers, no he isnt as good as CM Punk but he definitely is in the top 5 in WWE, possibly top 3. The amount of media exposure he gets outside of the ring is probably more than anyone else in the WWE besides John Cena, and since Miz came from a reality tv background, the exposure he gets is even more beneficial to the company. ESPN, MTV, local news, TMZ all picked up stories about him winning the title because he came from a basic tv background. he didnt start his career as a wrestler.

I think that's where a lot of the hate comes from. The fact that he was a reality tv star but that's not an adequate excuse to dislike the Miz. He still worked his ass off to get in the WWE. he still went on tough enough, didnt win, and then still worked to get in the door. once in the door, no one liked him, doubted him, hazed him, and so he worked his ass off for 5 years to gain respect, win a world title and date Maryse's fine ass.

At TV events, the Miz controls the crowd. you know when he's out. He still gets a phenomenal pop when his music hits. At MITB, the crowd was going crazy when he ran back out to the ring, to the point where they were cheering their asses off to see him get the belt and when Mysterio stopped him, they gave Rey some of the biggest heat of the night.

The Miz is over. Without a doubt. I like him, i respect him and I want to see more of him.

Please comment below.

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  1. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Why the pathetic lame-ass TNA hate? No-one likes the Miz because he just sucks a lot of ass like your blog lol
  2. knox's Avatar
    I'm a Mizfit. He's made me a believer as a wrestler. He puts on some great matches. Some people in the IWC feel you need to have 26 moves just to be considered good. Miz can wrestler his ass off, trust me
  3. DM Tea's Avatar
    Right on dude. I really don't know how anybody can still hate the Miz right now, all kayfabe aside. The guy busted his ass and I think any real grown up who values, respects and puts in hard work should at least give him his due. Don't like him? Don't give a shit. He has earned his spot.
  4. DM Tea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Theiconsting
    Why the pathetic lame-ass TNA hate? No-one likes the Miz because he just sucks a lot of ass like your blog lol
    I want to badly to believe in TNA but it's no longer the little company that could I fell in love with. Russo and BIschoff and Hogan are wrecking it. I'm sick of the rotating "big faction that takes over the entire company" situation. Remember the nWo? Remember how it killed WCW? Who was behind that again? Oh yeah, Bischoff and Hogan. I love AJ and Kendrick and Abyss and Red and Joe and Beer Money and Daniels and Aries and MCMG. Petey and Sonjay were awesome. I like Gunner and Bully Ray has gotten over with me as a singles guy. I even like Robbie E and Crimson is growing on me too. But until I see a PPV where there's no fucking run-in during the title match, I'm not happy.
  5. radturtle's Avatar
    Not to be corny, but I think he's awesome. Reminds me a little of an early HBK. This is by no means a comparison in any way, he just reminds me of him is all.
  6. thetheme's Avatar
    The miz... Don't like him, don't respect him as a wrestler. Never did and I never will.

    Everything about him being in the main event scene is just wrong. Many cling on to him because of the following. He came from "the real world". I never watched that show so I don't care. He targeted Cena. EVERYTIME someone targets Cena that person gets a bandwagon from the people that don't like Cena. That's not enough for me to become a fan of anyone or to start liking them. Ring work. People complain about Cena not being able to wrestle when that's part of his marching orders. What have we got from miz? Kicks, punches, corner clothesline, reality check, interference, and his ridiculous finisher that isn't believable.

    Mic skills. Look, he is annoying on the mic, simple as that. He literally sat on titles and didn't defend them. He hasn't had a defining moment to get the push he got. Michael Cole and WWE programing shoved him down our throats. When someone becomes champion, that person is thrown in the loop of past champions. Do many of you really think that miz is in the league of HBK, Rock, Stone Cold, Hogan, Flair, Angle, Bret, or Macho Man? The answer is no, and hell no!

    He doesn't even hold a card to past midcarders, or some of the current divas. If he came in backing everything up with talent, ALONE, and put on a classic match then it would be different. I stopped watching the WWE because he was given the WWE title and didn't deserve it. Alberto Del Rio has done things the old fashion way and people don't like him. Alberto came in with personality, wrestling skill, mic skills, good intro, had good feuds and didn't get titles too quickly or because he was a 3rd generation wrestler or a TV star.

    People say he has busted his ass and has earned his spot. Has anyone every seriously said, "Hey, did you see that miz match?". It's just amazing that the same people that want great matches like the miz when he has NEVER given a great classic match by himself. Dolph has busted his ass in the ring. Kofi, Wade, Sheamus, Punk, Morrison, Alberto and Daniel Bryan have busted their asses and most of them don't get any credit that miz gets. He should have cashed in and lost, worked on his in ring skill, did things alone, and gave classic matches. He slurps, and I hope he doesn't get the title again.
  7. maar13's Avatar
    Like someone else said, respect is a given.

    I know he has improved a lot and work his ass off but in the end, I just don't believe it, His in ring presence is good but in the end I cannot buy him being the tough guy he is trying to be, maybe if he went the Coward Champion rout, maybe but this bad ass he tries at times is jut simply out of the norm, That is why I don't really like the character, I just don't believe him.

    While he was champion I didn't believe him either but they should have left him run with it longer so he didn't look like the ones before him, but in the end they book that like crap and IMO he didn't get to have any credibility as Champion. He was Randy's bitch from the start, even if he got a couple of pins on him, and it was the same with Cena, their best match was after Cena beat him for the title, In the angle the Miz didn't look bad but once they hit the ring again, Miz looked worse than he did with Randy.
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