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WWE & TNA: Underused Talent.

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Siracul in, hope everything's fine peeps.
So i was thinking to myself, what would be a good subject to write a blog about ? And I thought of a classic subject... Underused talents.
Sure tons of people write about this subject, so I'll just try to add a little bit of me into what I'm writing and I hope you'll enjoy it
In every Episode I will talk about two underused talents, be it WWE talents or TNA talents.

Underused Talent #1 :
Samoa Joe

The guy is one hell of a wrestling machine, he can brawl, he can fight, he can get violent and nasty, from what I just said people might think of him as one of those brawlers that do nothing but punch (aka Ezekiel Jackson) but the guy is also pretty good at submissions and the way he moves from submission to another is just flawless for a guy his size.
Samoa Joe has a lot of ups that make him very easy to market, his ring skills being the most obvious, the guy can simply go, his mic skills are good, better than a lot of those getting a push in TNA (aka Gunner & Crimson) and he can actually put on an amazing wrestling match. Also his size and all the other features he has can quite easily make him believable as a monster heel and a fierce babyface.
With that being said almost all the criticism Joe gets is for his weight and I quite honestly don't see why the f*ck is his weight so freaking important ?
Someone please answer that question.
In my book, Samoa Joe deserves to be in the running for the TNA World Championship but with his losing streak lately, I doubt it, however, they do seem to focus on his emotions concerning his losing streak so I hope, actually I pray to the good God above, TNA, iMPACT Wrestling, WHATEVER Don't Screw Joe.

Underused Talent #2
Trent Barretta (& Caylen Croft)

Now you may not remember these 2.
Both were a new-formed Tag team on WWE-ECW before it was ended.
I guess Caylen Croft went out with a pink slip after ECW or maybe a little while after competing on SmackDown! his cut was a "budget cut" (God I hate those)
Anyway, if you watch Superstars (Which i don't) then you probably know Trent Barretta, he's basically a regular there, on Superstars, Barretta proved that he can put on great matches with the likes of Tyson Kidd and so.
Also I remember not long ago Trent had a series of matches with someone on SmackDown! that were quite fun to watch.
The guy basically has the skills in my book, he has the look, but I'm not really sure about his mic work I can't really remember a promo of his.
Now I'm not saying this guy should be in the Main Event, but I do think that Caylen Croft should be brought back, they reform the Dude Busters and maybe just maybe they start taking over Tag Team in WWE.
Let's face it WWE needs tag teams, The Usos are good, Dude Busters were a great tag team in my book, and Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater got split just when they were starting to shine in their matches against The Usos.

So basically as tag teams in WWE now we have Marella & Kozlov, Usos, McGuillicity and that other guy (can't remember his name, good mic, green in ring). Why did they fire one half of the Dudebusters again ?

That's it for today I hope you enjoyed it
I made this in a hurry as I have to catch my driving lesson
I hope you enjoy this and please let me hear your comments and feedback
Siracul out

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. knox's Avatar
    ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I thought I was the only Trent Baretta fan lol that dude is amazing in the ring. Him & Tyson Kid were putting on great matches together on Superstars. That feud needs to be moved to Raw or Smackdown but creative are scared to give the fans...dare i say...a good wrestling match.

    Thanks for the blog man.

    WWE needs to push Ted Dibiase Jr., Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger and Kofi
    TNA needs to push Elijah Burke, Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan and Robert Roode
  2. Dude573's Avatar
    I'd argue Drew McIntyre, Ted Dibiase, Tyson Kid and Evan Bourne are more of the underused talent that WWE has. All those guys I could see a convincing US or IC title reign in, (maybe world for McIntyre). Barretta isn't bad, but we have never seen him on the mic, and every company does need jobbers.
  3. Dude573's Avatar
    And with no Cruiserweight championship, its hard to push the physically smaller guys.
  4. Siracul's Avatar
    This was only Episode 1 of many to come people
    The Title of this blog was "May I have your attention please : Underused talents Episode 1"
    But it got changed before it was approved
    there will be more episodes, each one talking about 2 underused wrestlers
  5. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    Shannon Moore the pope, drew Trent Ted
  6. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    I'm also a huge Trent fan and I hugely agree, however there seems to be one person that everyone forgets... Tyler Reks. When he was on superstars he was dominating, but now he hardly gets any action. What gives?

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