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Mac 01 Presents: WWE Recently....

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Recently the WWE has been doing things right. And you know what? Its about damn time! For to long we all had to sit threw boring main events on Raw and the PPV's..." Oh look, Cena won again with his same 5 moves what a surprise! "

I know people will say..."well if you don't like it don't watch it" but I can't help myself. I have to watch, my whole life has revolved around watching pro wrestling, I love it. And I kept watching and hoping that something would change and that we would finally get out of this Cena era. So now that it looks like it is happening I couldn't be more happy.

We had a great PPV on Sunday, and the main event was one of the best I have seen. It was the first PPV main event I had actually cared about seeing in years ! It had a great build up, lots of momentum (apart from the taped Raw in Vegas which sucked) lots of good strong storytelling (yeah WWE its not that hard to do, you used to tell good stories all the time) and the match itself was great...amazing atmosphere from Punks home town Chicago. I also think the way the match ended and then the Del Rio attempt at cashing in was brilliantly executed by the WWE.

So after all of that at Money in the Bank we move on to Raw the next night. We start with Vince telling us we will have a new WWE Champion by the end of the night. We get a tournament shoved in to one show which in my opinion is way to much exposure for all the wrestlers involved. Spread it over 2 or 3 weeks if you are trying to give the fans time to start missing CM Punk. So anyway...We end up with Rey Vs The Miz in the final ( Miz was booked strong on one leg which really pleases me after the recent losses he has suffered repeatedly to Alex Riley) Then Vince comes out, says we aren't getting the Title match this week. Cena then comes out, we get the usual shit from these two etc... I was still pleased to see this big segment ending the show. Then Triple H heads out and drops a bomb on this entire story. He will be taking care of day to day duties behind the scenes and Vince is being sent home! Wow what a blockbuster announcement! This ending saved what was turning out to be a poor Raw.

You see, wrestling is always better when they add realism to it. For example, Triple H will one day take over from Vince and be the main man. So doing it in the storyline makes sense and interests the fans. Another example...CM Punk's promo 3 weeks ago, alot of it was true and how he really felt. Thats why it was so damn good.

Anyway I have ranted for long enough. All I am saying is that WWE has really upped its game these last few weeks. Lets just hope they can keep it up and not ruin it like they did with the Nexus story from this time last year.

This was my first ever blog, hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading. Ill hopefully do more if you enjoyed it.


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  1. jrsckilla23's Avatar
    Great Blog I liked what you said in the beginning "Oh look, Cena won again with his same 5 moves what a surprise!" and ."well if you don't like it don't watch it" Exactly cuz I've been watching wrestling since 1989 watching great wrestlers, great wrestling matches and great entertainment. The reason I watched cuz I've been waiting for a long time for something like this to happen, just like when The Rock returned after 7 long years those were things that I've been waiting for and let's just hope this is the End of CENA ERA.

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