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Match of the Year???

Sheamus/Justin Gabriel face turns

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Its official Sheamus and Justin Gabriel have turned face

Sheamus turned face on the 19th July tapings of Smackdown by attacking Wade Barrett

Justin Gabriel turned face after being accused of 'dropping the ball' by Heath Slater

so I wondered what WWE has in store for both of them and this is how I would put it

Justin Gabriel - A feud with Heath Slater would do him good and a match at Summerslam would be great , and a rematch at Hell in a Cell and then settle it once and for all at Vengeance and then maybe involved in one of the 5 on 5 matches at Survivor Series and then a feud with TedDiBiase or Cody Rhodes (best for the Intercontenental Champion) and maybe TedDiBiase/Cody Rhodes vs Justin Gabriel at Wrestlemania 28

Sheamus - Im finding the Christian vs Randy Orton matches boring now so maybe a Sheamus/Christian feud lasting until Survivor Series . And he wins the Royal Rumble and chooses a World Heavyweight Champion match with Christian and Randy Orton both . Sheamus wins the match at Wrestlemania making him the new World Heavyweight Champion and then Daniel Bryan's music hits and he runs to the ring and decides to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and he pin Sheamus to become the new World Heavyweight Champion thus turning Sheamus heel again .

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  1. The Brown One's Avatar
    dres1214: Don't speak so soon about that! The WWE have several months to make Bryan into a main eventer-with improved mic skills We've seen this with Miz, so they can pull it off with Bryan if they tried hard.

    The Justin Gabriel face turn could have been seen a mile away. They already had reports for the past month saying that he was working dark/tour matches as a face.

    I really hope that Sheamus doesn't get Hornswoggle as a mascot, like Finlay did. I love Sheamus' dominant persona, and hopefully he will keep this up as a heel.
  2. rebelrace's Avatar
    it would be really cool if there were wwe superstars coming to Rebel Race Indiana in September!!! I would love to have The Rock or CM Punk on my team
  3. CMhuw24's Avatar
    I can see Justin Gabriel doing well, and he has size for a high flyer to his advantage.
  4. midian's Avatar
    I doubt they will team Sheamus up with Hornswoggle because Sheamus has said many of times that he doesn't want to be type cast as an Irish stereotype.They should have turned Justin face months ago.
  5. LoGik's Avatar
    sheamus is dope.nuff said
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