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King Scrapper

They will win the title one day/Wade Barret

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First blog post!

Wade Barret is a great wrestler and will obviously win the title one day, but you cant expect for the WWE to put a strap on somebody so soon. Every legend in recent memory worked mid card for YEARS before they got their first shot.

*These numbers are not accurate but very close estimates

The Rock: Almost two to three years before winning a world title.
Stone Cold: Almost 4 years
Triple H: Almost 4 years
The Miz: 6 years
CM Punk: 6 years
The Undertaker: 5+ years
John Cena: 4 years
Kane: 2 years(not another title again for about 10 years lol)
Big Show: 3 years
Randy Orton: 3 years
Edge: 7 years

And the list goes on...

in the last few years they have put the belt on a couple of guys a little bit faster (Swagger, Sheamus) but look where that got them. No where. When the WWE puts the title on guys after a few years of really investing in their character, they typically remain in the main event scene for the rest of their careers.

I rather have the WWE take their time and flesh out Wade's character and personality before they give him a title. He has too much potential to just throw a strap on him and have him lose it two PPVs later. That also goes for a lot of other guys in the back as well. They need to work for a while before they get a major belt. Should Daniel Bryan win the title. Hell no. In my opinion he hasnt proven himself much in the WWE. But the IWC tends to feel that as soon as they see someone that's pretty good but hasnt been pushed needs to immediately win a world title.

I just think that the IWC needs to have more patience with today's wrestlers career paths. Vince hit it on the mark when he said that he thinks long term. That's better for the business. It makes people keep watching to see when and if there favorite wrestler wins a major title one day and how.

Please voice opinions below.

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  1. URATOOL's Avatar
    Oh and Miz debuted April 21, 2006 and won the WWE title November 22 2010. So only 4 and a half years not 6.
  2. DM Tea's Avatar
    Drew McIntyre has a long way to go before he could ever, EEEEEVER be considered for a world title. I can't believe how much the IWC talks about McIntyre when he's not even on TV.

    Dolph Ziggler actually was WHC for a few minutes and he'll have a real reign eventually. Even as someone who cheers all the heels I hated Vickie for the longest time but now I realize she's gold. WWE needs to create a couple of A-List managers dude, because how many people that couldn't talk for shit were huge back in the day? Dude lots were. Guys that couldn't talk for shit went into the Heenan Family or got Jimmy Hart or whatever and it worked like magic.

    Barrett will be champ some day unless something gets F'ed up and everyone knows it. He's in that purgatory stage though right now between IC and WHC contention. How many times do you see a guy lose the IC or US and then soon after go on to win a world title? Well, Barrett just lost the IC strap to Ezekiel (MANAGER, PLEASE!) and announced that he was on to bigger and better things. That means it's fucking go time.

    Punk, as pointed out by King Orton, only waited 2 years BUT he'd been champion in every promotion he'd gone to. People were chanting for him in his debut against Justin Credible. If people chant your name during your entrance when it's your god damn debut, you are OVER AS FUCK so even if King Scrapper had the numbers wrong it doesn't disprove his main point.
  3. King Scrapper's Avatar
    Thank you DM Tea. I didnt freaking go to wikipedia to check for accuracy. I'm just trying to make a point.
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