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Jacob Frost

Daniel Bryan main eventer

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So now that Mr. Bryan is the new Mr. Money in the bank, we are all wondering how they are going to book him. Will the WWE just give him a short title run until Orton gets the title back, will Daniel Bryan be the first person to lose his match for the title or will he lose the briefcase before then? This is not what will happen but just what I would do in making Daniel Bryan the number 2 face of Smackdown as there isn’t one at the moment.

First have Daniel Bryan come down the ring and give him a 5min promo on how this is his ticket to living his dream of becoming the World Champion, says he proves people wrong all his life he proved Michael Cole wrong when he got his contracted in the WWE he proved The Miz wrong when he beat him and won the United States title and he proved everyone wrong when he won The Money In the Bank match. Que Wade Barrett comes down and goes on a rant on how he is the best and how if it wasn’t for him and the Nexus no one would even know who Daniel Bryan is. This leads to a match between the two of them at Summerslam.

At Summerslam the match is set with the briefcase on the line during the build up we have Barrett attack Bryan at all attempts and promises he will beat Bryan and become World Champion, the match itself is set up with Barrett attacking Bryan before the match but Bryan stands up and tells the ref to continue, this leads to a Barrett beat down slow beating with big high impact moves (powerbombs, powerslams, clotheslines, suplexes) after each move Barrett covers and Bryan kicks out this leads to Barrett snapping and starts to shouting at the ref leading to Barrett failing into the LeBell Lock and a tap out Bryan wins and Barrett attacks Bryan again and steals the briefcase

The following Smackdown the World Champ (lets say Orton) faces lets say Mark Henry or Kane and has a hard fought match is attacked by Barrett who tries to cash in the briefcase but is then chased off by Bryan who is left in the ring with the briefcase and an injured Orton with the crowd chanting for him to cash it in he looks at Orton and the crowd and the briefcase and drops it down and goes to help Orton who thinks its Barrett and nails him with an RKO and leaves the ring. The next week Bryan tells everyone why he didn’t cash it in because he wants to win the title face to face and wants to deserve it. This leads to Barrett calling Bryan a coward and challenges him again at night of champions which Bryan agrees.

At Night of Champions match Bryan is given more offence against Barrett and looks more dangerous and aggressive with big kicks and stretchers that leads to Cattle mutilation which Barrett submits and Bryan yet again proves himself to another person

Following week he declares that he will cash in his Briefcase at the one night that will make is dream even more special Wrestlemania but is yet again attacked by Barrett leading to Bryan to snap and challenges him to one last match for the briefcase at and in Hell in the Cell which Barrett accepts.

At Hell in the Cell have Bryan go insane even in the build up to the match on Smackdown make his moves even more aggressive and dangerous have Bryan win yet again but this time by pin fall after a rough kick into the head and leaving Barrett out for up to a month to sell it.

Leading up to Wrestlemania have Bryan beat everyone including Mark Henry, Sheamus, Kane, Christian and then Orton at Wrestlemania who he becomes partners with the increasing attacks on the amount of heels on the show. At the Royal Rumble Daniel Bryan wins and challenges Orton for the World title so at Wrestlemania Bryan and Orton face off both of them have been helping each other out over the past months and have a respect for each other. The match itself is a show stealer with Orton actually selling and acting like he isn’t invincible so near the middle of the match out of no where RKO and Bryan kicks out Orton goes for the punt Bryan counters it into Le Bell lock which is broken out of and then RKO which leads to Bryan putting his foot on the rope, Orton then goes for another punt but Bryan rolls out the ring and Orton and Bryan fight outside and Bryan nails Orton with a kick that KO’S Orton but the deadweight of Orton is difficult for Bryan to lift and is counted out so Orton Wins with Bryan then running to the briefcase and cashes it in and waits for Orton to get up before running into an RKO and Orton crawls to the cover and get a two count the match continues until Orton breaks free of the LeBell Lock and tries for the RKO but Bryan pushes Orton and nails an KO kick into the back of Orton’s head drops him dead and covers for the win and wins the World Title and becomes the new smart marks poster child and the casual fans now dangerous hero such as Angle or Benoit was. So the WWE could do this or make him lose it in two weeks to Sheamus in a squash match.

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  1. knox's Avatar
    great blog...did you hear about the smackdown spoiler involving Daniel Bryan's announcement. I dont wanna spoil i but Ryan clark posted it so check it out.

    Keep up the good work i loved the blog. I'm a huge Daniel Bryan fan. The only thing i would change is his music lol
  2. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Id have to say no way as hes not anywhere near over enought to be a main face of the company which is the main thing the e is lacking atm genuine bigtime faces. But good luck for you if he does win a title
  3. YoungShaz11's Avatar
    I was think about that Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan feud as well
  4. zapphoman's Avatar
    That would be awesome. You know everybody who keeps on saying that he can't be the main face of the company. Why does he have to be the main face of the company? Why not just Smackdown? Randy Orton sucks as the face of Smackdown and he's not even a face but a tweener. I think if given the proper build, Daniel Bryan could surpass everyone's expectations.
  5. DM Tea's Avatar
    This is a boring blog. Another wanky fanfiction that I don't have the energy to read. IT'S BORING, dude. Here are some actual thoughts about Daniel Bryan and not just a story I wrote with other people's characters. Daniel Bryanson could absolutely be the #2 face in the company. Carry the flag on SD. First and foremost, the guy can fucking go as a performer and the character can fucking go too. They've had him submit a lot of solid people. There's precedent in the canon of WWE for DB to be able to beat anyone. Second, and this is something Waltman said and it's pretty interesting to me that right after he said it they announced Sin Cara's Wellness violation. Daniel Bryanson is not going to fail a test, or get a d-dub, or "get caught with weed at Newark airport." Third, the big guy will always reign supreme in the E but since 2000 there have been lots of small champions like Eddie and Christian and that little chihuahua Rey Mysterio. Not over enough? Give it time. Literally. Give the guy more time on screen and let him talk and everything will be fine. Just don't do that "I'm living my dream" happy clappy bullshit because it's sappy and it's been done and we've seen a milllllion NXT fuckers say something along those lines this year. ENOUGH. cut it.
  6. masakaritko's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Theiconsting
    Id have to say no way as hes not anywhere near over enought to be a main face of the company which is the main thing the e is lacking atm genuine bigtime faces. But good luck for you if he does win a title
    He's not over enough YET, but I have a feeling he can pull it off

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