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Heel Triple H - Evolution into God Part 2

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in 2004, Evolution ruled the world, and that meant their leader ruled the World. An epic rivalry with Shawn Michaels not only restarted but reached brand new heights. If Triple H's series of main event matches in 2003 was boring to some, 2004 was exhilarating. His feud with Michaels was officially back on at the 2004 Royal Rumble in a very memorable last man standing match with the heartbreak kid. The rivalry was epic because Triple H's stance was that he was on the top, had surpassed Michaels and was pissed off that he was his so called lackey in DX. For Michaels, his former friend had caused one heinous act too many and had to pay retribution. They feuded for the first half of 2004.

In between this, Chris Benoit entered the fray. He wanted Triple H, he wanted to win the World Title and wanted to beat a champion (JBL was a great heel, but nowhere near the same level). Chris Benoit was a thorn in Helmsleys side, and the Helmsley-HBK-Benoit feud was surely the most memorable three man feud in the history of wrestling, because I really can't think of one. The Self Servant, mega arrogant yet sometimes chickenshit and proud of it villainous champion, the man who struggled for years to reach the holy grail and the man who's mission was to humble the piece of shit who he thought was his friend. Great storytelling and a three man feud supremely executed. This was a worthy WrestleMania main event, the only multi person big match occason that deserves its place in history at the grand stage, though for reasons you all know has been erased. One month later, a rematch occured at Backlash seeing as the first was so excellent, and Benoit won again to continue his fairytale. The timing was perfect for a well received Benoit run, because Triple H and Michaels had unfinished business.

After Backlash, the feud started to go into overdrive. Triple H was incensed that Shawn Michaels had a rematch on the cards with Benoit. Why him? Why not Triple H? The Triple H character believed that it was his divine right to be champion, and was not best pleased. He interfered in Michaels' championship match. Triple H had a great Ironman encounter with Benoit on Raw. Again, Michaels was a factor. The feud was truly back on, it seemed every segment involving one would see an attack attempt from the other. There was only one thing to do. Hell in a Cell. At Bad Blood, how apt.

They tore into each other from the get go, bloodying the hell out of each other, using tables ladders and chairs, and the vicious cell itself. True to form, Triple H dominated Hell In A Cell. For as much as Undertaker is namechecked with Hell in a Cell, Triple H is the king of the cell, uncompromising and willing to use the structure.

After HBK, Triple H had some fun. Being a total dickhead, he mocked mentally retarded Eugene. Beat him to pieces (letting Evolution get on the action). After Eugene, he went back to business and took his revenge on Randy Orton for having the cheek to take his World Title. The title was held from Unforgiven in September until largely WrestleMania the next year. After his feud with Orton, he gave Batista the rub on the main stage in a memorable feud that lasted several culminating in another Hell in a Cell at Vengeance 2005.

This would be the end of Triple H and his heelish domination of the World Title. From now on, he was rarely involved anymore. It was fresh to see him in a feud without the World Title all the same facing the Big Show, he he had never directly feuded with. Extremely memorable was the contract signing where he flipped the table and smashed the crap out of Show's hand with a sledgehammer. Always brutal, always entertaining.

His last heel feud was with John Cena. This was billed as the first time the champion would be the underdog in a WrestleMania main event. Of course Triple H was extremely derogatory to the champion, and was arrogant in the entire build up. By this time in 2006, Cena was already well hated and the main event crowd in Chicage heavily booed the face and heavily cheered the heel, a precourser to modern time maybe? This was also when the King of Kings became another suitable moniker for Triple H, and another theme entrance was developed for the man to reflect this. Two theme songs at one time, that's impressive.

Time for a rant. I think the Triple H bashers are nonsensical, and heres why. Three straight WrestleMania main events, he lost. He lost three times at the biggest, most noticable event every year in wrestling consecutively. If you never watched wrestling or had any idea of storyline or belt history, you may think that he was not all that great (if you thought it was real lol). Two of these times, he tapped out. When you tap out, you convey that your character cannot handle the offense of your opponent. Even at WrestleMania this year, the critics were sharpening their knives that Triple H might have the audacity to book himself to end the streak. Again, he tapped.

I have been called a Triple H mark in the past. I for one wouldn't call anyone a mark. When people call other people marks they do it in a derogatory way on the internet, as if a mark is massively insulting and something to be ashamed of. I for one would never brand someone a mark, whether you like Cena or Damien Domento. I have suffered many a backlash previously being called a Triple H "mark" by idiots just for throwing his name in there, even if it carries little relevance to the point I am making. People just jump the gun and ramble on and just concentrate on the apparent bad traits of the man. I couldn't care, half the time I am just mentioning that I think he's good while talking about something else completely. It's unfortunate that morons/mentalists/freakazoids/insert name, troll the internet to vent their angst against people they don't I'm doing it right now.. You little nerds get a life and stop taking wrestling so seriously and thinking you are experts. I can appreciate peoples interests and idea's they would have out of enjoyment and wishes for the product, and their analysis of a part of the show, but stop acting hard on the net. If this was a movie, everybody would start clapping in that cheesy 80's movie way and all join together and learn their ways. Unfortunately its not and I (and many of you) will have to deal with these overprivileged tools on a regular basis. It's a tv show, like it for what it is or don't watch. So in short, don't call people marks, lets be friends.

Sorry for ranting, I feel so dirty now!


Triple H ended his final heel run by reforming DX with long time rival and real life friend Shawn Michaels. This was a huge success, though sadly, enough of a commercial success to keep Trips from ever turning into the dickhead of epic proportions we loved to hate again. He had more title reigns after this, and continued to put over stars as a beloved cheeky face, with a warriors reputation that the new generation bought and respected. I have missed the edgy Triple H of old , but completely understand his postition in the company had to change with the new product. The man himself also had always wanted to end as a face so we knew it was coming. I am hopeful (and expectant) that his new owner character is a heel presence. I can imagine that he would be disgusted at the fans singing goodbye to VKM and decides to turn on them and be a dickhead again because he can. Though I expect a different approach and would enjoy a surprise.

The Cerebral Assassin, the King of Kings, Game Over, My Time, Motorhead, Sledgehammers, The Pedigree. Just some awesome Triple H related criteria.

Pain is temporary, The game is Forever.

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  1. The Outsider's Avatar
    That was great reading. Thanks. I miss the arrogant heel Trips. I'm a massive Foley 'mark' and I think some of my favourite Foley WWE/F moments were his feud with The Game where he retired him. People get too hung up on what goes on backstage to enjoy the storylines sometimes
  2. steveorton's Avatar
    Excellent blog 10/10, and the ending was gold, I'm jus sayin...
  3. Mooresy29's Avatar
    Excellent Blog, i too feel Triple H gets a lot of unfair criticism at times, he's a hell of an entertainer and a hell of a character, if only we had more like him! I totally agree and hope his run as owner is a villainous one, on Raw when he left the ring and went up the ramp and turned back to look at Vince, i was sure he was gonna flash that evil 'You're damn right it was me Shawn' grins. Here's hopin though! 10/10
  4. NashVegas24's Avatar
    Great blog! At times, I do feel that Triple H never truly had his WM moments like Taker or Michaels, but when you put everything down on paper -- quite the career. I think he is about to enjoy his next heel run as the new Chairman....
  5. King Scrapper's Avatar
    Amazing blog. people are quick to jump on HHH simply because he's married to Vince's daughter. I think that's bullshit. He still worked harder than almost everyone backstage when he was on the rise. he deserved everything that he accomplished. You have to respect HHH and his wrk for the company. Unlike Cena, I dont think he's an ass kisser backstage. he just legit has an amazing eye for the business, and for in ring work. Cena simply kisses ass. Everyone's ass. Vince's ass, Stephanie's ass, CM Punk's ass, triple H's ass, John Laurenitis' ass, even the fan's ass. This is why he doesnt get much respect.
  6. Pro_Abdi's Avatar
    Cracking stuff, really enjoyed the blog. I hope im not the only one that wants to see HHH revert to a heel and become that dickhead heel chairman because he can.
  7. Fluffyman101's Avatar
    i loved you series so far

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