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Heel Triple H - Evolution into God Part 1

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Apologies for the delay my fellow Helmsleyites, I've been considerably sidetracked in the last week due to various commitments. No doubt you've watched MITB anyway so you have been busy being pumped up bout that. If you would like to check out my previous articles next is a link to the second issue of this Triple H series , in which you will immediately be presented with a link to the first episode. Check it out if you want to read some positive aspects of the character.

The one thing about Triple H that shows the measure of the man just as much as what he does in the ring is his accessory - The slegehammer. There is no weapon in the world of wrestling that is synonimous with one man. Triple H owns the sledgehammer in wrestling. It is his go to weapon. Plenty of other stars have their tools. Edge, Christian, Michaels and Hardys are associated with ladders. Dudleys are associated with tables. Triple H is the only person associated with a sledgehammer. It's his weapon, and only he would be as vile to use it. Anybody else using it just doesn't seem right. Going in 2003 Triple H was the World's Heavyweight champ once more. If 1999 and 2000 were major marks of progression in the games career, 2003 was the year of the king.

"There is only one true diamond in this business, and baby, you're looking at him"

In the midst of a forgetful feud with Scott Steiner, Triple H formed what would be one of the greatest groups in history, Evolution.

Introducing the group officially to the world, Triple H put them all over. For people who were bored with him on the mic, I rarely was. I completely loved the character as I've stated previously, and his whole schtick seemed old school to me, as in a classical bad guy sense. Triple H naturally put himself over big time. If the guy hankered in the office for it, so what, I was entertained all the time. It was part of his character to be egotistical. Ric Flair was put over big time by Haitch on the mic too. That is two big guys in a stable, hyped up by the spokesman. He bigged up Batista (then known formerly as Dave Batista) and Randy Orton, two guys who were new(ish) to tv screens, Orton started off a generic looking third generation upstart turned cocky superstar giving updates on his rehab after elbow surgery, and "Deacon" Batista was a former Reverend D-Von lackey turned ferocious animal who needed direction. This was, as he says, Evolution.

Evolution, however, wasn't as smooth as planned. Injuries to Orton and Batista early after the groups inception could have seen this dropped. Luckily, the E was in a pretty good state back then with an impressive roster so there was no melodrama about cancelling the whole idea. Orton eventually returned and then so did Batista, but more on that later.

The feud with Steiner aside, next in line for a title shot was Booker T at WrestleMania XIX. The race card was played heavily in this one, which people say wasn't necessarily needed, and I'd agree to a point, but the whole point of Triple H was that he was a master of psychology, outside the ring as much inside it, anything to get an edge. Speaking of psychology, I personally loved their bout at WrestleMania, thought it was an excellent example, and thought it got slated badly as an afterthought. Though trailing in memory to Jericho v Michaels, Hogan v McMahon, Rock v Austin and Lesnar v Angle is nothing to be ashamed of. Now heres where a lot of vitriol began to appear. I was hugely disappointed that Booker didn't win this match. I'd liked him since his WcW days, though I didn't care a whole load about that organisation in general beforehand. But I was disappointed. Thats it. I wasn't mad obsessed and pointing the finger because the face didn't win. I didn't buy into all these conspiracy theories and reasons behind it all. This is probably the first time I have ever seen the wrath of the "IWC". 2003 Triple H, has been portrayed as the year he buried WcW on the orders of his boss in law McMahon. Steiner, Booker, Nash, Goldberg.

Arguments for this are spotty at best. He didn't put over Booker but there was no divine right to do this, there was never much seriousness shown before the WrestleMania match and he wouldn't be given that proverbial ball to run with for another three years. Steiner was a total failed experiment, dropped down the ladder to mid card quickly. Nash was limited in the ring and past his best, so didn't need the belt, and.... he put Goldberg over. So thats that in my opinion. He certainly didn't bury Kane by taking his mask, did he? He was the bastard that forced the awesome reign of terror of Kane mark II.

Triple H dominated 2003, more or less holding the belt for 9 consecutive months. Funny how some people are never happy, they can be overall disappointed at the short reigns of the modern era (though in thrall of quick changes in the attitude era) but equally and maybe more mad at one guy hogging the belt for a healthy dominant period. His feud with Goldberg in 2003 was memorable to me, he gave Goldberg the rub in both a title reign and a meaningful feud. Goldberg defeated super heel Helmsley at Unforgiven and held it until Armageddon when the game ascended to the top of the table again. The feud with Goldberg was great, the initial challenge of the match, to the elimination chamber were Goldberg dominated until good ol' Nature boy + sledgehammer turned the tide into an almighty beatdown, to making Goldberg put his career on the line, all the way to the $100,000 bounty on Goldberg's head. Triple H was great during this, a massive bastard enciting a whole roster to rid him of the foe he wanted rid of in a great way. The real life apparent heat between Levesque and Goldberg came off perfectly on the screen. Eventually, original recruit to his supergroup Batista put out Goldberg for a few weeks and picked up the bounty. Evolution was officially born.


Evolution, ah what a bad ass group. Reborn before the 2003 Survivor Series, they would not be seperated again until the eventual dissolution.

Randy Orton made a reappearance in June 2003, and his ascension into the major player he is today finally gathered pace. Triple H's right hand man for much of the second half of 2003, it didn't take long for him to be his own man and an integral part of Evolution. Starting as Triple H's back up in the SummerSlam elimination chamber, he was soon feuding with and beating Shawn Michaels, by which time he had already gained the genius moniker of "legend killer". 2 months later, he killed another legend and ended Stone Cold Steve Austin's gm career at Survivor Series in a lively elimination match. Soon after, he entered a career making feud with Mick Foley, and was in no time a total arrogant scumbag, quickly rising to much talked about if not main event status, becoming one of the most entertaining heels in the industry and winning more fans in a hardcore match at the following Backlash. His star kept rising, until he dared to cross the Game. The point of the group was to keep the title on the leader, the man, Triple H.

Like Orton, by association with Triple H Batista was an immediate player in the WWE. Putting Goldberg on the shelf, helping Orton end Austin's gm reign, beating HBK at Armageddon with aplomb all in the space of about one month. Batista was an enforcer, intimidating as hell. His rise was not as meteoric as Orton's, but not by much. Being a Triple H guy was enough to get him hugely over, and when the time came for him to go out on his own he was more than ready and able.

When Orton won the World Heavyweight Title at SummerSlam, things went downhill greatly for him. Blooded into Evolution but bloodied out, Batista knew were his loyalties lay, and was a thorn in Orton's side. Orton's original face run was a poor part of his career, pushed to the top too soon. Turning face because Triple H beat him up is not a good enough reason for people to follow you, and it proved, as he was not face for a long period. He would eventually be a heel again and start his own path.

Batista eventually turned face, but this was a success. He didn't get beaten up by Triple H, but he turned on him to big admiration. Triple H started playing the chickenshit heel to move Batista's character up the ladder. At the 2005 New Years Revolution PPV, Batista dominated the elimination Chamber for the vacant title. Triple H picked up the win, but Batista felt agrieved and confident. Batista picked up the 2005 rumble win, and Triple H was scared shitless to fight him at WrestleMania and used all his manipulating powers to direct his stupid muscle servant to go after the WWE Title on Smackdown. Though Batista was not buying this, and was smart to Helmsley's tactics. He powerbombed him through a table after a contract signing episode of Raw to meet his now former leader at WrestleMania, and the rest was history, and so was Evolution. In my opinion Evolution ended way too quickly. Orton was pushed to the belt way too soon which halted the groups momentum and believability. Batista was also pushed incredibly quickly though this made sense as he should have been and was way more of a draw than a glorified bodyguard for Triple H in the wake of Orton's exoneration. Evolution though, did what it intended maybe more than doppelganger group The Four Horsemen. Every member was truly a big player, all multiple world champions in the same era excusing the then truly iconic Flair.

Evolution were memorable for many things, especially the brutal beatdowns. Many (If not all) of the superstars were annihilated during their reign of terror. They were ever present and ruled Raw. There was no weak member. They were the definition of a super group. Their titantron/music was fucking great too.

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  1. Van-Wilder's Avatar
    I don't comment on here often but I just want to say I'm loving these Triple H blogs. Really bringing back great memories of the greatest heel of all time. The only other heel that comes close in my opinion is Vinnie Mac.
    Again, excellent blog.
  2. King Scrapper's Avatar
    Evolution was nothing but awesome. Great blow man.

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