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WWE: Unknown Territory (You Decide)

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We learned right here that WWE is conducting surveys in New York with past and current wrestling fans of all age groups. Instead of a survey I think you'll learn more if you let them plan the future of WWE. Logging every storyline the poeple come up with into one file then seeing what is consistent. Then make the changes.

-- In My Future WWE: Cena is given some much needed vacation time. During this time more focus is on using the roster they have and focusing less on their big stars. Cena's shown spending time with his family and relaxing and the Rock calls him "SOFT." After an altercation outside of wrestling you see both of them start training for the other - I'm talking build up like the old HHogan stuff where we see weeks of training for this match. Match at Wrestlemania is meaningful then with a Cena and Rock return.

-- In My Future WWE: CM Punk is shown with the title all over TV and News for weeks, Miz goes off on WWE Management HHH about the WWE Belt and CM PUNK. Miz counters with his own appearances and interviews. From HHH there is no WWE champion crowned as they play the stolen belt / we have to sign Punk angle or get the belt back. Talk Shows get involved with the storyline feud by booking both Miz and Punk to go at each other company vs. non-company (Cena can't do this). Buildup a Return match at SummerSlam between Miz and CM Punk. These too can generate a heat no one else can right now - use it.

-- In My Future WWE: Champion CM Punk gets handed the torch by ... challenger The Undertaker. Wrestlemania Punk defeats the Undertaker to end the streak. Instant long time cred for Punk.

Now give me what You Want to happen - NOT what you Think will happen.
My Future WWE: (please keep your responses to one or two paragraphs)

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  1. TheVipersCenation's Avatar
    In reality.. Rey will prolly be the WWE Champion.
  2. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    i want punk to defend the wee title at mania against triple h, or at least feud and bout with him at some point, thatd be money baby. dont care about booking tv i like being surprised. good ideas though think theyd play out well
  3. HarlemHeatseeker's Avatar
    New guy here lol

    My Future WWE: CM Punk actually does what the angle hinted to, and appears in another promotion (preferably ROH) and defends the title. In the build up to this i'd like to see some kind of hacked video message (in a similar style to that of his MITB promo) of his exploits outwith the WWE. Obviously for this to happen the 'E would need to have brokered this deal.

    We get a 'new' champ and belt, HHH annouces who the Raw GM is (that angles went on WAY too long lol), who uses their clout to bring back Punk which builds up Punks return and a Champ vs Champ match at one of the PPVs.

    Aside from above wishes I hope... we get seperate tag titles and have actual tag teams back (do they not realise this is a great way to utilise talent not being used in singles angles?) that The Rock takes some advice from Steve and the rest of the HOF/Legends and know's his role, Cena takes some time off so that peeps actually get off his back (the guys not great, but he dont deserve the heat he gets)...
  4. wphill's Avatar
    My Future WWE: CM Punk turns up in ROH with the WWE Title and flaunts it for a few weeks.
    Eventually Punk has a match when Alberto Del Rio shows up and cashes in the money in the bank briefcase.

    Del Rio brings the title back and gets his big push, CM Punk still goes down as the man who finally defeated "Super" Cena and took the WWE Title, ROH gets a ton of publicity and the WWE can run the footage on Raw.
    It's fresh, new and different. Everyone wins.

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