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How I would book the Big Show

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Let’s face it; Big Show is arguably the largest athlete in the world and maybe even in the entire wrestling history. He has also been boxing for years which makes him one of the toughest guys outside the ring. If WWE was real, I don’t think anyone would be albe to defeat Big Show, not only cause of his size but also his boxing background, he would knock you out cold.

Which brings me to my next point, they have booked Big Show pretty poorly. He got squashed by Mark Henry, and even destroyed by John Cena multiple times, not to mention Del Rio was owning him with submissions. People no longer get intimidated by Big Show, same with Kane. Big Show needs to look much more stronger and they need to add more depth and realism to his character. When non wrestling fans tune in and see Big Show in a match they should see him destroying guys and tossing them around like babies and squashing guys like Cena with ease. He needs to look and act his size. He only has a few years left in him and I feel WWE could really use these few years to make him look credible once again and a serious main evener.

This is how I would book Big Show:

Since Henry destroyed Big Show last Sunday, he should take a few months off. With these few months he should train his ass off and turn that fat into muscle. Imagine how much stronger Big Show would look if he turned 50 lbs of his fat into muscle. I’d have him work out everyday till he looks muscular, nothing crazy like Mason Ryan or Ezekiel but at least not fat. I’m not saying let him push his limit but workout reasonably so that he doesn’t end up injuring himself while working out. Then I’d have him grow some of his hair back, he looks too nice bald. I’d probably have him shave all his facial hair so he looks younger kind of like how he did in 2000. I’d have him change his attire, put on pants/jeans like royal rumble 2003 (not tights – it helps hide leg fat), wristbands and his top attire from attitude era. It would probably have some design and a logo because plain back is just boring, have his jeans be dark blue and have him put on some baby oil to really make his muscles pop out (but nothing crazy like Orton). Change up this entrance theme to an instrumental version of his current song but a decrease the tempo a bit. His entrance would be pretty much the same, have him enter over the top rope but his pyro would play twice – once when his music hits and again when he is inside the ring and does his taunt (like attitude era, sometimes he had in ring pyro).

They would run video packages hyping up Big Show’s returning and making him look strong. Then you have Mark Henry and Khali beating up some faces, lets just say Kofi and Morrison… then Big Show returns and destroys both Henry and Khali, returning as a face. After feuding with both, he would seem indestructible, winning all matches. He would go on the mic and say that for all these years he had gone soft and was easily getting defeated by other guys, he even failed to win the World Championship and when Mark Henry took him out, he lighted the fire in the Big Show that was long burned out. He awoke the true giant inside of him and made him want to work out again and get strong so he could live up to his name ‘world’s largest athlete’, he felt small when he was beaten by Henry.

He goes on his path of destruction, destroying any heel in his face. He feuds with Mason Ryan, whom he destroys but Mason ends up looking strong as it takes a lot out of Big Show to beat him. He still continues feuding with heels, waiting for his turn to finally get a title shot. Then all of a sudden he knocks out John Cena and turns heel. He says that he has been on a path of destruction and doesn’t need to earn a title shot because he has destroyed everyone in his way and he should be Champion just because of that. He refuses to compete in any match until he gets his title shot, or else he will go to Smackdown! (at this point his is a real big threat because Big Show is such a big star at this point and has gone over very well cause of his push, going to smackdown Would be a big loss for Raw). The Raw GM grants Big Show his title match with Cena at a TLC, but if Big Show looses the match, he will be fired from the WWE. Big Show cleanly ends up winning the match, squashing Cena in a chair match. Big Show never ends up using the help of a chair in the match, but Cena uses the chair a lot. This ends up making Big Show a tweener as fans accept him for beating Cena cleanly for the title (which is something very rare).

Cena gets his rematch at the Royal Rumble, which he ends up winning and ending Big Show’s streak (but not cleanly, Big Show passes out to the STF and the stipulation is that title can change hands by any means). Some Smackdown superstar ends up winning the Royal Rumble, so next night on Raw the the Raw GM says that next week on Raw for the first time in Raw history and national television, there will be a 30 man royal rumble match involving Raw Superstars only. The entire thing will be just like the Royal Rumble, expect on Raw with Raw stars only. A new superstar enters the ring ever 2 minutes. Big Show enters #1 and eliminates EVERYONE in the rumble, whether it is one at a time or couple people in the ring. Big Show gets his rematch with Cena at Wrestlemania and his revenge, can Cena defeat Big Show by pinfall? Or can Big Show prove to the world that his loss to Cena was a fluke. Big Show once again ends up winning the title and continues his path of destruction but a few months later he gets kayfabe injured. The reason he wins the Raw Royal Rumble is because WWE could use the regular Royal Rumble to push a younger talent. People would bitch too much if Big Show actually won the PPV Royal Rumble and eliminated all 29 men by himself (this would be okay if Big Show was only like 29 years old or if it was attitude era) This is why we had the Raw Royal Rumble, something people will remember Big Show for, you know like his ‘big moment and legacy’ like how Undertaker has the streak.

The Kayfabe injury angle puts show out for 3 months. After he returns, he is not the same, as in he still is a giant but he doesn’t win all his matches. The injury angle makes him not so invincible as his injuries effect him and every time someone does a move on him it take more out of him cause of his injuries which doctor’s describe a permanent, thus ending Big Show’s indestructible path, but still having him be very dangerous. At this point Big Show has reached legendary status after defeating the likes of many high carders. Big Show is now a tweener like Undertaker. The crowd always cheers and favours him just like Undertaker despite him facing a face.

It’s a long read but that’s how I would book him. After this point, anyone that ends up defeating the Big Show will automatically be over and pushed to the moon. Imagine a new guy like Zack Ryder cleanly defeating Cena, how much it could do for this career. Just like that this push will make Big Show a much bigger legend, he has been in WWE for so long and he deserves this one big push. He never got a nice lengthy push or title reign. WWE doesn’t even have any new giants. Khali is a joke and can’t talk, Mark Henry is just fat and not tall enough. Big Show and Andre are the two giants of the WWE. Taker/Kane are great but they are not like 500 lbs, they are super heavyweights not giants.

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  1. knox's Avatar
    you know what man, I deeply thank you for posting this blog I agree 100% with everything your saying. I like the friendly Big Show but he can still be dominant like he was in his WCW days. I believe the Big Show is a maineventer hands down. I remember that Wrestlemania when he competed in a triple threat for the World Heavyweight title against Cena & Edge. Edge is my favorite of all time but I was praying that they let the Big Show win.

    The Big Show is a bonafide stud and one of the greatest big men in the history of this sport. I don't like Ezekiel Jackson's ring skills. But Mark Henry & Big Show are legit studs. I think they should pick this feud back up and maybe let it carry on to Wrestlemania unless they let the Big Show & Kevin Nash go head to head at Mania.

    Thanks again for the good read my friend
  2. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    Unfortunately the big show has just been an enhancement talent/sometimes special attraction for such a long long time now, and nearly his whole wwe career. They have just run out of idea's for him throughout most of his run, they booked him brilliantly when he feuded with lesnar years ago and as kanes partner back in mid 2000's, that was one hell of a dominant team. he was an attraction for the mayweather fight but in general they just dont have much for him which is a shame. when cena beat him 3 times on the trot it wasnt a surprise which shows how misused hes been. i love big show, great to see him get some attention mate.
  3. The_Awesome_One's Avatar
    I hate to say it but Big Show is a jobber
  4. The Hipster's Avatar
    Show is great. Yes, he has to to job because if wrestling was "real," he'd destroy EVERYONE! Show does a great job and shold be pushed more than he is. If Andre were alive in this era he'd probably be used in the same way. When you are as large as Show, you still have to out others over or you NEVER get a title. Great read. However, I'd keep Show as a face, he seems to have better stats then.
  5. AOF666's Avatar
    WWE will never let Big Show be the monster he is.
  6. pab75's Avatar
    The WWE and WCW both dropped the ball as far as the Big Show. the Big Show should have been booked just liked Andre. yes he's more agile, but the Big Show would of went over huge. Instead they have him losing to Cena and all these idiots. No, he's not Andre but he had the potential to be put over huge. I would have had him move very slow in the ring and be the total Giant.
    They could have put him in the ring against 3 guys like they did with Andre. unfortunately the wrestling nowadays is not believable and is a joke. Titles should be held longer and moves should be sold better. Just my thought..
  7. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Agreed Show has been used poorly in the e like many stars over the years. Ive always thought show should be in better shape but i guess Vince just doesnt care much about it.
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