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WrestleMania 28 - The best one yet?

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After watching MITB on Sunday night and then Raw last night, i couldn't help but think about WrestleMania. With Cena getting fired, i was thinking about all the possibilities that would happen regarding the match with The Rock at WrestleMania. Obviously, Cena didn't end up getting 'fired' and I think that the booking on Raw at the minute is top notch. And then with the creation of the WWE title tournament I was thinking how that 'new' title would develop onto WrestleMania.

Personally, I would have had 5 wrestlers come to ring on Raw last night re. the title situation and I would have booked a 5 man Scramble match at Summerslam. The Miz vs Alex Riley vs Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio vs R-Truth. I would have booked The Miz to win. However, that wasn't the case and we had the title tournament. So here is what I would book for Wrestlemania 28.

WrestleMania 28

The Rock vs John Cena - This match doesn't need any explaining.

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs John Morrison - I would keep Alberto Del Rio from cashing in the title straight away and have him carry it around a little bit. He says that it is his destiny to become the champion, but he will be champion come Wrestlemania. The first decent 'heel' chance he will get to take the title is at Hell in a Cell. However, he will be in a match against John Morrison. They will originally feud about how Morrison is fed up of Del Rio running his mouth all the time about his destiny of becoming the champion. It leads to them having a match at Hell In A Cell. Possibly a number one contenders match. Which John Morrison wins. Morrison goes onto Vengeance to challenge the Champ (Miz), but loses, whereas Del Rio does something else. Come Money In The Bank, Miz is in a Ladder Match against Kofi Kingston for the WWE Title, which ends with The Miz winning and then Del Rio cashing in and becoming the new WWE Champion. Del Rio keeps the title all the way to Mania, and Morrison wins the Royal Rumble to face Del Rio.

HHH vs CM Punk - I think that this whole CM Punk thing will lead to something. I do believe that he has left the WWE, but I believe that he will be back later on in the year. HHH can be the man in power doing what is right for the WWE and eventually, Punk, the true champion comes back. He refuses to take part in any match re. the new wwe title because he is the real Champion. It boils down to a match at Mania between the two. Then again, this match might be wishful thinking, but I hope that it happens.

The Undertaker vs Chris Jericho - Despite the matches above which were going around in my head, I nearly forgot about The Undertaker. After all, to me, he is the main attraction at Mania with the streak having more prestige than any title. Anyway, what better opponent than Jericho? Jericho returns later on in the year as a face. After the Rumble, Jericho can cut a promo (similar to HHHs last year) that he has done it all. But there is one thing he hasn't done that no one has been able to do, and that is end the streak. Undertaker could announce that it will be his last ever match. So this sets up more people wanting to challenge Undertaker. It can result in a mini 8 man tournament, with people on both Raw and SmackDown leading to a Elimination Chamber final between Jericho and Cody Rhodes with the winner facing the Undertaker at Mania. Jericho wins and then they build to possibly one of the biggest Mania matches of all time.

Wade Barrett (c) vs Randy Orton - Christian is the current champion and at Summerslam he defends the title against Orton and Sheamus. Orton has Sheamus beat, but Christian somehow manages to steal the victory, which leads to a match at Night Of Champions, possibly a Last Man Standing match, in which Orton wins the title back. Christian battles people on SD leading to the final blow off match, a Hell in a Cell, which Orton wins. The following month, Orton beats Daniel Bryan who wants to cash in cleanly. He can then feud with Sheamus, or maybe even Rhodes. Barrett beats Orton at TLC to become the new champion and then again at the Rumble in the re-match. Orton wins the chamber to get one more shot at Mania.

The Miz vs Kofi Kingston - I would save Rey Mystero vs The Miz for SummerSlam, with Alex Riley constantly being a thorn in the Miz's side. The Miz becomes the new WWE Champion and then has to defend the title the following month in a scramble match, which he manages to escape with the title. Riley constantly is being a thorn in his side, even getting a non-title victory over him, which leads to the blow off at Hell in a Cell. The Miz defeats Riley, but he makes him in the match. Riley can then go and feud with Ziggler? At Hell in a cell, Morrison beats Del Rio to earn a match against The Miz at Vengeance, which The Miz wins. Kofi then becomes the new number one contender and only just loses at Survivor Series, but after the match, Kofi attacks Miz. It leads to a Ladder match at TLC in which Miz just barely wins, then Del Rio cashes in. On Raw, Miz loses his re-match but wants Del Rio at rumble. Kofi beats Miz in a number one contenders match and then the following week, Miz and Del Rio lose in a tag team match against Kofi. Kofi can keep on getting the upper hand, but at the rumble, Del Rio retains the title. In the Raw WWE Title Elimination Chamber match, Miz can eliminate Kofi, but it eventually leads to The Miz vs Kofi Kingston at Mania, in which Kofi can get the big win.

Apart from these, I couldn't really think of any more. Possibly Rhodes and DiBiase (c) vs Ryder and Hawkins, but im not too sure.

This probably won't happen, but if it does, then it could end up being the best WrestleMania of all time.

What do you guys think?

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  1. AOF666's Avatar
    Jericho will not be back for Wrestlemania. The tournament to see who faces Undertaker's last match is a cool idea. Ultimately it should be Mankind that face Taker for his last match. Christian loosing the belt to Orton sucks.
  2. maar13's Avatar
    Personally I would like to see Bryan VS Christian for the belt. But your card looks really cool with the top 3 matches.
  3. cubco's Avatar
    i wrote this before the SmackDown Spoilers were out.

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