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STATE OF THE 'E: The Nexus Of CM Punk

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July 17th, 2011 has come and gone. CM Punk has officially left the WWE with their Championship. In the last 24 hours CM Punk has been parading the belt all around Chicago, celebrating with friends and family alike. He's made Twitter comments about where the belt is... in his 'fridge by the way and then he took it out and has been galavanting around again with it, even taking it to a Cubs VS. Phillies game and has been seen on National television with it.

CM Punk has resigned with the WWE. Why such a bold statement? Regardless of who you are, you're not going to just walk out of the company and show it off everywhere like that just to "prove a point." This is free publicity at its finest. CM Punk continues to trot around with the Championship outside and go to media appearances holding it, radio shows, everything. People are talking about WWE outside of someone dying. And that's what Punk has wanted this whole time. Now, Punk may not be seen on television for a while and he may just continue to parade the belt around for the next 6 to 9 months but, he'll be back.

Just as quickly as we all thought the dust was settling and this storyline was done and all the implications were over, they swerved us again. Triple H has pulled the trigger on Ol' Yeller and put him down. This is a most interesting time in the WWE. They technically have no Champion, CM Punk is running around with the "real" Championship and Haitch is now in charge.

As the winds pick up there's one man standing in the middle of it. One man who continues to generate controversy. John Cena. After the grueling match between himself and CM Punk at Money In The Bank, one has to wonder where Cena truly stands now. We know he'll remain a face especially with how Haitch represented it as RAW was going off the air. But in all honesty, what of John Cena now? Will he become the Champion again? More importantly if he does, why? There still wasn't a match between The Miz and Rey Mysterio to crown the new Champion and with Haitch in charge now, does that tournament even count? Will Haitch just award Cena with a new Championship next week and act as if nothing has happened?

THE 'E are at a very touch and go position right now with their fans. We've been conditioned to be built up and let down. It's common for us to be skeptical about everything going on. Yes, the time is now. The current generation is frothing at the mouth for their shot, the fans are just as rabid to actually see this new era unfold in front of them. It's now or never and it's all or nothing.

WWE, You stand at the precipise of something new and different, you stand in untested waters, you stand with the World watching you and with them breathing down your neck. We're waiting but I guarantee a lot of us won't wait much longer. We understand that merchandise is selling out arenas, we understand that the Worldwide gorss is phenomenal, but what you fail to understand is that you're based in the USA, we're the ones who technically matter the most. We are the ones who determines whether you stay on the air or not. Your "Attitude Era" scared many investors and the like away, your "PG Era" is making long time fans abandon you.

This is a crucial moment in your company, you HAVE got to go full on into a new era. This new era has the makings to be the best ever. Combine efforts fully for the Internet meaning Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, EVERYTHING all social media needs to be involved, and fully. We know there's DVR's, Internet pirating, internet watching, everything that wasn't here 10 years ago is now. Listen to the FANS they want change and it looks like you may finally have your ear to the railroad track listening to that oncoming locomotive because if anything has been proven it's this:

All you need is writing and secrecy. If you maintain secrecy and if you maintain amazing promos, like CM Punk has done. That microphone can indeed be the proverbial "Pipebomb" and it's all within booking and its all within the confines of great storytelling. The World believes that this CM Punk angle is real, you've made them question how things are truly going to turn out. Congratulations. Keep it going. Don't stop. Change Cena, let Haitch take over, do the right thing. Balance your priorities.

My rant is over, I'm not saying anything that we don't all feel. No one just wants to admit it because they're scared that THE 'E will let them down. I'm not usually a gambling man but I'm willing to bet it all that this is just the tip of the iceberg. That the programming will become even more chaotic and unpredictable. And that's fantastic. Because when you put people around the World questioning you, even die hard fans like myself... you've already accomplished something special. And I for one know that it will continue. Call me optimistic if you want but do you smell that? I smell something cooking, and it smells good.

As usual, leave your comments, thoughts, hate, general bitching below. Have fun and keep it above the belt.

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  1. TheVipersCenation's Avatar
    The one thing that would make the "champion-less" angle better is if they only had one in the 1st place.
  2. pgarcia79's Avatar
    I, for one, and hoping the this HHH taking over angle is the start of a new era. For the last month, the WWE has had the perfect ingrediants to take the buisness to new heights never seen before. And at the same time keeping fans and sponsors happy.

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