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The Official WWE NXT Season 3, WEEK 2 Review

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Well its now time for the second installment of my blog series. NXT this week was pretty stupid when you go over everything that happened. I'l take you through it step by step. O, and it got a 1.01 rating I believe. Not bad, thats better than some season 2 episodes.

Ok, so we start out with a tag match, Kaitlyn and Dolph Ziggler vs. AJ and Primo. I dont really have any complaints about this match, it wasn't awful. The only part I didn't get, now hear me out, was why Ziggler pinned Primo. Its a Diva version of NXT where the competition is between the divas. So, therefore Kaitlyn should've pinned AJ or vise-versa to make the show have the feel its supposed to have. I don't think NXT is the show to start WWE Superstars rivalries with. Or is it? God, knows what Vince wants these days.

Then there is a Joke Off. Really? A joke off? Are you kidding me? Since when do you have to tell a good joke to get a job in the WWE? Jamie gets the win, ok. But I like Aksana's joke the best. The one where she said the difference between a wife and a girlfriend was about 20 pounds. That was funny, but I don't think the fans liked it because they couldn't understand her at first. Also, the two fights, almost exactly alike, definetly got the fans going, which was good to see. That probably got the girls pumped. It was obvious Matt Striker had a fun time breaking that up. Who wouldn't? But all in all, I don't even really remember the other girls' jokes, thats how forgettable they were. I mean, I have a good memory. I write this without even re-watching the show, so its all off memories. Not bragging at all.

Next is Jamie versus Aksana. What I liked about this contest was that they both showed aggressivness. They both went at eachother like they really hated eachother. They showed signs of indecisivness between the two, but I give them an A for Effort. Jamie got the win off of a roll-up (I think). It would be cool to see some finishers every once in awhile in the coming weeks.

The obstacle course closes out the show. Kaitlyn went first and got the win, with Jamie finishing in a very close second. I felt bad for Naomi because she got called out by the referees on every obstacle, they said she missed a tire (which she did), the guy said she did her pushups wrong (which she did) and the ref told her she fell off the beam too soon (which she did). So really I shouldn't feel bad because they didn't take the competition away from her, but I along with a lot of others most likely would have like to see her win another competition.

A few side notes:
#1) The Michael Cole- Gong thing was funny. He thinks the show sucks and is pointless, who will deny that, but I really wonder if he'll actually stay even though he said he wont, or if he'll be replaced. If he is replaced, it'll be Grisham, Byron Saxton, or Abraham Washington. They won't make it any better. They need J.R.
#2) Whenever AJ is mad or frustrated, she does like a fists pushed down/ground stomp, which many people do, but she smiles after it. If you're supposed to be mad, stay mad!
#3) Vickie doing the obstacle course was another way for her to take control of the show, or get all the attention. I think that may be what she's trying to do.
#4) Did anyone else see Maxine before Vickie went on the obstacle course? While Kaitlyn was trying to tell everyone to move back (understandable) Maxine was doing her "What are you gonna do about it?" pose that she always does. Completely unecessary in my opinion, no one was looking (except me obviously) so why bother? I guess it doesn't matter, I'm just very observant.

Overall, I'll give it a 4.5 out of 10. Thats .5 down from my score last week. I just didn't enjoy it as much this week. What about you?

*4.5 out of 10

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  1. WWTNA's Avatar
    one thing i don't get about season three is that they make it seem like vickie is the gm of nxt also i don't get why they have two challenges and none of the rookie divas win anything when they win the challenge
  2. WF™ - Original Member!'s Avatar
    It's utterly shambolic, horrible horrible show, what it does prove though that there is a hardcore eliminet of loyal followers that will watch any crap what so ever that the WWE will churn out, great for Vince but bad news for fans who actually want to see an improvement

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