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John Cena - The Ultimate Underdog

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Hi all, no blogs for months and then two in the space of a week! Having watched the sensational MITB PPV last night ive been thinking about what I wanted to say on the matter and I've decided to comment around one person I never thought I'd blog about John Cena.

Before I get to that I just want to say that I thought the PPV was outstanding from beginning to end, everyone worked their asses off and showed that the WWE is capable of creating exciting events outside of the famous 4 main PPV's of the year. Also bear in mind that it was a grand total of 20 days from the beginning of the Punk/Cena match till the Main Event. Just 20 days to create one of the most passionate main events outside of Wrestlemania that ive ever seem. already know that.

Anyway onto the main topic, my thoughts are inspired by a tweet from Chris Jericho saying that although Punk was great Cena worked his ass off as well and desrves credit for the angle and the match and I have to totally agree. Cena polarises the WWE community (i cant bear to say universe) and I have to admit I've probably more anti than pro Cena. Not in a panto 'Cena Sucks' way but in the way that I get that he is the face of the business. He is this generations Hogan. He just has to be that individual in a much more socially aware world. What I mean by that is, would Hogan have gone unscathed in his prime if the internet had existed back then? I doubt it very much. Would we have accepted his title win at Mania IX as well? There was an innocence about the Wrestling Community back then and no voice for differing opinion.

Then the Attitude era came along and introduced the anti-hero. The opposite of the Hogans of the world and now we've kind of gone full circle with the All American, never say die, seemingly superhuman Cena. But I feel the guy gets a serious raw deal. In fact I would like to put the case that he is fact the underdog in the wrestling world - not necessarily with regards to his opponents but certainly with regards to the wrestling fan base.

Love him or hate him, no one works harder for the business than Cena and he is able to perform and deliver for the business almost 365 days a year regardless of the hostility of the crowd or the injuried he's got etc...true there have been times when ive thought to myself oh why cant he get an injury...just be out of the picture for a while and give others a chance. But thats ignorant and narrow thinking. After all wasnt the last year all about the Miz? Isn't now all about CM Punk? Wont Mania 28 be all about The Rock? Hence why I claim that Cena is the ultimate underdog, he has to go out there every night knowing that the majority of the crowd will boo his every move and are cheering for him to lose. I guarantee if back in the late 80's if Hogan was being booed out of arenas then he would of either been forced to turn heel of lowered down the card.

Case in point - 5 years ago 'ECW One Night Stand' Cena V RVD for the title. Apart from being an outstanding PPV (the Awesome/Tanaka match is worth the purchase alone) Cena 'Poster boy of the WWE' had to go into the most volatile enviroment of a die-hard ECW crowd in Philadelphia against their 'Poster Boy' RVD. Not only did he receive the most visceral and agressive reaction from the fans but he had to perform knowing that he was going to drop the title that night and that it didnt matter what he did he would still be booed. He could have bled, done a moonsault from the rafters etc and they still would have booed him for being Cena.

The WWE love Cena but they use him as their punching bag constantly, they put the title on him often granted but then thats just good business sense but they throw him to the dogs when it suits them as well. Last night was a perfect example, I have not heard a hometown reaction like that for Punk since Angle won the title in his hometown. And yet as Jericho pointed out Cena worked his absolute butt off to provide an amazing main event and a legitimacy to Punks challenge. One last question..could you see Hogan allowing someone kick out of 2 finishers?

Ok im going to wrap this up now but in a nutshell I guess i wish more people would appreciate the work Cena does for the industry we love and how much of himself he gives not only to the fans who love him but also to the fans who hate him.

Usual comments, corrections, abuse etc...welcome below.

Until next time


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  1. jrsckilla23's Avatar
    I'm gonna tell you what I tell every Cena fan I respect him outside the Wrestling business but when it comes down Live on Monday Night or PPV i don't respect him what so ever I've been Anti-Cena since 2004 didn't like his thug bullshit!!, him thinking he served in the armed forces and now this SuperCena bullshit!!! sorry my friend but i think Cena needs to do another 9 more years to get my respect inside Wrestling Entertainment Ring. Don't get me wrong he did a good job at MITB vs Cm Punk but until he shows me he can do that every match he's in then I'll start respecting him.

    Come joing us at or we are almost close to 10,000 likes
  2. maar13's Avatar
    The thing with Cena is not that he is bad, the thing with him is the too much in your face approach of the character, he is everywhere, he has a 25 minutes promo and the Main event that can also run a 25-30 minutes thing, if it was starting it won't be so hard but the thing is that he has done the exact same thing for the last 6 years. He works his ass of every night, yes but he also relies in the same formula and so the WWE.

    I am not tlaking or taking a shot as his ring work, but as the approach of the character in general, like in your title says, the Role of the Underdog, but they must have realized that after Wrestlemania 23 when he defeated Michaels, He was no longer that.

    Punk was right about that last Monday, Cena is no longer that and he shouldn't be approached like that any longer.

    What happened to Cena is the same thing that happened to Hogan (character wise) after 1995, He was the same all the time and didn't changed a thing, but what worked for Hogan was that he was not the underdog, he was the beloved champion, although that also became boring at some point.

    There is a great statement on the Dark Night Movie: "Either you die a Hero, or you live long enough to become a villain", for Cena it happened really fast but with out wanted it or liking it, his character became just that, so much that you can even hear it in his home town and the same happened when he faced Edge at Summerslam 2006,he was starting to get booed and Edge stated to get cheered even if he tried not to.
  3. The Outsider's Avatar
    I think Cena really tried at MITB and I take my hat off to him hats the most moves I've seen him pull off in years. I've never disliked John Cena than just his gimmick. I'm glad someone agrees that he's this generations Hogan and hasn't been shot down in flames (yet). Great blog btw

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