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Nexus Review

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For four months, WWE has stuck with a storyline that involves a new and entertaining plot to it. Along with this, a heel stable has been created called, Nexus which originally consisted of the 8 NXT rookies of season 1. It all started after Wade Barret's victory of season 1 where he was then able to win a WWE contract and a chance to challenge any male champion for their title. The next week, on an episode of Raw, Barret was at the forefront of an attack by the NXT rookies, as they interfered in the main event between John Cena and CM Punk, attacking the competitors and everything in sight that symbolized WWE. For the next several weeks, NXT continued to dominate the entire RAW roster and even cost John Cena to lose his WWE Championship. (Thank Goodness!)

Besides John Cena losing his title, which is always a plus, this stable has proven to me and others that they are a force to be reckon with. At first, I was one of the people to tell you, "This storyline won't last more than one month" but now I'm one of those people that will tell you "This storyline could last up to a good 7 months". Everything about this storyline is great. I am not a WWE fan neither am I a TNA fan, I am "neutral", but this storyline is good enough to keep me interested in the WWE and I have multiple reasons why:

  • It's an unexpected storyline that can go anywhere. This is the kind of storyline that can produce heel turns, face turns, and moments that can make you feel shocked by the outcomes

  • Almost all of the NXT rookies can be expected to be of main eventer status because it gives a great way to show off the personality of each rookie
  • Once these NXT rookies disband from the stable at least four of them will be main event single competitors
  • It's new and creative
  • It gives off that feeling from how the Monday Night Wars were between WCW and WWE

  • Not every member of Nexus will recieve main event status after the disbanding of the stable
  • No more cons. There's honestly nothing bad from it in all actuality

The last episode of Raw was awesome to me and the previous episode of the last was too. I like many others hate the PG rating and but this storyline takes my mind away from that. And the wrestling to me is still kind of stale but I cannot deny WWE of it's creativity.

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Updated 09-15-2010 at 04:59 PM by VKM

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  1. CMhuw24's Avatar
    The Nexus has made Raw the best of the two brands imo
  2. Tai Night's Avatar
    I would say this, though it was a good idea they have quickly drop the ball with it. I thought that some of the season two entires would have filled in the missing pieces for people like Byran, Young the black John Cena and Big Country Skip. Yet that didn't happen neither. Wwe need to bring the heat back into the group, have them do something that is shocking again like when they beat Vince down. Other then that, Nexus is not really a "Big Shock" anymore.

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